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  1. I used to cycle into London to Leicester Square every day. Before 8AM I could with a good pace keep up with the flow of the lights. Come about 8AM and the timings would change and everything would jam up & I'd have the cyclists curse of hitting red lights all of the time.
  2. So pretty much anyone in London? I've got a gym membership, get corporate rates + company pays half. Get down there as it opens - quiet and full of people actually doing weights.
  3. Up to date market information? https://software.bloomberg.com/bb/service (Or get the similar service from Reuters) Note, these aren't cheap though.
  4. Pretty similar to what happened to me - I'd just completed a BSc in Computer Science though (so in a worse state.) I was told in the sign on interview that I couldn't expect to get a job in I.T. When it comes down to it, their mission is to get bums on seats & so aren't necessarily working in your best long term interest.
  5. That is how I remembered it. Especially disheartening as I didn't want to get stuck somewhere straight after University with no chance of getting time off for interviews & so forth.
  6. Ah, are you of the opinion that if you have worked hard, paid a good contribution in tax and NI & still managed to save by being thrifty and economising, you shouldn't be able to take a holiday at some point after signing on?
  7. I don't think that you should get job seekers allowance when on holiday, but it shouldn't preclude you from going away on your own initiative. I also don't think it should be based on age (much like minimum wage) http://www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk/JCP/Custom...015272.xml.html I also think that it shouldn't be so geographically restricted - having to sign on at same office every week.
  8. Ah yes, the good old job centre. Had to go to one after university as it took me a good while to get a job. Not designed for 'professional' jobs. Advised that I couldn't expect to get a job in my degree subject & that even if I did, any jobs I applied to would look more favourably on me if I had any sort of work. Ended up doing nightshift manual labour & this really messes you up especially when you go for job interviews in the day time & so have to take a few days holiday to try and sort out your body clock. Also no allowance for me to see my girlfriend who was still at Uni & no assistance in finding a job. They're just there to make sure you apply to your assigned number of jobs per fortnight. (I was using jobserve & said I could easily apply to 20 a week and they advised me to put down something like 5 as a target instead.)
  9. I can only see one issue with them using purchase price when discussing yield, & that is it wouldn't allow comparison with other possible investments at this point in time (if they wanted to switch). However, don't see anything wrong with using it as a figure for yield. Heck, using running yield as you suggest, if the value of the property went down then their yield would go up even though this isn't realisable to them. Wouldn't the best yield for them to use be what would be realised if the asset were disposed of now at current market price?
  10. Thought you lot would like the following quote http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/busi...icle5036456.ece
  11. The docking computer didn't always work for me - at that angle I'd be worried about it crashing.
  12. Taking the piss requiring the reference again methinks. Possibly they take a little cut, or they just want to cover their arses for the new landlord? Deposit - Can sort of see a point as there'll be a crossover point at which one isn't fully 'protected'. You'd expect for them to bend the rules though?
  13. Don't think it is too bad on a 2 year timescale http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/publication...port/ir0503.htm & of course, they have their caveat of similar market conditions
  14. Presumably they were targeting inflation as they're tasked to do by the government?
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