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  1. Have others noticed how many of the shops have rounded prices back up,following the VAT cut. A 99.99 item in my local electrical shop dropped to £97.50 ish,but now seems to have gone back to 99.99,no doubt in January they will have a big poster outside saying "we are not implementing the VaT rise".
  2. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/1251547.stm The house was sold in 2001 for £570k. dave
  3. Following the 5 % price rises in January,Ford have announce another £500-£800 on New Fiestas from 31 March.
  4. Does anybody recall the great Martin telling all the sheeple to buy inflation bonds late last year,as they would get the equivalent of 10 % interest ,for top tax payers,of course thats when inflation was 5%. Theres going to be a lot of hugging needed when they all find out they have only got 1 % interest for the whole year!
  5. Im only comparing with a real situation,rather than possibilities. When rover went down PWC had 35,000 pre built Rover cars to shift, Did you see any firesales of Rovers? They held them back,releasing small batches every month,admitidly it took 2 years to shift them,but they did . The cost of storage is almost nil in the big scheme of things, Why would the liquidators want to sell them off quickly and at big losses,they get more paydays the longer they stretch out the process and make themselves look better by returning more money.
  6. Sorry mate but it wont happen like that,think back to the collapse of Rover,the Liquidators just carried on selling all the pre built cars through selected dealers,no Auction houses involved, Prices remained within 10-15% of the pre collapse prices.
  7. http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/best_deals/item.htm?id=5693 From 3rd February, Vauxhall is offering new car buyers a five per cent cashback on new models purchased with its already generous zero per cent finance schemes. ‘You Pay, We Pay’ means that buyers of most new Astras, Zafiras, Merivas and Tigras can walk into their nearest Vauxhall dealership, choose either a two, three or four-year nought percent interest package through GMAC and receive a big fat cheque equivalent to five per cent of the sum financed when they take delivery of their new car. Better still, buyers who are keen to part w
  8. From tomorrow,buy a vauxhall,pay no deposit,4 years interest free and get a 5 % cashback cheque!
  9. Diesel has gone up in the North West by 2-3 p over the last week.
  10. S Hall the merseyside and cheshire peugeot car dealers called in recievers at lunchtime today.
  11. [quote name='interestrateripoff' date='Jan 7 2009, 01:44 PM' post='1570071' I wonder how many other "services" are being provided in this way? There is a similar situation in south manchester,one passenger train a week travels from stockport to stalybridge (one way),thus avoiding all the enquires and parlimentary acts to close the line,this has been happening for about 10 years now.
  12. A lot of the Motorpoint low miles stock (esp Ford and vauxhall)are ex rental and ex driving school cars, The main Hire companies are part owned by the car makers and are a very convenient place to place new cars which cant be sold,thus releasing low mileage 3-6 month old cars into the marketplace,this process keeps the factories in full production and creates economies of scale . The two big driving schools now use astras and focus models,you will note they are never more than 3 months old,so when you buy your low miles car at m/p with one owner,just consider how many drivers its had. Ano
  13. They will all be jobs connected to the olympics,programme sellers,burger sellers,traffic wardens etc.
  14. If You have a read of last Septembers firstgroup report,you find this,which at the time was perhaps a good idea,but not now! Fuel hedging In the UK, 100% of the Group’s current year exposure to crude oil prices (2.7m barrels p.a.) is hedged at $76 per barrel. In North America 100% of current year ‘at risk’ volumes (2.4m barrels p.a.) are hedged at $84 per barrel. In North America the Group’s exposure relates only to those requirements not covered by pass through or escalation clauses in contracts. For 2009/10 in the UK, 100% of the Group’s exposure is hedged at $111 per barrell
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