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  1. Without knowing any of the details, obviously, the fact that they are now offering at below cost is a sign that they absolutely have to sell. They are hoping to "wash" - basically come out from the deal unharmed, having had the benefit of the place for 4 years or so. This is hope at work. What they don't realise is this signals incredible weakness in their position.
  2. Careful, he might have multiple accounts - there are dozens of members/handles registered with less than 2 posts. But still, giving his 3rd post in 8 years to this thread is remarkable.
  3. Well done. You've identified one of the main causes of HPI - the built-in preference to buy versus rent. Encouraging amateurs into the landlord business has been an utter disaster which will take a generation to unravel.
  4. I commented over at article. It was this: "The rise was good news for those who already owned a property" that got me. Why are people so thick?
  5. It's just supply and demand in action, innit? 2 or more buyers interested in 1 house => gazumping risk 1 buyer with 2 or more houses to choose from => gazundering risk.
  6. You do know you can re-read threads by clicking on their page numbers? Then you'll see exactly what everyone was saying, ahead of time. I'm off out to the dentist now. Sent from my iMatwat.
  7. Sharp sales practice no doubt but caveat bloody emptor. The quick thought experiment on how he'd behave if, instead, he'd doubled his money should settle this case, I'd have thought. He took a punt and lost. (Whether this was inevitable is moot, since he admits not understanding and went ahead regardless.)
  8. After a bit of amateur sleuthing, it's number 61: 61 Pinewood Road, Uplands, Swansea, SA2 0LS Semi-Detached, Leasehold, Not New Build £305,000 History 02-Jul-2007 Now was 2 July 2007 the peak or was it the following week?!
  9. If SSTC is being used to drum up interest (with "plan B" being to hide for a while and then shamelessly re-list, hoping nobody notices) then the EA's are deluding themselves and wasting everyone's time. Is there any evidence of this? Or are they all genuine sales falling through? I recommend downloading any pdf particulars on houses you're interested in - they can disappear without trace from Rightmove (for any number of reasons). Not that I'm seriously looking, but starting my research into the regional variations. Btw, does anyone know why a transaction would not show up on nethouseprices.com (or equivalent) even though it shows up on the Land Registry?
  10. Something along those lines. The plot does split quite well below the spring / bog, giving 27 acres with its own access along Croft Lane. edit: She paid GBP1,575,000 for the place. It's in her name.
  11. I doubt the gimmick works, but it's a type of anchoring - they are suggesting negotiations should be in units of GBP500... not 5 or 10K.
  12. As mentioned by someone above, I also can't find a record of her purchase, only these 2 come up at the postcode: Furze Grove, Brushford, Dulverton, Somerset, TA22 9RS Detached, Freehold, Not New Build £415,000 History 31-Oct-2007 Middle Upcott, Brushford, Dulverton, Somerset, TA22 9RS Detached, Freehold, Not New Build Thinking of selling? Get a free valuation. £634,000 History 29-Sep-2005 The first one is a long way down the road and the second one is the B&B just up the road from La Jones' place. The property comes with its own Entitlements under the Single Payment System - does anyone know anything about all that? Also the listing particulars say the tender is by private treaty.
  13. It's an idiotic sales strategy - putting a (ridiculous?) nominal ask on the 27 acres like that reveals her fantasy "sum of the parts" which no buyer would agree with, and she'll be negotiated down heavily on both Lots I expect. Some muppet may have eventually pitched up at the 1.4 - 1.5 level for the whole lot - extremely unlikely now she's done the splits.
  14. No, I don't think that's what it means, I assume it means 1.3 for the house + barn + 20 acres versus 1.55 for the house + barn + 47 acres. edit: 1.3M is for "Lot 1" which includes the barn conversion. So presumably Lot 2 is the remaining unbuilt land? "The property is for sale as a whole or in two lots, of which this is Lot 1, which comprises the house, annexe, buildings and 20 acres of land." She is asking an additional GBP250,000 for Lot 2, 27 acres of land with paddocks, broadleaved woodland and a private lake with jetty for fly-fishing.
  15. TMT: The GBP1.3M asking is for 20 acres only, out of 47 total. She's offering the place in 2 lots, ICBE to find out exactly whats included in each: "For sale as a whole or in up to two lots" ...as if that is the problem, not the price.
  16. I reckon her wittering career must have cost her family half a million pounds, net: The offending article. Ironically she's asked to be shot, and then is surprised when some local lad takes her mailbox out with a shotgun! Straight out of "How To Win Friends and Influence People". And davidg is right, that place is obviously a bugger to keep warm. I see she's also got it on the market at GBP1.3M with just 20 acres.
  17. How about this pile, an hour's drive from Edinburgh: 7 bedroom house for sale Guide Price £550,000 Eyemouth (BERWICKSHIRE)
  18. A universal truth of all markets is that it is the minority who has control in setting prices. The minority who accept the best bid before it is withdrawn. The others, as you say are "stuck". This, my friends, is how markets turn.
  19. Exactly. Where is the best-bid / best-ask? For large segments of the market I suspect it is drifting well away from the last few trades. The EA's job is to tell people where the market is now, not where it was. As they don't do this habitually, they lose track of where the market is and volume dries up. Then EAs go out of business, unless they some how make money advertising unsold stock for months on end.
  20. What's this place really worth? Started off asking for GBP975,000, reduced 18% to GBP795,000 after 12 months: Salutation Farmhouse Barnard Gate Witney Oxfordshire Freehold, 12 miles from Oxford. 1.2 acre grounds 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, "farmhouse" kitchen and large conservatory plus 3 bedroom lodge and a triple garage block with office/studio space above. Both properties benefit from solar water heating systems. An expansive property offering numerous opportunities. (TOTAL FLOOR AREA: 5688 sq ft)
  21. Matt is the best. With just one frame and one tag line he captures a mood brilliantly. I can see in my mind every single one of the cartoons mentioned in the article, which is remarkable in itself and shows how well they resonate. (As it happens, I wish we'd been looking at Gerrard Road in 1996, we started to look there a little later in 1997/98 and by then we felt prices had disappeared from our grasp and we passed on one - I can understand why Matt thought he was getting a good price. N1 probably has the biggest HPI of all UK - anyone have the stats? )
  22. Presumably the cash over the kitchen table deals are significantly less than EAs would push for - so what it this about: saving face, moving on and leaving the place in the right hands? Eventually the Land Registry gets the data. I made similar speculative observations in my Country House thread, but nice to see it confirmed.
  23. ...and aren't most village Summer fetes a way to raise money for the church roof fund?
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