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  1. Most places in Yorkshire have a general waste bin collection every 2 weeks.
  2. Up near me we have Bempton cliffs which are comprised of chalk which is made of out dead sea creatures. With the cliffs having a height of nearly 100 metres, where has all the sea water gone?
  3. As well as the liar loans having an affect on the upward trend in houses prices, it was also a lot to do with estate agents valuing a property for more than it was actually worth. Once the property was sold this price became the new price point for that particular type of property in the local area. This would have allowed them to gain more in commission on a completed sale.
  4. How else do you think banks make money? Print it? Nah - it'll never catch on. Theyve got you over a barrel. Tell your lad to get some ladders and start earning cash.
  5. I put a free lineage advert on yell.com and within a few hours the sales staff were trying to sell me a more detailed advert for hundreds. People are realizing that many people do look online when searching for a service. One of the best ways of advertising is the free link provided by Google Maps which will link to your own website.
  6. So, what are you saying - recession over? I doubt that you saw any of the recently unemployed eating out.
  7. Indeed, another hour wasted. Did the bald one come across as thick?
  8. Theyve got a nice Porsche though. EA Valuation in 226k spent 15k total 241k - wanted valuation of 275k EAs says 249k and 250k
  9. Give the EA a ring and see what their excuse is.
  10. Tell me I'm wrong but, if you declare yourself self employed and do a minimum of 16 hours doing 'something' you can claim working or childrens tax credits which can be a lot more than the 60 odd quid a week from JSA. This time of year get started as a grass cutter, window cleaner, driveway cleaner or something.
  11. Biggest monthly rise on record. Recovery continues then. Numbers on JSA rose 23,800 to 1.56 million in June Source: Sky News
  12. Any house that is 8 foot wide is classed as a dolls house. Its half the size of a standard house. I guess because its a 'character' cottage it must be worth 295k. "An early viewing is essential. " as it will soon be 7 feet wide..... What a waste of money.
  13. Most of the houses on that estate are the 3 story variety. They are built in the playing fields of the former Lower Bridlington School where my mum worked when she was a teacher. Location wise it isnt too bad, not far from local shopping amenities on Quay Road where you'll find most local shops including butchers, fruit and veg and a spa shop plus pizza, chippy and a hardware store. 15 mins walk will get you to the seafront. Its not too far from Old Town where you'll find half a dozen pubs and a few restaurants. This is where all the art galleries and antique shops live. The local council estate on Gypsey Road is about 5 minutes walk from Britannia Court, its far enough away not to be any trouble. Would I live there? - probably not. I'd go for somewhere like Sandsacre or Danes Croft where you would get more space, and proper off street parking plus a decent sized garden. Failing that I like the south side down towards Belvedere end of town.
  14. Have you got a keyboard with the fullstop and shift key not working?
  15. According to The Times he was worth 50 million last year. Probably a lost less now. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_...icle6164685.ece How come these people burn through so much money?
  16. on now talking in the select committee rooms. John Socha, National Landlords Association amongst others. Originally on 30th June
  17. If there is access onto the land, and planners like the idea of infill then that means you could sell it. I was offered 80k for a chunk of my back garden just before I sold the house.
  18. There are good reasons to rent, some people might not want the hassle of 'owning' a home. My rent at 500 quid a month for a nice 3 bed semi 2 minutes walk from the sea is a lot cheaper than what I would be paying if I actually bought something similar for 170k
  19. So, in 2 years you dropped it by 9k? - you certainly chased the market down How much did you pay for it? Maybe the bank didnt want to lend what the buyer thought they wanted to pay.
  20. People who are self employed can claim working tax credits so long as the 'job' that they do is over 16 hours. Call yourself a gardener or window cleaner, and as long as you put 16 or more hours in a week looking for gardening jobs or window cleaning jobs then you'll get paid tax credits. You might not even earn anything in the first few weeks of starting, but at least as an incentive you'll be given tax credits. It would help if you or your partner have a child or 2 to qualify.
  21. Brother lives on Vancouver Island in Comox. Temperature similar to the UK. If it snows it doesnt last long due the the Pacific influence except in the mountains where there is excellent skiing for a few months. Everywhere is clean, house prices havent been rampant, and they speak English which is always a bonus when going abroad to live.
  22. Average annual change in residential property prices from Land Registry and recorded monthy sales
  23. Meanwhile, in the real economy, and not the get rich quick gordon brown housing bubble economy: 2000 more lose jobs at Corus with 500 in Scunthorpe http://news.google.co.uk/news/url?sa=t&amp...%2Farticle.html Orange to cut 370 jobs by year end http://news.google.co.uk/news/url?sa=t&amp...x%3FID%3D446793 Tata, owners of Jaguar Land Rover hint at further jobs cuts http://news.google.co.uk/news/url?sa=t&amp...icle6584794.ece Job Losses at Lloyds and Legal and General http://www.check4jobs.com/news/2009/06/464...on-and-islands- Almost 40,000 jobs will disappear from Britain’s IT services sector by 2010, after which the number of new roles it creates will decline, in real-terms, until 2013. http://www.contractoruk.com/news/004412.html 350 jobs to go at Forklift truck factory http://forkliftaction.com/news/newsdisplay.aspx?nwid=7261 Setanta to cut 200 jobs http://www.walesonline.co.uk/footballnatio...91466-23962995/ Yep house prices can only go up from now. Everything seems to point to huge green shoots of recovery.
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