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  1. Reeds Rains just closed down in our town - 7 Estate Agents with a population of 7800 !!!
  2. What a load of crap on here about ID cards and miss information about them. I have a UK ID card and it is the best thing I spent £30 on. It has saved me time, money and got me out of difficult situations. There is less information on it than a driving licence. My address is on my driving licence it is not on an ID card. The ID card has only one item more than a passport and that is your encrypted fingerprint details - so what is the big problem. I have travelled all over Europe on my ID card, it fits in my wallet and is easy to carry round. When I was in Singapore and my passport was back at the hotel I used it several times including ID for an internet connection. It has also been accepted in Hong Kong and Australia by Banks. A couple of weeks ago I had my bag stolen containing my passport in Spain. I travelled home on my ID card with Ryanair. All the government had to do was remove the fingerprint details and give people the choice of a passport or ID card or both. Of course charge the appropriate fee.
  3. The election was in May so are they saying that 168 businessess have gone bust since May (about 14 weeks). If you can't last 14 weeks you shoudn't be in business. I don't think it can be all the ConDem's doing.
  4. I live up in the northwest of England and I can not believe the number of (10) registered cars on the road. It seems every other car is new totally unbelievable.
  5. Why pay for someone elses profit. You can build a very nice house for less than £100,000 + Land Some people I know (20 of them) got together and bought a plot of land for 20 houses. Buying one plot is expensive but the larger the plot the cheaper per house. They divided it up into 20 plots and drew lots for each plot. Some where builders and some joiners etc and helped each other out. Of course they did have to bring in some professionals. Some built semi detached properties for less than £80,000. Get a group of frieds together or just advertise for people to join the group, draw up an agreement and get yourself a cheap house.
  6. I think you will find the reason for this is that Labour have stuffed the Lords full of their Peers giving them a majority. The Conservatives will never be able to pass any legislation unless they overturn this majority. She is a dam site more appealling than Mandleslime or Sugar or Urdress and many others that Blair and Brown have put in there.
  7. Wrong - Labour increased inheritance tax threshold to something like £650,000.
  8. WRONG the police swear allegence to the Queen "I, [name], swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God.†A Police officer is an independent officer of the crown and can not be told who or who not to prosecute etc. Of course in practice Chief police officers are political appointments and any officer not carrying out his wishes will find life difficult.
  9. Because most flights at the moment cost £1, if you want to take extras thats upto you. I take hand luggage pay with Electron and it costs me a £1. OK not the best airline ij the world but it gets me from A to B with little fuss.
  10. We now have Darling contradicting Brown saying we need to make cuts. We have Straw contradicting Brown on Libya by saying it was for economic and oil reasons that they agreed the prisoner transfer. Interesting, is this part of a move against Brown?
  11. It was financial. The anti hunting group promised Blair they would give 1 million to the Labour Party if they banned hunting. Blair was reluctant and it took some time for him to agree but they needed the money. They then fudged it so you can still get away with it if you do it right.
  12. You can get an Hyundia i10 under scrappage for £4945. That gives you £35 tax 55 mpg and 4 new tyres as well as a 5 year warranty. Why bugger about with your present car.
  13. I do some work for a mortgage broker and was in one of their offices the other day and got talking to the staff. They said that the number of people wanting to buy a house has never really fallen. The problem is they can't get a mortgage and told me about the man who had just been in. He has a 20% deposit for a house he wants, however he is a guy who always pays cash, he has never had a loan and does not have even a credit card therefore he has no credit history and no one will give him a mortgage. edit spelling
  14. http://www.abc.es/hemeroteca/historico-17-...2963608954.html Here is an article from the Spanish press about Margaret Moran and her Villa in Spain. She tried to block a footpath over her land but didn't count on the Spanish. First she used House of Commons headed note paper to write to them. They took her to court and won. It is suggested that she put the solicitors bill for this court case on her MP's expenses. You can get a rough translation with google if you want to read it.
  15. I think he was giving the discount in the price he ofered me for my Focus-probably send it to auction.
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