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  1. I used to read the forum in an app call IPB but that stopped working with the upgrade. The forum software also used to remember the point I had read up to in existing threads. It doesn't do that now, so it's become really impractical to keep up with threads.
  2. Having lived in a house where both neighbours were obsessive gardening perfectionists I can honestly say I would rather live next door to the houses with overgrown grass and rusty motorbikes. I rented a old stone terrace for a few years. When at the viewing I was pleasantly surprised to find it has a nice little cellar, which gave me ideas of a workshop space etc. only once moved in did I realise that 9 months of the year the whole cellar flooded so badly it had several inches of water at the bottom end.
  3. They ain't a changin in east manchester. Everything newly listed is 2007 + 20% prices. And any reductions are a lot thinner on the ground than a few months ago. I think the only places selling are old boomers exchanging between themselves. The 3 bed semi I used to rent just sold for £140k. Which is about 6-7x average wage and an astronomical price for what it was. I couldn't believe it...then when I told my dad he thought it was a bargain :S (null)
  4. Stamps are such a con IMO. There was a poor sod on storage hoarders the other week who had spent thousands investing in stamps from trusted sources as a pension of sorts only to then be told the whole lot was worth a 1/10th of what he paid for some pathetic reasons. Of course the expert would be happy to buy them off him and sell them on again to some other poor sap who would only realise he's been conned in a few decades time.
  5. Still seems to be working for me but is constantly coming up with errors messages and wanting to send error reports back. Only started a couple of days ago.
  6. My gf is a planner (private sector not council) it seems councils will demand all sorts whilst the process is in motion, but once it's built they'll forget all about it. Say 'yes sir, yes sir, three bags full sir' then after the matter just rent it to agricultural workers for whatever you like. They can hardly check your bank account to see what amount the standing order is can they.
  7. 1 was a ground up restoration that's not quite ready for an mot yet. 2 others are previous commuters that you could also call 'classics' and are probably appreciating in value better than anything else I own. 4th is a parts bike that is being stripped to fix up one of the others. They'll be a lot of seasonality with bikes. sorn winter projects for example. Depends how they work out the stats, but potentially a lot of the new sorns are actually repeat sorns just because the vehicle has changed hands. The new owner then has to re-sorn it once they have the v5 even though it was already sorned. They might put this down as a new sorn because it's in a new name, or they might not. Only the dvla knows (they probably don't!) There will be a lot of vehicles that aren't even in the sorn system but also aren't taxed. Because you only have to sorn a vehicle if it has been taxed or sorned since jan 1998.
  8. Doesn't actually state "cars" it's says SORN declarations An awful lot if those will be two wheelers. For example I no longer have a car, but I do have 1 taxed motorbike and four Sorn bikes of various sizes.
  9. I've seen the same. Some bargain basement prices for pubs considering the size of them. I had presumed it was something to do with the cost of rates whilst you try to get permission to convert them etc?? One local to me was bought by the car dealership next door to it for £120k just so they could knock it down to create more forecourt space.
  10. I wouldn't go as far to say Ray mears was 'uncomfortable' whilst they gloated and ramped, but he did manage to keep his face straight and stay out of it. I'd like to think he's intelligient enough to see the irony of it. His comment of "oh I dunno, £30 million?" kind of ruined their big reveal of the £7 million price tag I thought. ....bunch of twats.
  11. You big copy (you just described my exact situation) So far so good, I get cheap board, meals and washing done they get to drink my homebrew, a handy man on tap and my fantastic company of course They'll never admit it but they like having me around......and I like being here TBH.
  12. Is everyone reading this thread 29 and living with parents? ....I'm 29 and have just moved back in with the parents btw....
  13. The reason that BTL makes my skin crawl is they have greedily eaten the bottom rungs. I have a modest income and modest savings, even in a level playing field I wouldn't be able to afford or run a large family home, which is fair enough. But what I should be able to afford is a small modest terrace in my home town. Except this is the style of home that has been raped by BTL. I don't blame anyone for wanting to invest or make money, but it's the parasitical nature of large scale BTL that makes me want them to 'rot in hell'. They should all know better. Especially the ones with children, who find themselves much the same position as me.
  14. I'm 5p up for today, but it may or may not have already been my 5p, not sure...
  15. Depends if you intend to buy a house tomorrow, in which case you're correct. To anyone else their house fund is savings + whatever they can save between now and the time of purchase. Reduce their ability to save and you've deflated their purchasing power.
  16. True to a fashion but most house funds will be an on going thing and not just a static pot of money. Let's say a year ago someone could put away £500 into his house fund per month. Over the year inflation has caused everything else he has to pay for to increase massively. He can now only afford to put away £250 a month into his house fund. That's not a problem if your pot of money is already big enough for the house you want, but most people are not in that position. They are saving up the pot whilst hoping the price of the house they want will come down to meet it. By reducing the amount that's possible to save up the goalposts are being shifted away from them again.
  17. There's the real answer! :-D I'm currently nursing a small hangover thanks to a few pints of youngs homebrew bitter (about 30p a pint) and a couple of glasses of apple mead (came out at 12%!). I've got 40 pints of stout on the brew this week as well, really looking forward to that one. Im so disappointed when I taste an expensive pub pint and know with each mouthful that even a cheap wilkos kit brew would taste miles better for a tenth of the price. The factory my brother works at employs about 100 blokes... Nearly every single one of them is brewing these days. There's a significant sector of people who've switched from the pub to meeting at each others houses to try each others brews and play Xbox.
  18. They are all being steadily nicked......so they will eventually have to replace them all anyway. So the current ad-hoc labout cost is probably more in the long run than if they organised a full scale swap.
  19. The ones who drive around here just nick all the grids. Thieving pikey s**ts. Everytime they nick some more the council has to replace them with a plastic non-nick worthy version. So that begs the question, if the metal grids are worth so much, why doesnt the council just replace them all at once and get the scrap money themselves?.
  20. It's a 'PPS7' house. Basically a planning loophole that allows you to build in the greenbelt as long as you can prove it is of exceptional architectural merit..... Make your own mind up on that one.
  21. Just a complete guess, but maybe the slk has an aluminium alloy engine block and the rav4 has a cast iron block?. In other words alimunium is a better heat conductor than iron, so the heat produced might be similar in the two engines but the heat spreads to reach the temp sensor quicker in the ally engine.
  22. Funny this should come up. I got my student loan statement in the post today. Its now up to nearly £11k. I made my first ever payment last month and depending on interest rates its probably going take me 50 years to pay back at this rate. God knows how the interest is 'really' calculated cos my statements bear no relation to any logic at all (huge variations in the figure added each month)
  23. Boo Hoo. The simple truth is a hell of alot of those dead riders only have themselves to blame.
  24. I haven't experienced any LL that I would consider nasty per se. Just general uselessness more than anything. e.g. Current LL leaves us well alone, which is preferable, but is hopeless at fixing things when needed. In my experience Agents are the ones to watch out for. Their default setting is Lies, bullsh*te, broken promises and then some more lies thrown in for good measure.
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