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  1. Try www.repossessedhousesforsale.co.uk I subscribe to there email list.
  2. Thanks Webmaster had a good night again, sorry I was late. Maybe next time we will wear those T-shirts (I told you so!) All the best to all who attended including financial planner who could not stay the pace! Cheers Big AL
  3. Maybe you didn't live through the last one? - I Did!
  4. Oh No not an Invision Power Board Crash - Thats the start of the HPC! Mark my words! 2/3/06 at 9PM
  5. Many thanks for all the replies – especially those of support, I certainly started something here! (Dr Bubb you know I’m not a Troll, we spoke at the Hatchet!) Anyway I think whilst there is no easy answer, its defiantly a emotional not a financial issue as Bubb says. To answer a few of the posters: • sincerely mate - its another man Its definitely not anyone else involved (She is a home bird and never goes out, there is no evidence of this, phone calls text etc) • fwiw - I can see why she's unhappy - £750 a month is a lot of rent - £750 maybe a lot in rent (Dead money) but we have effectively lived rent free for 9 months and netted more in the bank by investing. • Why don't you just point out to her that if she divorces you, neither one of you will be able to buy a house True if we divorce it kind of makes the financial advantages gained so for seem irrelevant. NB two homes will be needed then for the same income! • Is your missus normally a bit feisty? – No she is very calm rarely goes off on one. • Ring relate and get marriage counselling before you do anything – Good idea, those guys are great at counselling. • Print a few thousand HPC "When rent is not dead money" flyers and get her to hand them out to her clients - She thinks we are all a bunch of nutters!, don’t think that would work! • I’ve tried to get my wife to visit this site and read, but she doesn’t seem interested – Ditto! • Regarding Dr Bubbs posts and all who replied to him,- , thanks for comments, its all very useful and interesting I will formulate a plan and put it to her. I think the general observations are that it needs to be a balanced agreed approach, one that we can both buy into. Thanks again and will keep you all informed. PS Anyone know any good dating web sites! Big AL
  6. Thanks Charlie I will buy you a drink at the Hatchet next time! - we can both discuss the issue over a beer!
  7. It was a little by good fortune in that we had to be out of the old house quickly and I suggested that having been on HPC for 12 months or so (And the fact we got burnt in the 89 - 95 crash) we should 'maybe' rent 'for a while' she took some convincing! Not at all - we now live within our means - We earn OK!
  8. OK thanks just putting exhust pipe .........!!!!!!!!
  9. It’s a sad old world; I was happily married 9 months ago. About 3 months ago my wife started being ‘off’ with me and it’s deteriorated since. She would not tell me what ‘was was up’ – But its not another Man! She just announced today she wants a divorce. Why? – Because all her friends and family ‘and mine apparently!’ have been telling her we are idiots for renting and that we are crazy and are throwing money away. (£750 per month for 4 bed detached in nice new area, ) I said to her, we have made more money this year than we would be staying in our old home (See below) – She just said its not about money, she does not feel that it is a home to her, she hates it and wants a house that we own! – She cannot stand the constant hassle she gets from friends and her clients at the Beauty salon she owns and runs. So the threat is, we buy in 2006 (In fact she has already seen the house she wants!) or it’s the end of our 17 year marriage! My answer: I tried to say: We are so lucky, many of our friends are up to their necks in debt (As we were 9 months ago) and we have no worries and a great life (2 holidays aboard, Sky TV! ‘ full package!’ – every comfort you could wish for and more!) Also how many people look at us in envy the fact that we got £80K for just living in a house for 5 years! Keep up to date with this thread for daily updates on our situation (Should be better than Corry!) In order to make the remainder easy to read I will list bullet points of my life story • Married with 2 fantastic kids 16 and 10 • Sold our last house March 05 and made £80K Profit (in 5 years) • Moving into rented house (STR) • Paid off debts / loans etc etc – now completely debt free (Can sleep at night!) • Invested the remainder and showing 20% returns since then. • My plans were to keep reading Dr. Bubs posts and ‘keep out’ of the coming storm whilst protecting my family from its wake! I am not asking for advice as I will have to make some important decisions based on human emotions – this is the dam problem with this Housing situation, its screwing up lives! – There are more important things to worry about in life! Happy new year to all – Hope it had a better start than mine!
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