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  1. Check out Lyndon la rouche . pac for latest info on whats really going on in the world. Stuff you wont find in your local rag or common purpose infected BBC. What is really interesting is that we now have the worlds leading economist openly talking about the ''Anglo Dutch Oligarghy' which is political speak for illuminati/ international bankers etc. Lots of info on this site. Regards
  2. Start doing your research and you will soon start to find out why none of them want to address the real issue which is to much debt/printing money out of thin air ect. Zeitgeist addendum part 2 is a good place to start. Also money masters on google video or money as debt. You can also google who owns the federal reserve which is actually a private bank owned by private individuals. Do your research and come to your own conclusions why the scum we call polititions dont want to talk about the real problem.
  3. Thank you R/B for bringing this subject into to light. It is very obvious now we are heading into unchartered territory. The New World order is coming ! America will be bankrupt by the end of the year followed by chaos anarchy etc. Then we will have the usual reaction la de da from the sheeple ' oh some thing must be done ' followed by the solution.. along the lines of merging Canada/ America / Mexico into the North American Union with its own currency the Amero. Wake up people and start doing your own research. The international bankers control western governments through their central banks which are private institutions owned by private banking houses/ cartels etc.
  4. Something in my bones is telling me its going to kick off soon. Italy already has 5000 troops deployed on its streets because of crime, the USA has martial law operating in some states too. Add into this mix that the UK/USA have gradually been deindustrialised since the 70's then I think once the opiate of credit wears off the shite really is going to hit the fan.
  5. I agree to put it another way for the sheeple it goes something like this ................Farmers grow potatoes and sell them .....Volkswagen build good cars and sell them too. Since when the fekkin hell did we allow central banks to print money out of thin air and high street banks to magic it through the fractional reserve banking system. And do you know what the really great thing is????? nope, well if you cant pay this funny money back they have every right to come and take your house/ car etc basically any material wealth. What a bloody con. So by increasing the money supply they create booms and by decreasing they create busts. All man made of course including inflation. If anyone thinks this is funny please note both parents now have to go out to work in order to bring up a family. And very shortly there wont be many jobs around. I really wish people would wake up to this scam because thats truly what it is.
  6. Can anyone tell me exactly what our money is backed by other than thin air? Next someone's going to tell me that the earths flat and not round!
  7. Ok guys tell you what i've learnt from these housing shenanagons............central banks printing money out of thin air, High street banks creating money out of thin air, lots of inflation! Presidents /prime ministers /bankers lying through their back teeth making out that they didnt see this coming thinking we are totally stupid, sheeple saying house prices only ever go up, its different this time, oh and lets not forget the federal reserve is a private bank by the way.... does anybody get the feeling that something is seriously wrong with our society??
  8. Why dont you take your head out from up your **** and look around you. We are now reaching critical mass and you my friend are starting to become the minority. Typical sheeple comment
  9. Thatcher didn't go ahead with devolution because they were afraid it might break up the union. Just read a report Merv reckons inflation 3 % soon but still going to go with interest rate cut?????????? Maybe just in time to trash the pound ready for the new EU supertate which starts on jan 1st 2009. The whole thing sounds like a stitch up if you ask me. How very convenient..
  10. In the 1930's the soviets set up the Institute for social reserch AKA The frankfurt school of subversion in Frankfurt. At the time communism wasnt spreading so the idea was to come up with covert ways to undermine western society making it ripe for good old Marxist Ideology. I've mentioned some before but would like to comment more on political correctness. They developed whats known as CRITICAL THEORY aka political correctness. Its main aim was to severely criticize every aspect of our society in order to deconstruct it and turn our belief systems upside down. When Hitler came to power he kicked out these evil people and most but not all escaped to America. Being professors /physcologists etc they were absorbed into the universtities where they preached their techniques and Ideologys. It wasnt until the 60's that they really started to put them into practice by clinging to devisive issues such as civil rights movements or basically any issue that divides oppinion and undermines our currently held belief systems. 'make love not war' is a classic Marxist saying. Political corrctness works like this................... Think of the local council worker writing out a menu for the canteen. He gets to the drinks section and thinks ' mmmnn can I write black coffee???' 'nope better put coffee without milk it wont offend anyone' Do you see how he is being conditioned not to speak his mind by P/C. The same tactic is now being used to censor good debate on the Banking system by planting the seed that any body who talks about international bankers is being anti Jewish !! Look what happened in the UK. Labour have let everyman and his dog into the country and shouted down any opposition as being racist. Once you understand what political correctness is and where it comes from you begin to despise it. Its interesting to note that some of Labours front bench at some point or another were ex communists. Dont take what ive said as fact do your own research!!
  11. Take your mind control/ delphi/ techniques else where luvvy x x
  12. just googled common purpose first two pages ....mmnn lets see nope cant see anything linking it in with the BNP ukip may be. As for wikipedia well if you believe whats on there you might as well believe anything. Probably set up by some sort of counter intelligence agency for the masses. Nice try linking stuff in with BNP / far right etc planting seed.. Is this a delphi technique you are using??? Its a real shame COINTELPRO has been success full in linking the union Jack with the far right but I dont think people are falling for this crap any more.
  13. Unfortunately a stong Zimbabwe and dollar does not bode well for a single currency in the African Union
  14. if central banks printing money out of thin air is not a conspiracy these days then what is ??
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