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  1. I'm confused by LocalBitCoins.com - why is there such variance in price? Surely they should all be the current exchange value? ...and what's this business about location of sellers and selling face-to-face? How does that work?
  2. Probably safe until well after Italy blows up. It's got at least another year or two before a collapse.
  3. So was there an answer as to how to but bit coins in the UK? Mtgox gives a 504. Is BitBargain.co.uk safe?
  4. Jesus Effin Wept. Jon Snow interviewing Danny Alexander on C4 news showing again that absolutely no-one in the media has any intelligence or grasp on proper questioning. Jon Snow effectively asking why they can't increase the subsidy if house prices are still too expensive for people. Not "why not build lots of houses so the price comes down", or any other sensible question. I was listening to Radio 2 earlier and that dreadful Home-Ownerist business reporter Rebecca Pike (she seems to be on a par with Kirsty Allsop) seemed quite taken aback when the "expert" quest suggested that it was a bad idea for the Government to try and rig the housing market because rigging markets tends to bite you in the behind.
  5. Yeah...the guy who used to run Jessops! You couldn't make it up!
  6. I know we've got a deficit but the figure seems very high. Population around 60-odd Million, 20 odd million workers (a third of which are public sector), that's over 10 grand each. Average salary is around 25k.
  7. I was chatting to a guy the other day doing his teacher training and saying that they have these (or something equivalent) where he is. All classrooms now, in both primary and secondary seem to have fancy digital whiteboards. It seems ironic that kids these days get all the latest tech, yet when they get to the real world they'll be fighting over ancient scraps of kit that are on their last legs (unless of course they get a job in the public sector)
  8. With respect, this is a rather ignorant statement. There are many reasons people oppose immigration and slinging pejoratives around is not helpful in any discussion. I am one of those "racists" that thinks that immigration of workers is fine (I have a preference for the highly-skilled kind, but I'm not really that bothered). I do not like the idea of people moving here and claiming benefits which I have to pay for. I happen to think that I pay a lot of tax and the Government wastes most of it, so for that reason I don't want to have to pay more. I am also one of those "homophobes" that thinks that gay marriage is fine. Do what ever you want. What I oppose is the Government telling The Church what it can or cannot do (I have nothing for or against The Church either). Even then, I wouldn't mind so much The Government telling The CoE what to do if it was consistent and non-discriminatory. If they were to tell Mosques that they had to perform gay marriages as well then it wouldn't be so bad. I am also one of those "sexist" men that think women being forced to pay the same as men for car insurance (because supposedly discriminating against statistically less-costly drivers is wrong) is stupid. I'm a little bit tired of people hiding behind demonising labels because they are too lazy to engage in serious discussion. Does that make me a bigot too?
  9. All this talk of corporations lacking morality etc in the media is starting to really annoy me now. Are people really so stupid? Companies in competition will try to cut costs and increase profits as much as they can. That is what they do. That is the reason that they exist. They are not people (they are not even prosecuted for killing people), they do not care about society or "doing the right thing". They will kick and scream when people try to curtail their bad behaviour. Get over it! The problem is with the Government who creates anti-competitive legislation (see tax laws), false incentives and allows monopoly abuse. This is because they are corrupt.
  10. Looks like a load of Guardian readers have jumped on the comments of that article.
  11. I'd say I'm another that didn't see anything wrong with those contractions - sorry Guil, back to school!
  12. People say this, and I wish it were true, but unless we go Greek (which probably won't happen as we have our own currency) there will always be taxpayers (suckers) to bleed dry
  13. Not read all of the last 11 pages, but the rebuttal to "why should I pay someone else to have kids" is that they are (hopefully) creating the next generation of taxpayers that will pay for your pension (and other ponzi related benefits).
  14. "Affordable houses" and a stamp duty holiday. I am still undecided whether he is just stupid or evil. I'm still leaning towards evil, but I haven't ruled out stupid (obviously the later suggests he thinks that the general public are stupid).
  15. I don't know what you think JSA is or the average public sector salary and pension, but it is obvious that if the former is less than the later (which it is by about a factor 7) then cuts will save money. I don't understand how anyone could think otherwise.
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