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  1. This is the best website for checking availability imho http://www.samknows.com/broadband/broadband_availability I work from home as a Software Developer and wanted to move to the country... in North Yorkshire... as people have said it varies from village to village (and from one side of a village to another. I spent a lot of time on that site! No chance of 3G for me here, and a little further in to the Dales there's still no mobile signal at all! One place I lived I tried satellite (in the days before the village I was living in was connected to broadband, so a few years ago now) but the l
  2. Been reading this for ages. Consistently good. By the way if anyone has a Kindle there's a collection available at this address.
  3. £145,000 or £155,000 in village location (that once had a Post Office, murder trial coming up later this year). (edit - both within 3 miles, nothing within 1 mile, the result of living in the country!)
  4. Methinks you have been reading too much Daily Mail. Hopefully you can list some of these available jobs?
  5. Well I heard a bit from Nick Clegg on the Today program this morning where he was saying that any cuts would not be being brought in until next April.
  6. My mortgage will finish when I'm 60. That's because I had to "start again" after a divorce.
  7. north North Yorkshire correspondent... Ripon - now Original Factory shop (moved from smaller unit now to let) Northallerton - Wilkinsons (complaints from locals about lowering the tone - I've always liked Wilko's!) Richmond - now a frozen food outlet (think a more local version of Iceland / Farmfoods)
  8. A Post Graduate Certificate in Education is the standard teaching course that could be taken by any graduate (probably still can) to qualify as a teacher in the UK. It has nothing to do with a failed Master's degree. My ex-wife had one.
  9. Back in my day things were very different. When I graduated in the late 1970s it was more that any degree showed that you were in the "top 10%". So the fact that my chosen career was IT was not affected by my decision to study Politics, in fact back then the main computer companies specifically targeted non Computer degrees for jobs in programming and technical support - unless you were looking to write compilers. Actually I'm not convinced that a Computing degree is still much use in the real world (judging by some of the graduates I mix with). It's definitely personality, attitude & int
  10. Some other reasons why there might be "No chain" that I've come across... 1) Probate sale 2) Second home of some description 3) Seller moving abroad 4) Older person moving to care or to live with children
  11. When Lloyds went down there were people ruined. By then the word had got out that this was a great way to make money (like Madoff). My ex-neighbours... retired after running a successful business (chain of shops) to a large house by the race-course in Ascot... lost everything and ended up on a mobile home park in North Yorkshire (then to a council property for old people where they were my neighbours).
  12. I think the reason for the price is as stated i,e. it's for the boat only, not the mooring. I think you need to factor in the issue of finding a mooring and then getting the boat transported to that location. Absolutely no chance in London, so you'll be having to get the boat removed, transported, checked over, re-berthed etc.
  13. "HO:Well, it's your loss." ..and that is why you should never buy a shared ownership... because if the value goes down it's YOUR loss. If the value were to go up, it's only partly your gain.
  14. Absolutely! I prefer to describe my ideas as "left libertarian" rather than anarchist because of the baggage. Clearly I feel some common ground with the right wing libertarians. I thought I'd look at the "libertarian" (party?) in the UK - but they seemed to have 3 main principles... the first of which was to do with "Property". How can you throw out the state but keep private ownership of land? Seems strange to me. I'm happy for any crumbs of less state control - but I think it is more illusion than reality.
  15. This topic has been done to death! The advantage of tying currency to any physical medium is that it acts as a brake to the amount of "money" that can be produced. It doesn't really matter if it's gold or cowrie shells. Unfortunately we have now tied it to any number that can be stored in a computer.
  16. Relations once dropped out of a potential purchase due to issues with a "Piggery Right of Way". This left open the possibility that someone would have the right to drive a herd of pigs through the lounge!
  17. As has been said before, it's all about settlement (i.e. the time you have to actual turn over the money). Rather than banning naked short selling the obvious way to stop speculation is to make settlement immediate (or near immediate). This would automatically reduce most of the speculative trading in the markets. If you really wanted to go one stage further you could restrict trading in derivatives too. (This would, of course most likely result in me losing my job - so maybe not such a good thing personally )
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