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  1. Well as I posted a while ago, we already put our house on the market £75k lower than what we would have gotten this time last year. Still no bids though!!!
  2. Thanks statinstoinker, That's good news.
  3. If I thought I'd sell in a few weeks for £1,200 less than I'm asking right now I'd be popping champagne corks.
  4. Lol. No, this site doesn't scare me. We are financially sound. I already have a few people wanting to rent the house out if we don't sell, the mortgage is sub £400 a month so the rent more than covers it so we are more than able to ride the thing out. But here's the rub - once we move to the USA then Uncle Sam will run us for 40% tax on any positive equity we achieve and the Brits will want their share too as it's no longer a primary residence. Frankly, I'd rather sell at 40% below what we could have gotten last year than give the money to any government. Edit: Mortgage is discounted tracker 'til April 2009.
  5. Well they're giving us a good deal so I'll stick for a few weeks - not like one EA whose boards are green and start with the letter T and were looking for £395 just to market the place.
  6. Well I'm selling and my EA has advised NOT to drop the price further (we already posted at 10% below market value as we are emigrating and need to sell), presumably to keep prices up in the area. I keep telling him to tell people to make a serious offer and we will consider it but having bumped into someone who did the view the house in a coffee shop they said the agent said that we would only accept the asking). Words were spoken I can tell you.
  7. Don't you mean 4.5/4 weeks in every month? Edit: I guess any landlords reading this forum are thinking 'Sweet. No one's buying ... let's hike the rent up!'.
  8. Doh! Ah well, at least it made me laugh.
  9. Please post the link to that quote Max - you put it in quotations so obviously you weren't paraphrasing. I just love that an EA would use the term 'creaming his pants' in a national newspaper and I want to send the article to a few mates.
  10. Not true- with the new NIC contributions that came into play when I got my pay cheque today I noticed I am worse off - only by £10 - but worse off all the same and I earn well over the £18k mark.
  11. Ah Sogy, as I'm a seller, you've made my day!!!
  12. If I was to auction my house off, if it didn't make a high enough price could I say No Sale or are you committed once you start?
  13. Phew!!! Glad my house is up for sale in East Belfast - no news-agents carry the Irish News over there ... lol. The Belfast Telegraph is popular though!!!
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