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  1. Start your own charity shop and give profits back to the local community in which you live. All too often money given to charity disappears from the locals pockets and doesnt benefit them whatsoever. You'll appear in the local newspaper handing those big cheques to local needy causes. You could become a hero!
  2. What if the Rightmove index was removed from the graph? - since they are asking prices and have always been a good amount above actual asking prices.
  3. Live Feed on tinternet: http://www.bloomberg.com/avp/avp.htm?clipSRC=LiveUK
  4. Many so called anchor stores are not attracted to traditional town centres as the available shop floor space isnt big enough to suit the requirements of the business. Most shops in our town are very small in square footage, and its only recently that New Look and Dorothy Perkins were attracted to the town due to two new places being built with a decent square footage. As it happens, the two shops both replaced the church where I got married. When we exchanged vows at the front of the church 15 years ago, you now exchange underwear in the same place.
  5. Rightmove seem to have a habit of press releasing any old bit of guff that they can think of. To them its all about marketing and keeping their name in the headlines, and the editors of the newspapers lap it up. I dont see much coming out of other property portals. Its all part of the plan to keep their name in the headlines while the property market is a dead man walking.
  6. Get 20k double sided postcards printed for 160 quid from ebay, distribute them round town for 12 quid per 1000 then grab some ladders and get cleaning windows - everyones got em ya know.
  7. Its not boom time now. Golden period is over for retailers. Too many have expanded too much during boom time, and now are cutting back drastically.
  8. Funny that. We recently finished rolling out about a thousand PCs to a government department, at the end of the rollout the PCs were over a year old and were obsolete models by then.
  9. Is it this one: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11...lance-debt.html So, thats where the bank bail out money will be going. Yet again we as tax payers will be picking up the tab for crap lending practices.
  10. When we sold our house May last year we didnt put it on the market with the EA who gave the highest valuation, we put it on with the agent that could market the place better, and had a better high street presence. The fact that the valuation he gave was 40k less than the highest made no difference as we wanted to move. If we had put it on at the higher valuation we could still be living in our old village, but we beat the market using a sensible (at the time) valuation and got the place shifted in 3 months or so. Seemed to me that the other EAs were more interested in shifting properties with a higher valuation as they gained more commission. They forget the fact that you can make more money by piling them higher and selling them cheaper than the competitor.
  11. According to http://www.financemarkets.co.uk/2008/02/25...gage-borrowers/ 175,000 people took out the together mortgage for 125% of the properties value before the product was withdrawn by Northern Rock. I wonder how many of these are having trouble? http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2009/ma...k-loans-bailout Looks worse if you bang a few zeros on it - £800,000,000
  12. I like the bit: The recovery marches on!
  13. So, you are saying that having prices at 2007 levels or higher is a good thing? all fueled at future tax payers expense. Sounds a cracking idea to me.
  14. You are right. We did quite a lot of the larger shows in the north of England with catering units. While we didnt pay high street property rental we would be robbed by the people that organised the shows for up to 500 quid a day. While takings could be good, outgoings would be very high also. Towards the end organisers were getting too greedy, thinking that it was free money to be fleeced from the public and stall holders. Throw the bad weather of 2007 into the mix and it was the end of that business. I know of people who are still trying to recover losses incurred during this period. I still monitor what is going on in the outside catering business, and its pretty dire at the moment.
  15. When I ran a fast food business a couple of years ago, a typical reasonable quality 1/4lb burger with cheese would cost burger =20p cheese = 10p bun = 12p So just over 40p, and sell them for over 2 quid.
  16. http://www.moneyweek.com/news-and-charts/m...dy-sweeney.aspx More LIAR loans then
  17. Its all about greed and thinking property values only go up. He bought it without even seeing the place. He didnt even use it for his own holidays.
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