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  1. Good chance the systems won't cope and there'll be several halts. I'm imagining that all the bids are currently chasing the asks up the ladder and there's no cross! Someone needs to hit the bid... Any minute now...
  2. Oh dear, I gave it a whirl but less than a minute in they show the spoof interview with the fake trader - he admitted the very next day he just wanted to be on TV. If they're leading with that it kind of spoils their credibility. alessio rastani I'll give it another chance for a few more minutes... because he's not exactly wrong. 19mins in: "[banks are] restricted solely by their willingness to lend." Um, that's not true. 24' - 27'20": good section and summary of the issues. 44' - ~50: section on asset price bubbles, particularly HPI. 70' - The fake trader again gets a section. Sloppy. [shame they felt need to underlay a Zeitgeist-type nervy instrumental soundtrack - it's getting old.]
  3. Quality smack-down. We live in the floating world: ukiyo.
  4. Didn't even notice it was down. That's a timezone thing, not a "how cool am I" thing. Though that too.
  5. God knows what it's going to do. I'm oscillating between the IPO being pulled on one extreme to a 75% pop on the other. If you're pants I'm a jockstrap. Me too, as I tried to convey above. However, one of my best friends from Uni, a really smart guy who had the world at his feet, decided to dedicate his life to mobile advertising (with Google now). He obviously knows something that you and I haven't figured out.
  6. I know Ah So has already answered this, but the difference you are trying to understand is the difference between equity book value and the traded market value of the shares. Book value is usually a historic snapshot on a certain date made with various forward looking valuation assumptions; market value of the shares is based on capitalised future earnings (also based on a lot of assumptions) but more importantly the supply of and demand for the shares themselves. HTH.
  7. You wouldn't have had to take such risks. Well after the iPod second release was out (in hindsight a game changing product in conjunction with iTunes but still relatively new and unknown), the stock was around $14 (before splits). OSX was getting better (actually as good as envisioned) and they'd had several years of desirable products and clearly recovered from the late 90s malaise by then - what's more consumers wanted it badly. All the planets aligned for Apple. I know this because I didn't buy at $14 despite telling all my 30 something friends about the product. I was wrong about the iPad too. Sony? They had their chance.
  8. Just how deep is this "advertising" well that so many companies are drawing on? I instinctively ignore ads. Those I do remember I often mis-attribute to their competitor. Mad Men is mildly entertaining I grant you.
  9. Max goes off on a hilarious rant against the Tapeworm Dimon: http://rt.com/programs/keiser-report/episode-286-max-keiser/ Shoulda held off for 24 hours.
  10. If you really want to think and discuss deeply about this stuff, might I suggest you head over the peak? dot com. Seriously, nice idea for debate, poorly framed.
  11. Well if this is anything to go by: "Mr Dimon refused to disclose any details about the trades that the bank had put on, but said that its focus was now on “maximising the economic value of these positions. We’ve got staying power and we’re willing to use it.” Doesn't bode well does it? Where else have we heard people stubbornly holding out for better prices?
  12. I'd thought up to now that King didn't "shout from the rooftops" either as deliberate laissez faire policy or because he was sulking about the powers taken away and given to the FSA. The latter would at least credit him with knowing things were running too hot, now I'm not sure if he did know. At the time, I made note of things he did say - and for a central banker he did warn about excesses. I'm not sure why he is not pointing those comments out, as now he gives the impression he regrets saying nothing... and impressions are all that people will remember. I'm pretty disgusted to learn there was no effective, grown-up channel of decision making between the FSA and BoE and rather than share responsibility for some very important macro economic matters they remained in their own silos bitching about each other. The lowly status of the financial stability team in the hierarchy is farcical. And if the BoE's focus was reduced to interest rate decisions only, why on earth did they not use that instrument better?! A raise in Q4 2005 and the worst excesses may have been avoided (e.g. Northern Rock business model). And King hiding away in those vast, presumably windowless inner courts with pink liveried butlers in attendance, checking the annual cricket match guest-list while grandfather clocks tick away in the background sounds like something from Lewis Carroll's fevered imagination, not the control centre of a modern economy with real livelihoods at stake. The more I learn about the dysfunction at the time the more I appreciate what Alastair Darling had to deal with. He continues to go up in my estimation but King, sadly, has fallen way down.
  13. Didn't see this the first time round (2009). Nice analysis, catchy name, like it. AKA "the kite-flyers quotient".
  14. Superb advert that, very elegantly done. (Mind you I don't expect many chavs these days could sprint and take such decisive life saving action like that - they'd video it for f.)
  15. That was a high density message. Jeez. Next they'll do some drama based around an illegal immigrant (white, female, unmarried) doing unpaid work for 7 part-time labourers of restricted height.
  16. Timing? You want bloody timing calls from members of a site started in 2004?! "Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life..." Make like Rick and roll whichever way the wind blows. This thing is going to grind on and on.
  17. I'm sure Peter Schiff will be thrilled to read this whining from his brother over his breakfast!!
  18. There's some wisdom in that - it's not rocket surgery. If you like meat become a butcher, if you like cakes become a baker, if you like money become a banker, if you like books become a librarian, if you like the mountains become a guide... ...but if you like being detested become an estate agent.
  19. She's quite feisty. Wahlberg looked genuinely shocked with her billboard anecdote. When she says she can't afford a 1 bed flat, she means somewhere in Chelsea or Belgravia. She's priced out to Battersea.
  20. I've had Injin on ignore for a long time but often choose to see his posts anyway. I did an experiment a month or so ago to guess his age - and he was kind enough to confirm that the weighted average results of the poll gave the correct answer. He was both older and younger than I expected. Poll: how old is Injin?
  21. I have a high regard for Darling as it happens. Short of mutiny, he fought the battles where he could. Of course, he is a politician first, but he did seem to have his head screwed on and feet firmly on the ground. Can you imagine the stress of being Chancellor during those times? Cool as a cucumber on a September afternoon in Edinburgh.
  22. In 2007 it was still above 3, not in 2008, the slide had already begun by then. Doesn't affect the point you're making.
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