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  1. Just had a search around my area and if you're willing to go back to school the prices aren't bad. Pretty sure there's a catch somewhere. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/student-accommodation/property-39164376.html
  2. I haven't done much saving and was actually pinning my hopes for the Technological Singularity to arrive in time so I can upload my consciousness into the digital ether.
  3. Anyone have any figures for a number of BTL properties vs OO around these parts? Be nice to know if this market has any leg to stand on when rich foreigners and the London effect are removed from the equation.
  4. That's not too far of the mark from Pension Credit and that's available means-tested irrespective of NIC you've paid. Can't say I'll be disappointed with that if I decide to swan of around the world and return in time to collect it or something similar.
  5. I think there is a tendency for mortgagees to think that once you've sign on the dotted line, the house is as good as yours and repossession is something that happens to other folks like scummy renters. If it was completely risk free, we would have all bought a house or 2 by now.
  6. Do anyone here seriously believe that those who have not made any provisions be left out completely?
  7. There's your problem right there. If you had those things, you would have already gotten yourself a big mortgage and 'move on in life', becoming blissfully ignorant of any events around you. You'll notice a pattern here with many of the long term bears with large deposits eventually caving and buying because of their other half. I'm reminded of a sketch many years ago when the comedian quip that a man would raise his family in a cardboard box if he was permitted to.
  8. So, how common is it for the average 30+ to have over 200k in cold hard cash?
  9. Have I just stepped into another dimension? Since when was rising house prices lauded as a worrying thing?
  10. How much longer can this go on for? Looks like our rulers won't be satisfied until every single penny goes towards rent or mortgage payment and we have to make do with nettle soups. Witness all the articles and programming teaching people how to frugal in all areas of life. Everything except when it comes to haggling on bricks and mortar. If we got sensible prices there's no need to pat yourself on back for spending 5 hours a day cutting coupons.
  11. Can't say I blame them. Load up on debt, scream murder when bill due, go bankrupt, wait a few years. Rinse, Repeat.
  12. I have NI gaps throughout my working life and was thinking about whether it would be worth covering these as I still have decades of working time to relish or more when the goalpost s moved again. If zero-hours are here to stay this could be a problem. (thinking about a japanese style decade long deflation with automation replacing jobs I use to do). Look up ESA but is for ill and disabled, I might be a bit thick and I don't think I qualify.
  13. Are those unemployed but can't claim JSA >16k savings left out in the lurch? Will stamps be paid when sanctioned?
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