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  1. House prices fell by 0.9% in August http://www.nationwide.co.uk/hpi/historical/Aug_2010.pdf
  2. there was a developer on there that couldnt affford to finish off the house that theyd purchased with borrowed money. He cannot borrow any more money to do the place up and blames the banks. He owes 1.5 million and reckons that 90% of other small to medium developers are in the same boat.
  3. The price I paid for our last house that we bouught was 68k, and sold it to someone for 185k. I wouldnt mind paying an extra .5% on 68k, but crikey .5% or more on 185k would probably cripple someone financially.
  4. Daily Express Meanwhile, the economy is in bits, unemployment is at record highs.
  5. Many of the jobs that were at Jarvis in rail maintenance were taken in house by Network Rail due to safety concerns following a number of incidents on the railway network.
  6. So, if I sold my house the solicitor requests documents from the original mortgage company who I obtained the loan from to settle the debt. Funds are then transferred back to my mortgage company. If my mortgage company sold my loan on does my bank get paid twice?
  7. Wall Street Journal Link Can someone explain to me how we can lend £23,000,000,000 and they still pay bonuses for a job well done. What a crock of crap.
  8. Lincolnshire Echo Its all a part of Browns jobless revovery. recovery
  9. Adrian Douglas: How much imaginary gold has been sold? http://news.goldseek.com/GATA/1255878000.php
  10. Can someone explain to me how one minute the BoE lends the equivalent of £1,000 per UK person to a bank, and be repaid back in full within 3 months. It must be some sort of miracle, especially in the middle of a recession.
  11. I liked that bit. Dont the CAB offer advice for free. A fool and their money is easily parted.
  12. A few weeks I started getting paid into a Halifax current account. They must love me as I've already been offered a pre approved credit card with a 6k limit on it. Its no different to Tesco knowing their customers shopping habits and offering them other services. We dont have to take them up on the offer.
  13. The landlord at our local pub went in to the venture with 15k about a year ago, and is now sitting on a 15k+ loss. Breweries can always find other mug punters who have a few grand of savings or redundancy. The pubcos arent bothered so long as they get their money. Pubs in this town are dead. In the 80s we used to go out on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, and most of the pubs were busy. Last night there was no one around.
  14. Its so that he can navigate the way out of his arseh0le
  15. In our town shopping centre a bloke set up a stall with a couple of pop up displays wanting to buy peoples gold. Is this the sign of a bubble?
  16. When Ladas were sold in the UK they were bought up to UK standards by Satra Motors at their factory in Carnaby East Yorkshire between 1973 and 1979. They also imported the rather wonderful Moskovitch. The motorcycles were sold under the brand Cossack. The 4x4 was called the Niva which had a model called the Cossack. Sara Lee cakes took over the factory later on, and then the global cake company. The factory is now used by Elliott Modular Buildings.
  17. Is he Ajay Ahuja? Give me 350 quid and you too could be rich.
  18. Most of his tenants are dss claimants. He must be rich - he flaunts it in his Aston Martin (probs on tick)
  19. I spoke to a fella that runs a well established removal firm in Yorkshire. I asked him how business was (I didnt think that he would tell me), and he told me that his business was struggling as very few people were moving house. He said that many of the big national companies use hired in help at each end of the move to do the local carrying, this way they dont need to carry loads of staff. He isnt too hopeful for the future, and pointed to the fact that first time buyers could afford the 15k+ deposit required for a starter home. As much as the government wouldnt like, the housing market is on its knees.
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