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  1. 1994 superb music, squatting, life of Reilly, bliss. No problem getting work.
  2. The simple fact that we have a simple YES campaign, and overstuffed London twats calling their campaign Better Together, paired with celebrity endorsements says it all. I will utterly despair if Scotland vote no. It will leave the worst taste in all our mouths. I am a Londoner. I need the Scots to save me.
  3. Thought all the cases were council tax, certainly was when I was there, a total shambles
  4. Try getting an average job when credit checks become the norm for employment...
  5. Soon, if not already, going to University will mark you out as a fool.
  6. Yet again IDS has briefed the press that he will not leave. Somehow, yet again, Cameron is going to accept this?
  7. Strange too, as failure to apply straight after losing your job used to be looked on with suspicion... Signing ine every week just doubles their workload, I can't see what the point if it is, like the threats of daily signing and spending 35 hours a week at the job centre. I forget the figure, but don't the vast majority get a job within 6 months?
  8. The crowd funding product featured let to housing benefit recipients.
  9. The truth is when he has to turn off the money tap and there is no inheritance he has brought up his kids to hate him for it.
  10. I just wonder about the sheer amount of funny money that's been rinsing through London, funny money that might mot give a shit if it loses 50% of its value? It's still a cheap launder. What sort of mugs would buy amongst that? Osbourne and Carney have little control of the London housing market unless they start to tax, and they won't do that. The latest fad in London is just shitloads of student housing, twin bed rooms with en suite sold to Asian investors, what ******ing use are these places? One near me was finished last year, and we have never seen anyone go in or out if the place. Some parts of London are becoming seriously depopulated.
  11. I was getting the impression they will bring in the UC rules without UC.This zero hours contract thing/back to work 'providers' is so open to fraud by the providers it's unreal!
  12. Ha ha, oops! The word disenfranchised comes to mind. The revolution will not be televised.
  13. We really at the new normal? I was chatting to a new friend who could not understand how people were buying houses, I told her about interest only, and you could just see everything click into place.
  14. God knows what thinking is behind it, but those crappy machines in the job centres where just as rife with fraud, and I proved it to the staff frequently (which meant they stopped forcing the jobs on me). They have to want this, surely? It's no big thing to fix... Adding to that the huge promotional push of great success that to be unemployed us to be unemployable. VOMIT!
  15. Unfortunately for him, to make any meaningful changes, tax credits has to be tackled. Demonising the unemployed seems to have run out if steam, so let's start on the work shy ******* on minimum wage.
  16. Buying property in London with help from the parents on an interest only mortgage with government help, is a niche affair, like knowing who Shed Seven are. It won't end in tears that we will see, and I am prepared for it to never end. Being that my other place of choice is Vancouver, I'm ******ed.
  17. That would be time to get in a bit of a mood and through the board up I the air, so you could go out to play, instead of being stuck indoors.
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