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  1. Claire Short claiming all her mortgage payment, instead of just the interest: http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Politics/...Daily_Telegraph and Boris wades in:
  2. One of the reasons that the government want 250,000 houses to be built each year is that they can get all that tax take for doing nothing. As they say the housing policy of this government is based on boom time economics.
  3. Think he was on 12.5k and needed a 5x income loan to get the place he wanted. Merryn said that he was a complete twât
  4. Watch the programme on the TV tonight at 8pm BBC2 - see what they say on there and report back. They will probably say that property has a long way still to fall and people like you will have to stay put for ages because of your denial of things happening in the real world. You can hold onto your 2007 property prices if you want while the rest of us watch the econony fall to pieces. Edit: The Boom time has gone - will it ever come back? (BBC2 Property Program)
  5. 40% of fück all is still fück all. We need approvals to go through so we can get better property to market. These new properties coming to market will be priced at todays prices and not dreamland prices.
  6. That horrible woman with 4 names is on. 7.5 million in property and not a penny to rub together. What an excellent business idea.
  7. and property prices will continue to tumble thanks to Buy to Letters losing their portfolios. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/money/pro...icle6276357.ece Such a shame.....
  8. Professional valuer - my ar5e Its value is the amount they can finance the purchase for.
  9. I thought Sibley was about 15! Profile of: Sibley Location: London, South East Age: 43 Gender: male Postings: 19 Previous Posts: • Good news....... • Great news........ • Very accurate........ • That's more like it............. • ?It's getting better thank god....... • No respect for police......... • House Price Crash Lies.......... • Enough........ • Great news..... • Homeowners never reply in these threads. • Good news. • Well done Gordon....... • Happier on the high street
  10. I thought Sibley was about 15! Profile of: Sibley Location: London, South East Age: 43 Gender: male Postings: 19
  11. Of course its nearly over, thats why one of my local estate agents wrote:
  12. Since when have VI predictions come true - not for at least a couple of years. I predict that summer is coming soon. Also, remember an increase in sales volumes does not mean an increase in price - its stupid lending that allows that (ask Eric). We need to clear the junk from the market to bring some decent stuff in at 2009 real world prices not 2007 tosh.
  13. Newsnight on MPs flipping property now....
  14. Because a new Portico helps him do his ministerial duties.
  15. He wont be using any of the money that he made out of the bubble, banks will be printing it for him.
  16. Gordon Gekko said that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7upG01-XWbY
  17. From 05 Oct 2004 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/333568...e-it-again.html Seems he probably let the tax payer pick up the tab.....
  18. How about submitting it to : Humberside Police Headquarters Priory Police Station Priory Road Hull HU5 5SF
  19. I'd like to see more choice coming to market. Much of the property around here has been on the market for months. Perhaps a few cash buyers wading in might be a good idea to clear the junk that is on the market now making way for some decent stuff. There can't be that many cash buyer compared to those purchasing using mortgages.
  20. Sinn Fein's £500,000 for second homes and they dont even turn up to Parliament. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics...cond-homes.html
  21. If a person is selling their house privately what is to stop them using someone with a knowledge of website building and having a few pages built with descriptions and pictures. Drive traffic to it using Google Adwords using geographic keyword selection and a few other housie keywords. The templates for building sites are already out there so wouldnt be too difficult. The main problem for any site is to get traffic to it.
  22. If you watch it on youtube at Dont forget to add a comment and send people to the petition website at: http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/please-go/ Currently 55,190
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