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  1. This one is now off the market - can someone have a nosey around and find out if it sold/what for? I was intrigued by this one, I couldn't decide if it was some awful '70s styled 2 up 2 down in a nice location or something altogether a bit more special.
  2. OK, I may have had too much wine this evening, but it seems to me that nobody in the housing market benefits from kite-flyers who won't budge on price. They aren't real sellers. New rules: If you do not get a binding offer within 2 months of publicly listing your property for sale, you are prohibited from marketing it again for 12 months. It is not for sale. Will this focus the minds? Help price discovery? Increase transaction volumes? What say you?
  3. Are "no children" clauses actually legal today? I can understand how it may have become de facto practice, but I doubt it would stand scrutiny in any of the higher courts. But of course, renters can't afford legal advisors, so it remains unchallenged. Worthy of a political crusade if this clause is commonplace; one I would be happy to spearhead.
  4. Bless. 99 sq m. Aw! 2 million quid please. Are you out of your tiny acid frazzled mind?
  5. I know exactly what you mean, but I have to catch myself sometimes. It's a noisy location, backing onto a drinking den, fronting a main commuter and tourist bus route and round the corner from some dodgy bedsit/B&Bs. GBP2M might actually be a fair price on an international scale. At GBP3.5M it's ridiculous. Obviously it's a nice place and depending on your taste they've done a good job - but the rooms are small (3500 sq ft over 5 floors), the artwork is not included and there are so many other choices in that range (mildly wealthy territory). I speculate idly that it will slide further and we might even see a panic to break-even. Great find for this thread though: a microcosm of almost-prime London in one Rightmove listing.
  6. Surprised no one's done even the most basic research. Previous sale: £2,660,000 30-Jan-2009 71 Great Russell Street, London, Greater London, WC1B 3BP Terraced, Freehold, Not New Build Looks like they want to clear the best part of a million quid for putting in a nice kitchen and bathrooms and enjoying the place for 3 years. If you read the blue plaque on number 70, you will note that 71 unlike its neighbours is not an original Nash, but was presumably put up later in similar style. Worth noting too that GBP3.5M is a lot more than GBP2M, say. (Once you've mentally accepted prices in the low 7 figures, its easy to think that another million or so is no biggie - but it really is.) edit: just noticed that on Google maps for Russell Square if you go to satellite view, you see something pretty cool.
  7. Given that Mr Ross would undoubtedly have accepted rather less than GBP35M, we can deduce that there were at least 2 interested parties bidding at that level... and that this property represented the best (all things considered) use of their GBP35M they could think of. Makes you wonder - how many more of them are looking. They aren't making any more prime central London... Aren't flats in the Shard and One Hyde Park selling for similar?
  8. What would Nick Ross do? WWNRD. (If you're reading this Nick, I've always had the highest regard for you.)
  9. Critical thinking is inversely proportional to information. Or, 20% of the information should give you 80% of what you need to make a decision. Decision makers cannot wait for all the information, at some point you have to take a leap into the unknown. Paralysis by analysis. Just do it. etc.
  10. Post of the decade for me. Nothing that hasn't been discussed before here, but it's nice to see it laid out so concisely. Posts like this keep me coming back.
  11. Good post. Whether he was making a play for his wife (it certainly didn't pass me by) or just getting off on belittling his acquaintance of 20 years, he needed to be taken down a peg or two in public for sure. And as you say, the OP needs the opportunity to "present his case", to his wife, if nobody else and make sure she isn't going to "go wobbly" on him ever again. I think we've both said more or less the same thing, but in our own way.
  12. Have you ever had to sell anything? It's a game, you have to get viewers in... and detailing every negative won't help. If there isn't a photo of something, it's because it would put you off. Well spotted. Or the EA's photographer is incompetent. There is a wealth of free information available now for potential buyers, the agents do the minimum required to get the viewers in. When I think of the shit I had to view in 1994, for want of some photos, price history and Google maps, it makes me wonder what some people need to make an informed decision. Imperial measurements only?! Given somewhere is in the right price range and ticked all the boxes, only specific location would prevent me from viewing. I couldn't give a stuff what the selling agent wrote about the place.
  13. Too complicated. Don't forget to buy at some point - if that's your aim. Yes, she shouldn't have let him get away with it either.
  14. Proof, if any were needed, that simply knowing someone for 20 years does not make them a friend. L'esprit d'escalier Sometimes a deadpan "Don't be a ****.", said so everyone hears you, works wonders. This will buy you time to think about how to get it out in front of everyone there that he relied on his Mummy to get started with his property "empire", before enquiring about net yields, maintenance costs and how much equity he has built up (assuming the house is in a saleable condition after being used as student bedsits). Then laugh and bring it to a close before he knows what just happened.
  15. I think we are in a market right now where to do anything is potentially too risky - so everyone waits...
  16. ... and they didn't even have the courtesy to give a reach-around.
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