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  1. My house is currently on the market, today I rang the EA and asked for an update on how things were going. I was quite surprised how honest she was. They said that absolutely nothing is selling, and expressed how bothered they were from a business sense at the lack of sales that they are seeing going through their books. There is a big stand off between buyers and sellers. The sellers are unwilling to drop prices, and the buyers when they do place offers are offering around 25% off the asking price, stating that it is afterall a buyers market. Many of the estate agents in the area are recentish start ups, so have never seen any kind of housing slump like this so are unsure of what to do next, plus they havent built up a war chest of funds for the rainy day. The place where we are looking to move to is Bridlington on the Yorkshire Coast, and prices here havent risen much in the last two years, so therefore I can still buy a Victorian 6/7 bed town house 2 minutes from the seafront for £139K. All I need to do is sell my own.. :angry:
  2. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-162...=3&tr_t=buy That house is really horrible, no wonder it hasnt sold. Who would want to live in something that looked like an office block. It lacks anything that resembles character.
  3. My nephew who is 16 went into a carpet retailer today in Selby, North Yorkshire, asking to see if there were any job vacancies. The boss of the store told him that they were having to lay staff off due to the extremely rapid loss of orders. They weren't getting any sales from new home purchases on the shoe box estates as no one was moving into them. He also thought that a lack of orders was evident due to people not able to get credit any longer due to credit limits being moved downwards on credit cards. He was hoping for an upturn in the buying public, but he couldn't see it in the short term until some confidence had returned. YL
  4. It is my site. No I didnt get to Wetherby today. I'd like to get to Pontefract this week. The website is in its infancy, its only a few days old. If I can make it any good, I might develop racingengland.com which I also hold.
  5. Central Hull hasnt seen as massive price increases as say the suburbs like Ferriby, Swanland, Hessle and Brough (posh end of Hull). If there is going to be a crash somewhere then it will more than likely be in these areas as the houses that are here are massively over priced. Going a bit further east towards Howden I read a bit in the Goole Times paper about the town which one of the top 10 market towns in which to live. Part of the article mentions houses prices: "Since the arrival of the Press Association, businesses in Howden are said to be thriving and house prices are on the up too. They have risen on average from £104,957 to £228,186 over the past five years, a 118 percent increase, putting it number 8 on the national list of highest house price growth" YL
  6. For the past 3 years I've been running an outside catering company doing carnivals and private parties. During June last year when the floods came marked the downward slide of the business. Things never really improved as there doesnt seem to have been as much money around as in the previous 2 years. In the new year, I made a resolution not to bother with catering again until things pick up a lot, so I sold up and went back to an IT contract with the Prison Service. I cant see this contract actually coming to the end, it will carry on rolling - while there are prisoners, the Prison Service will always need PC's. In my spare time I build websites for my own use. I try to build websites that are based on peoples addictions, these normally include debt and gambling. I also build websites with the idea of testing the water to see if a business will sink or swim. The idea is that you build the website as though it were a real business with marketing information and contact details and wait until people contact you - and they do... I've done this with a satellite and aerial installation business around the Yorkshire region, using half decent SEO and content. It seems to be pretty successful so I'll probably take it into the real world, and what with the switch over to digital happening between now and 2012 it could be quite fruitful - people will always watch TV.
  7. That bloke was gutted, the valuation was done only in March, so the market had already started cooling big time, and he'd already thrown 30k down the toilet a long with all the period features of the cottage. YL
  8. Link = Britons forced into austerity Families are having to cut back on groceries, eating out and holidays as the credit crisis starts to have a profound effect on household spending, research by The Daily Telegraph has shown. With the cost of living going up by £1,800 a year for the average home, the first evidence has emerged of how families are changing their spending habits to cope with the economic squeeze. Middle-class customers are turning to budget supermarkets, discount stores, low-price hotels and car rental firms, all of which have had booming sales in recent months.
  9. Before the weekend one of my mates decided to put his house on the market, so off he went to an estate agent in Selby, North Yorkshire and a valuer had a word with him and he was advised that the branch was not taking on any more stock. The valuer explained that each house they take on they have to actively market, and this can cost hundreds. With the homes already on his books, and not selling as they used to a few months ago they werent willing to spend any more money chasing ever fewer buyers while still having to pay staff and other on going costs, thats as well as market the houses they already have. Si
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