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  1. Sorry guys but I simply had to post this one: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/norther...and/7549192.stm When I read stories like this it makes me smile. Maybe that's evil because there are people out there losing their homes... but there were so many people who jumped onto the property bandwagon and then looked down their noses at me when I said I couldn't afford a deposit/mortgage. I can't help but feel that this is karma for all of the greedy people who over-stretched themselves in the hope that property prices would continue to rise and make their gamble pay off...
  2. This was a major problem for me when I viewing houses last summer. None of the big estate agents would do a viewing later than 5:30pm/6pm... and it was impossible for us to get from work and through the traffic to make the viewing on time... Surely anyone buying a house has a job... and many jobs are 9-5pm... What do the estate agents expect us to do? Waste vacation days!?
  3. Thanks for the very hearty welcome back! I still read regularly but am a bit of a lurker... I have to force myself to go cold turkey sometimes because I have found this forum to be a major distraction when I can't concentrate at work!! It's always good to come back and read stories and opinions from like minded people though. It makes me feel better when people give a pitying look because I'm 26, not married and still renting instead of owning my own house!
  4. Not sure if anyone has noticed/posted about this yet but thought I would include it for you all: BBC News - NI House sales 'down 50% this year'
  5. Then this could very well be the property of your dreams! Just think about it... no need for taxis or transport... come weekends you can just stumble from bar to bar! What are you waiting for - buy buy buy!
  6. I would also urge caution with this particular property... Yes it is BT9... but I wouldn't class it as the 'proper' BT9 if that makes sense? Wellesley Avenue is a prime student location... just round the corner from the Bot (how convenient - it's a mere 2 minute commute! ). Expect your neighbours to have crazy parties at all hours of the morning and don't grow too attached to your wheelie bin... I seem to recall Wellesley Avenue being a favourite location for wheelie bin races! Now that I think of it... could this possibly be the house that I walked past at 5am whilst finishing my final year dissertation? I can still see the people literally hanging out of the windows and the pounding music vibrating across the street...
  7. My boyfriend keeps asking me why all his friends have BMWs and he doesn't... He keeps telling me about such and such a person who bought a super fancy car. And I keep telling him... These people don't actually own those cars... The banks do. One reason for the credit crunch was the over supply of 'easy' credit. A doctor told me about someone who owned one of the most expensive houses in a Malone road area. The owner had bought many BTL properties. He was now £2.5 million in debt. He said to the doctor - 'But the banks kept offering me all this money'. Indeed. The problem was that he kept saying yes... And I think that there is a similar phenomenom with cars... A recent news story reported that the NI motor market was slowing. One of the reasons? Credit is not so readily available.
  8. I have to agree with Parsley... I have been in my currently place (also in the sort've South Belfast/city centre area) for just over a year and use Virgin Media's cable service. I can only think of one instance when I had connection problems. I have had horrific experiences with BT so I always recommend Virgin... But I guess it all comes down to personal choice and personal experiences
  9. Subby Virgin Media should be able to sort you out. Because you live in a non-cabled area you will need to have a BT phone line installed. I understand that you don't need a home land line (I assume you just use your mobile like I do) but in order to get the Vrgin Media services you will have to have a BT land line installed. I have investigated this in the past and it is cheaper for you to install the BT landline and then get the Virgin Media Broadband than it is to get the broadband from BT (I hate BT). I think that Virgin Media will tell you that you can't get TV... but they will advise you to get a set top box so you can watch free view channels. My boyfriend lives in a similar area and gets lots of FreeView channels - you should be able to do the same. If you are really set on a TV option... check out Sky. A colleague at work lives in a non cabled area but installed a BT landline and then got Sky TV and broadband. Whenever he was setting everything up Sky were doing an offer were they gave you M&S vouchers to cover the cost of the BT land line installation (because you have to PAY for the privilege of being with BT). The one drawback is that this is more expensive I think. I hope that helps. And apologies if you know all of this already.
  10. Joe can you call my boss and tell him that? I think he must've forgot/not noticed/ignored it
  11. I read a thread on the main forum about British new applications dropping by about 24% IIRC. So it looks like NI's problems are close to three times worse! I read that in the Irish News on Saturday and found myself nodding my head and smiling. I tried to explain that the credit crunch would hit housing in Northern Ireland harder than it would on the mainland. My Daddy disagreed with me and said that our houses weren't as expensive as theirs. Then I tried to explain that our wages were lower and so we had borrowed higher multiples of our salaries to buy houses... I really liked his use of the word 'savage'. As a FTB I found it rather refreshing.
  12. No... Most of the jobs I have heard announced so far seem to be technology based. My interpretation is that NI hopes to RETAIN its talent rather than educating people up to degree level and sending them off to other countries for higher wages and better 'opportunities'. This is another thing the likes of Invest NI are dedicated to - the idea of KEEPING our talented people here instead of losing them to other contries in the UK, Ireland and further afield.
  13. BBC News recently reported that Northern Ireland Civil Servants were paid too much:
  14. Never mind misunderstanding the correct use of the apostrophe... I misunderstood the correct use of the quote tabs and somehow managed to quote myself in my post above Doh!
  15. I visited a couple of independent financial advisors and they reassured me that student loan debt didn't factor into mortgage considerations. Unless of course you mean credit card and other types of debt? A big user for FTBs recently leaving uni is that they have had no opportunity to save... I know that most of my savings went on paying university fees/living expenses!!
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