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  1. A relative had this installed via British Gas this spring and it's been generating revenue at almost twice the predicted rate, although obviously this will drop off in the next few months. British Gas initially tried to query the meter readings but were given short shrift.
  2. Ive got to this a bit late, but I was struck by the presenter's descriptions of the pair. She was a "qualified office worker", but couldn't you say that about anyone with reasonable numeracy and literacy? And he was an "engineer", but it sounded more like he was a mechanic or engineering worker. I'm not an engineer but I hate seeing the term used sloppily.
  3. Two-bed mainsonette with gas heating and hob, warmth helped by having a flat underneath, probably 500 quid in the last year. Have just dumped British Gas for Co-op Energy. Nearly stung last year by an estimated bill for about five times the usual quarterly amount, would have caused current account problems if we had been on direct debit.
  4. I don't know Nottingham, but I remember a TV programme about three years ago on the perils of BTL which used it as an example. IIRC a lot of people had bought flats to cash in on the student market, but not done their homework and bought in an area the university wouldn't put on its own lists because of the local crime level. I think it was quite a narrow area and of course that may have changed by now.
  5. I thought there was a reference to them having been there four years? My lewd and uncharitable thought was that, er, bedroom activities upstairs might literally have risked bringing the house down around their ears and that this was why they had moved into the front room. I was also wondering what the rules are about condemned buildings. This one really did look as if it could collapse at any time - foundry waste used as aggregate in 150-year-old concrete and now rusting away! - and if it did it would fall straight into the street. Would the programme makers' surveyors have a professional obligation to inform the local authority? Or was the risk exaggerated for effect? Every couple so far has had to go way over budget, suspect the fee for taking part comes in handy. Even if the programme makers funded the whole thing I suspect the costs would still be peanuts compared to those for an hour of TV drama.
  6. Not a million miles from Streatham High Road, pronounced the most dangerous high street in Britain a few years ago. Yet another set of Rightmove photos with not a book in view. I suspect all these self-store places are full of books and bookcases deposited by people wanting to make tiny properties appear bigger.
  7. "buy to let investors are as a class likely to be richer and more commercially astute than people who buy to occupy and therefore could be regarded as more likely to obtain and more able to afford an independent survey or valuation;" Is this an up to date perception? The law doesn't seem to recognize the notion of "buy-to-let rank amateur".
  8. I read the explanation, but it seems to me to lack logic. On a domestic purchase the duty of care is there because it's the roof over the borrower's head, but a bad choice in BTL could equally wind up costing the borrower the roof over his own head. This could be made more likely by wildly inflated valuation of the BTL, but nothing can stick to the lender. Seems perverse.
  9. OTOH delighted to see BTL greedsters getting their comeuppance, but I can't see the logic in saying there was a different level of duty of care, in this case none. Particularly coupled with lenders' readiness to dish out "liar loans". What am I missing here?
  10. I was thinking of the UK, and if there was one specific year. The 60s as a decade is a no-brainer, I would have thought. I'm thinking about the greatest contentment for the greatest number of people. I believe 1067 was a bad year for Saxons.
  11. I've been wondering if there was a single "golden year" before and after which times were never quite as good, prosperous or contentment-generating? (I was born in 1955.) My guess is 1965, or is it just nostalgia?
  12. The bits that too often seem to get left out of the equation are: a) how many of these people will actually have jobs between the ages of 60 and 66? to what extent will those who do have jobs hanging on to them create unemployment in younger age groups?
  13. The rear extension was there when they bought it. I didn't get the timescale - had all that mold developed literally over the course of one winter? It appeared they could smell it when entering the room.
  14. This is the same mindset as the woman who had her hand out to her neighbours in the (admittedly badly flawed) BBC programme where a street supposedly went wthout council services. She is spending a fifth of her entirely benefit-derived income on unspecified "therapies"??? WTF???
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