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  1. 13. London is good for many airports and Eurostar too! 14. Playgrounds - so many different ones all over the city (if you have under 10s)
  2. I don't think you said what your LTV would be? Would you be approved for a mortgage with this plan to rent out spare rooms already in your heads? The bank will be thinking, "What if a little baby came along...?" I'm interested in any replies you get though, as I'm also looking to buy now. I'm willing to take a bit of a hit just because of the stability owning gives you - though have had the same home/landlord for 10 years now. Though the stability argument maybe doesn't hold for flats - if a noisy dog or other antisocials move in, for example.
  3. I will probably need to change jobs in about 18 months to two years. I don't actually know what I'm worth on the open jobs market right now, but there's always chance I could be taking a haircut. I'm a cautious person, generally. Have two school age children... I'm pretty handy with computers though, so I don't think I'll be unemployable. I'm currently looking at choosing between a 2 or 5 year fix for a first time purchase. My mortgage adviser says the mortgage is portable (as long as you don't downsize too much!) - so I'm leaning towards the five year, but the two year is maybe £50/m cheaper and the broker would take some of the bureaucratic pain out of remortgaging. My question is: if I changed jobs just before the remortgage, could I be turned down for it? Or do they take my whole employment history into consideration? Do I need to be careful about the timing of elective job moves? thanks!
  4. I hear you at least. However, whomever I talk to about this simply cannot get how the system is rigged against genuine prosperity and stability. I'm not even sure Corbyn/McDonnell do, but the thing that made me join the Labour Party was their mumblings about LVT so maybe...
  5. I used OP's formula with Lambeth. £210k will get you a third of an ex LA shoe box semi/terraced house in zone 2-3 Lambeth! Assuming asking prices, anyway...
  6. Hello, I've had HPC in my RSS feed reader (brief plugin for Firefox) for years and it just stopped working. Looks like you've upgraded your forum software - and I can't guess/figure out the feed URL if there is one. Please can you advise... cheers, VD
  7. Looks like the comments have been pulled? I can't see them, and I turned off adblock just in case that was hiding them.
  8. Just for comparison, an HPC-friendly person made this nice site https://houseprices.io/ I haven't looked to see which is most up-to-date.
  9. yep, alcohol, takeaways and driving everywhere is what makes you fat!
  10. In my experience, it doesn't matter how good the management company are if the builders don't care. Maybe eight years ago we had a similar problem in a basement flat - they called in damp treatment people and the place was a mess for much longer than estimated. I don't think it even worked properly... But, having said that, I think you've made your bed (you and LL both agreed to something) and you have to sleep in it now...
  11. Charge them £150 for your credit and background check on the landlord!
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