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  1. Try www.repossessedhousesforsale.co.uk I subscribe to there email list.
  2. Thanks Webmaster had a good night again, sorry I was late. Maybe next time we will wear those T-shirts (I told you so!) All the best to all who attended including financial planner who could not stay the pace! Cheers Big AL
  3. Maybe you didn't live through the last one? - I Did!
  4. Oh No not an Invision Power Board Crash - Thats the start of the HPC! Mark my words! 2/3/06 at 9PM
  5. Many thanks for all the replies – especially those of support, I certainly started something here! (Dr Bubb you know I’m not a Troll, we spoke at the Hatchet!) Anyway I think whilst there is no easy answer, its defiantly a emotional not a financial issue as Bubb says. To answer a few of the posters: • sincerely mate - its another man Its definitely not anyone else involved (She is a home bird and never goes out, there is no evidence of this, phone calls text etc) • fwiw - I can see why she's unhappy - £750 a month is a lot of rent - £750 maybe a lot in rent (Dead money) but we have effec
  6. Thanks Charlie I will buy you a drink at the Hatchet next time! - we can both discuss the issue over a beer!
  7. It was a little by good fortune in that we had to be out of the old house quickly and I suggested that having been on HPC for 12 months or so (And the fact we got burnt in the 89 - 95 crash) we should 'maybe' rent 'for a while' she took some convincing! Not at all - we now live within our means - We earn OK!
  8. OK thanks just putting exhust pipe .........!!!!!!!!
  9. It’s a sad old world; I was happily married 9 months ago. About 3 months ago my wife started being ‘off’ with me and it’s deteriorated since. She would not tell me what ‘was was up’ – But its not another Man! She just announced today she wants a divorce. Why? – Because all her friends and family ‘and mine apparently!’ have been telling her we are idiots for renting and that we are crazy and are throwing money away. (£750 per month for 4 bed detached in nice new area, ) I said to her, we have made more money this year than we would be staying in our old home (See below) – She just said
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