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  1. ? From the same article above: http://www.clivemaund.com/gmu.php?art_id=68&date=2013-02-24
  2. You want to restrict it to this particular forum? OK. This posted in mid November predicting the likelihood of a further correction in metals. Happy with that? By the way, I put my money where my mouth is. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=166794&st=4500
  3. You have missed the point, which I posted earlier. The long term chart outlines the long term trend. It can not, and should not, predict what will happen in the immediate term. Whether the price increases or decreases in the immediate term is irrelevant. As for predicting the short/ medium term move in the metals, shorter term charts should be used for this with the long term trend in mind. As linked in a previous post, this current downward move was correctly predicted using that method. Comprendo? http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=9164&st=360
  4. On a continuum running from short term to long term predictions, the shorter the term the less likelihood of being right - you may as well just throw a coin. It's the more medium term predictions which are more interesting where with the long term trend in mind compared with the present price, you have more chance of success in predicting a spike or a correction. Then of course these markets provide the opportunity to profit from volatility, and then decide whether you want to denominate gains in dollars or silver.
  5. No fanciful technology required. Just a brief perusal of the trend on long term charts. 200MA looking solid.
  6. Yes, always salutary to remember that 'society' is on the one hand a grand abstraction, and on the other a rough slouching beast. There's no point in bemoaning our life because of it. At the end of the day life is to be lived, and the unexamined one is not worth living. There is no knowledge but virtue. There is no wealth but life.
  7. All the better to buy the more volatile silver then. Three years ago it was half the price it is today.
  8. Well, I posted a long term chart looking at the long term trend. It can go either way in the short term. Actually, at the same time yesterday, I posted on the likelihood of a downward move in the short term here. Not bad eh? : http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=9164&st=360#entry268598
  9. Don't feed the troll people. Back on topic. With not a dint in the 200MA, gold looking ready to strengthen again after this period of consolidation.
  10. I thought it was quite direct enough, and explains why you have never posted that gold/ silver might be correcting. The zealot knows only oine way... up, up, up. That said, there is a good chance the price will strengthen here. It's all guess-work in the immediate term especially with short-term charts; people read what they want into them. It's only only the longer term charts that trends can be objectively read, and the cup, three quarter formed, is pretty clear.
  11. There's always a chance. But then if it's about promoting the 'cause', that will be ignored.
  12. Forget the straight line, think of a cup. With silver previously dipping to 26 a few times, there's a very good chance of it doing so once again.
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