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  1. Oh come on, the foot's only just on the pedal. We're just tuning up.
  2. I'd say it's pretty black and white... They will have to face the music...
  3. My 18 year old son will celebrate his 41st birthday on February 27th 2032. Puts it in context somewhat.
  4. You have to sing mine - based on my real name. Egotastic!
  5. I've said a million times, it's pronounced: 'High Purr Bu Lee'.
  6. How can you be so rude? If you are going to slate someone in this manner, at least have the courtesy to explain why you think they are wrong. You can't just bulldoze over posts like this without justification.
  7. The house opposite me (three bed semi in very desirable area) sold recently for £145K. Two more similar properties are now appearing on the market for similar asking prices. It will be interesting to see how long they are on the market for in comparison with those that are still asking for 2007 prices.
  8. Please please please be right! My ex thinks house prices are still the same as when he left two years ago, and I am in the process of buying him out. He still thinks there's £30k equity to be divided.
  9. Hi there Someone asked earlier if anybody was willing to predict next month's figures... I may have missed it, but was wondering if anyone would like to predict. I have been an avid 'lurker', reading with interest and hoping that prices will continue falling: I have an ex to buy out! I'd love to see what you think please. Am particularly keen to see what those who were bang on the money think. Cheers Juniper
  10. Should be any time soon - keep an eye out over the next week. If you sign up to them they'll email when updates take place.
  11. Hi Bes - Could you tell me how you come to this figure please? I don't know much about the world of finance, and am unsure whether it may not all go away as quickly as it started. I am hoping not, as I am looking forward to prices dipping - a third would be perfect! BTW - what is the difference between a bull and a bear, and what do each of them mean? Thank you, Juniper
  12. Hi, I have just stumbled across this site and am VERY interested to see other people's POV. I live in Midsomer Norton and am looking forward to the HPC with baited breath. Is there any evidence to support its arrival yet? Cheers from a newbie
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