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  1. Thinking of buying a place. Viewed a nice, fairly small place in the country for which I would only need a mortgage of just over twice my annual income, at about 60% LTV (ignoring wife's income). Is, in my opinion (and Zoopla's), up for a 2007 price, though just reduced by 5%. They have no other interested parties and have already moved to a new property. Planning to offer 80-85% of new asking price and leave it on the table. Am aware that prices are going to slide further, but main motivation is simply that I'm bored of waiting (been coming here since 2004) and I think future drops are like
  2. Outstanding. Now all we need is a deck of cards.
  3. I'm with you on this. Almost all in cash. Scenario 4 possible, but I lack the knowledge to protect myself against this whilst also allowing for 1-3. If I knew enough about it to be confident in my actions, I'd buy some gold, but I don't. So I won't. If it all goes to the wall, I've already got the guns. Though, as you say, a man can always have more (six-barreled rotary gattling, that'll keep em out).
  4. I'm a sympathetic bloke, but as soon as I see LTVs in excess of 100% I just can't seem to find an ounce of the stuff - in what world can 125% IO have sounded like a sensible economic venture? Would have happily taken the (now illusory) proceeds from appreciation, so now suck up the losses.
  5. Where's the beard gone? I liked her better when she was hirsute.
  6. I'm sure that their low score for aesthetic appeal is more than compensated for by the high quality, durable materials used in their construction. Certain of it in fact. Add to that sticks in a vase in every room and you're living the dream.
  7. Be sure to let us know when your house sells for the amount you think it is worth (rather than Zoopla's 'under-valuation').
  8. Print some more money and buy some more of each others debt. Didn't work before, but I'm sure this time it will be just the job. I have had to give up caring, because, as my old boss would have said, "I'm so angry I've got [email protected] chest pain".
  9. Think the realisation is slowly happening. Brother looking to buy in the West Mids - asking prices on terrace houses have fallen 10-15% this year where he's looking. He's still not biting though. Parents put a cheeky offer in on a place for just over £500,000 - over 20% off original asking price last year. Owners refused then came back saying they would try to barter down the new build they wanted. Parents offer just accepted. Could have got more off, in my opinion, but they are sick of renting. The people who have been telling me to buy for years have gone awfully quiet. Edited to add:
  10. Nobody fails because the kids nowadays are far sharper. We're evolving into a super-race don't you know - just talk to the average 18 year old on the street and you'll see that.
  11. No problem. But you could at least administer the reach around.
  12. Stop trying to ruin Mr. Brown's recovery. Are you a toff or something? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/8434137.stm
  13. Expected result given the lag between Lenders' figures and LR figures.
  14. Ah, but those are 'executive' dead twigs. You can't put a price on executive twigs.
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