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  1. I have had my eye out on some new build starter homes and have been in talks with the developer for the last 3-4 wks. He had 7 two bedroom houses on his site unsold for the last 6months on the market for £129,950. Drove by today and everyone has sold on it now. Plus they have sold all their one bed apartments with garage reduced at £99,950. Reckon it must be people drawing their savings out the bank and buying somewhere to rent out.
  2. Be very careful buying city centre flats, looks likely a lot might well become housing association. How would your daughter feel in a few yrs time if she is only owner in the block. I would say to your daughter buy semi or similar in good part of manchester. It's no good just walking into E.A office saying you are in a good postion, best way is go and look at 20 houses and if you like 5 make very low offers. i.e 35% off peak price. 4 of those will tell you to shove off the other 1 may well accecpt.
  3. If you can buy 30-35% off peak you wont go far wrong, sure it might drop another 5% but unlikely, ftb stuff is in demend round this way and plenty of buyers if priced correctly.
  4. A good thing to buy at the mo is land, that has probably took the biggest hit. Mate of mine is building 2 houses at the moment and got the land for 50k per plot in a very good area. The foundations are nearly finished and he's already sold one off plan. I am buying some land up the road with planning for a bungalow for 35k which i will have built and it would be worth 250k in good market but, try and get 190k for it which should be easy.
  5. I think anytime is good a good time if you buy right, was at Graham Penny auctions last wk and there was 500 people there with 78% of lots selling. Spoke to my conveyancer this wk and she said things have really picked up in the last month or so, all cash buyers. I have just completed on a commercial property this wk that i picked up prob 35% under the peak price.
  6. Was talking to my conveyancer today who said things have really picked up in the last few wks, lots of cash buyers picking up cheap btl,ftb type houses. 500 people were at graham penny auctions last wk with 80% of lots selling. Guess cash rich buyers are thinking their money is safer in houses and should be fairly inflation proof over the next 10yrs or so.
  7. house's around derbyshire have dropped 10%. the only 1's not selling are those that won't reduce. talking to a friend of mine who's an estate agent and he was around during the last crash and he say's 10% that we have just had, plus another couple of % this yr and 5% next yr then it will just go flat for 2-4 yrs and inflation will make this rest. so judging by that you won't see drops of 20% 30% 40% 50% in 1 hit, just not going to happen.
  8. house's will fall 20-25% off peak value last yr, just sold my house 10% less than last yrs price. although good friend of mine who's an estate agent and sold my house thinks it will only go another 8-10% and he's been in the game since late 80's and seen it all. say's its nowhere near as bad as then and house's priced currectly will always sell even in this market.
  9. Hi, i'm new to this forum posting wise but have been looking for a while now. i am a property owner and am currently selling. a price crash only means more for my money as i will be up sizing due to a new baby to the family..
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