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  1. To add some balance to this very bearish thread - the stock markets aint gonna fall 90% . I've been surprised how strong the recent surge has been but it will fall back, 3800 - 4000 seems like about the right level for now Property on the other hand has a way to fall yet
  2. I was just looking in the dictionary for 'missing the point completely', this is what it said: Please re-read Sledgeheads post, you don't appear to have understood. Seriously. Your lack of financial nous could cost you dearly
  3. The problem is for most people where would you put your money if you took it out? Somewhere else in the banking system or under the mattress. Hopefully we've not reached the, or ever will, the 'under the mattress' stage. OK so gold/silver is an option but not something joe public would do. Shares don't look that tempting either imo the BoE rate will have very little impact (if any) at the moment on mortgage or saving rates offered by the banks. By raising or reducing the base rate they would highlight this, so I think we'll see plenty of inaction
  4. I don't think they mean anything at all - some sort of vague reassurance that they are taking it seriously. We should be grateful they've realised at last
  5. Whats the point - BoE can't offer the market enough liquidity to influence short term lending rates I reckon they'll stick at 5%
  6. yes but, emphasis was that most pension funds don't. Anyway hedge fund managers aren't stupid and would only buy if the yields were attractive enough to compensate the risks.
  7. What utter tosh. Pension funds are not mostly comprised of derivatives and junk bonds. And a bank would not make much on transaction as of all the costs, besides which it would retain most credit risk.
  8. Each year, usually go up by inflation (govt's figures not real inflation) or maybe national av earnings
  9. Woo-Hoo!! I got a cheque today from landlord, including interest and legal fees as per the court judgement!!!! I was beginning to think about what to do next as well. For info needs to be about £650+ before you can send bailiffs and couldn't charge her earnings as self-employed. Basically leaving trying to freeze her bank account. Anyway don't need to worry about that - unless it bounces Nah think I'll be fine. Anyway dead chuffed!
  10. No didn't end up in court. I applied online, setting out my claim. The money claim service then issued the claim to my landlady. She had two weeks to respond (from assumed date of receipt). She could either cough up, dispute claim or acknowledge (i.e. cough up or dispute later). I've heard nothing so I have now requested judgement (again did this online). She should be receiving a judgement in my favour soon so I should be getting my money one way or the other! I got my info and did everything through these links: http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/infoabo...claim/forms.htm https://
  11. Very lucky - what do you do - threaten to kneecap them?
  12. Update: Not heard anything so I've won by default. Dunno if thats good or not!? Anyway applied to court for judgement so presumably she will legally have to pay now. Whether she will or not I don't know, but if not I guess I can send the bailiffs round?!
  13. Update: Sent a letter myself to landlady, got one back arguing (not very convincingly) that she was entitled to keep it. Sent another letter, this time from a solicitor (a mate) - got no reply After lots of 'can't be arsed' moments, I've finally got round to formally suing her!! Which feels good. Did it using money claim online and the cost was only £30, which I am claiming off her also. Just waiting for a response now, tbh wouldn't mind a day in court - even if I lose, at least I will have made my point. Will update you with any further progress...
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