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  1. smurf 1976 it really helps getting a view from down under do you have any data/graphs on house prices and repossessions in e.g. nsw/ queensland?
  2. dont suppose you are a brentford fan by any chance?
  3. magnoliawalls pops up on ********** occasionally. perhaps you could ask the question there.
  4. if the figures for sussex are right, it probably signals the trend for the rest of the country as the south east leads the rest of the country in these matters. also, there should be lower mortgage arrears now due to low irs and the fact that high numbers of mortgages are io.
  5. what leads you to believe that when a seller switches agent the old ea marks the property as sstc? i cant see any rational reason for this and it is probably also mis-reperesentation.
  6. i think ed balls learnt his craft from homer simpson
  7. i know it is friday and were all tired but surely no one expects anything positive to be said on here about nu labour. by default anything that looks positive must be sarcastic-or a mis- print. ( oh and i am not a nulabour apologist)
  8. it is gorodn browns miracle economy in which boom and bust has ben eliminated for eternity i am getting mixed signals at present. some parts are very quiet and others ticking over reasonably well. there is real unease in construction, particularly anything involved with spec housing. there is no doubt that energy costs are starting to bite in disposable income as well as forcing suppliers to pass on costs to try and stay in profit.
  9. george orwell describes it pretty well in Animal Farm did you really think you were electing a socialist government in 1997?? i actually believe thatcher wa sthe great socialist leader. she attacked the corrupt trade unions, she let incompetent industrial managers go to the wall. she then tried to reform the public services, but was knifed before the job could be finished.
  10. i think it is time to put my daughters wendy house on the market. must be worth at least £25000
  11. youve got a sherlock holmes mind. if you elimnate all apparent possible theories then the last one - no matter how implausible- must be correct. i think blair has too big an ego to retire into the sunset. i think he wont go until he has earned his place in history. lets be honest- what have labour done yet? ( not including st*ffing the economy)
  12. if the trends cointinue, ordinary people will not be able to get through the month and pay, the car costs, poll tax, utility bills, school extras( which are mandatory) as well as buy food. these are not maxed out people who have mewed to the hilt, just ordinary folk. add to this rising unemployment etc . it aint gonna be fun reminiscent of the ealy 1980s
  13. in theory we have free markets in all energy sources. unfortunately, as oil went up so did gas and coal has followed. as electicity is mainly genrated from oil, gas and coal- hey presto- electrcity prices have to rise. if we were 80 % nuclear the electricity costs would be contained. i think the public will soon realise that times are getting hard. my heating bills began increasing last summer. i am on oil and the price rises have been inexorable.
  14. i have to say that hull is the most depressing place ive been to in england. i am sure the name is mis-spelt and the "u" should be an "e" also the home of 2 jags. definitely not, location location location
  15. who is to say it will sell for £340k?
  16. firstly there is no logic for high property prices in SA based on shortages of anything. there is huge amounts of land, cheap building materials and lots of labour who will be glad to lay bricks, plaster etc. this must be another bubble. it is easy to blame the foreign owners of 2nd homes but it doesnt wash- typical smoke screen.
  17. already started the ceramics building materialsl sector generally went on month ahead contracts last sept/oct as most companies wernt prepared to lock in at 12 month ahead gas costs of c 55 p/ therm compared to 35p per therm on their old contracts. in dec & jan prices spiked at over £1.00 per therm(day ahead). it is not clear what the future holds but year ahead contracts recently were typically 70 p per therm. for most of the 1990s this sector was paying about 16 p per therm.
  18. i would concur with this. the golden legacy that labour inherited in 1997 was IMHO a result of the weakness of Majors Government. i came to the view after black wednesday that the people in the uk took charge of their own lives because it seemed obvious that the government was not able to help them. then nu labour got in. labour were ok for several years by effectively restraining public spending. this is now out of control. the public then forgot the bitter leasons of the 89-93 housing crash and recession and borrowed like there was no tomorrow. i think the pubic have deluded themselves that nu labour will bail them out if things go t*ts up. they are about to see that this is a false premise. we need to approach life like the germans and dutch. be very careful with our money and minimise debt. work hard, use your brains. if we get on with it, the country wil get back in shape in about 5-7 years.
  19. see todays commentin the telegraph Credit crunch awaits Brown British household debt grew at a frightening 10.2pc last year, while the economy as a whole managed a piffling 1.8pc. We hear a lot about our trade deficit and our budget deficit but it is the underlying personal sector deficit which is the real horror show in the UK economy at the moment. Our revelation in yesterday's paper that personal debt at £1,158 billion for 2005 was more than £30 billion higher than the nation's entire £1,127 billion economic output has caused widespread consternation among many people except, that is, with the one person who ought to be more worried than most - Gordon Brown. Our collective debt has been likened to an economic iceberg. Many consumers are going to founder on this financial hazard which, bizarrely, remains almost completely submerged from most people's view in a mist of myopia, including the Chancellor's it would seem. At a time when the consumer sector is holed below the water line and rapidly listing to starboard, Mr Brown seems remarkably sanguine about the state of the nation's finances. So relaxed is he that he spent yesterday talking about the Government's security measures, ID cards and a new law to ban the glorification of terrorism as he prepares for what he no doubt believes will be a glorious promotion to succeed Tony Blair when the Prime Minister hands over the keys to 10 Downing Street. However, the decade of debt, which the naughties have turned into, will not only catch up with those consumers who have been profligate with credit cards, store cards, excessive mortgages and equity withdrawal and every other form of hock that the financial services industry can dream up. It will also catch up with Mr Brown and be the ruin of his political career. It is not only consumers who are now drowning and no longer waving. The public sector's finances are also out of control, the only fix being an increase in taxes or a cut in spending, or both. But add to this the impact on the economy of a consumer slow down and you have a slump the likes of which we have not seen for more than 15 years. All the signs are there. Rising bankruptcies, rising repossession, an increase in business failures plus a sharp slow down in high street spending in January and figures from the City that show a big increase in the demand for savings. It's all one way traffic down bad news boulevard at the moment. Mr Brown's legacy will be this ugly fall out from the decade of debt, a legacy that will undermine his premiership, should he get one, and give his own successor an impossible job. But the careers of a few politicians are nothing compared with the damage about to be visited on the United Kingdom from its debt-fuelled spending binge.
  20. moosetea what does " EE" stand for? Eelegal Emigrants?
  21. a) john ( i wish i had passed the 11 plus) prescott george ( has he really left the party?) galloway c) bernie ( bung us a bit more money) ecclestone d) alan ( irational exuberance) greenspan what a choice!
  22. was it neil kinnock? BTW Neil Kinnock has recently stated that the labour party does not believe in selection on the grounds of ability!
  23. if you mean 8%--10% negative HPI then I might believe that you are sober
  24. pity he didnt get dubya he woud need to be a world class marksman to shoot george w bush in the brain
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