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  1. Get a life..? And while your at it buy one of the 30% houses that you keep seeing - they don't exist by me!? Dumb plonker!
  2. it is.. go and buy a bargain... where are they? Not one!
  3. I bet they will.. oooh missus.. my c*ck door has never been so knocked... u sure it's renterbob and not rentaknob!? You couldn't make it up.. we're going to hell in a hand cart!
  4. They'd soon identify you as a c*ck though?
  5. I think you'll find that if an EA gets the seller to agree a good price they'll shout it from the roof tops while things are slow - think it through...
  6. 50K but no where to live doesn't sound like wealth to me - but yes any money does just run through some peoples fingers.. that's why everyone has a newer car than me - makes me laugh!
  7. They do it if there are well priced houses going on that might trip-up a few sales that are already in place but haven't completed..!
  8. Totally agree - no wonder these kiddies are skint!
  9. It wasn't called a crisis in 2006 when prices were at 2006 levels - it was called a boom - so why the bullsh*t about prices 'crashing' now?
  10. Now it's been on here forget it! Look at the mentality that abounds here - they'll be straight on to the council out of envy.
  11. How do you 'know' it's even been done up? I'd keep schtum - it was that way when you found it... always been that way..
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