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  1. Why is that any different to not putting 'Guide Price' or 'Offers in the Region of' in the first place. Does it mean they are more open to offers?
  2. Doesn't this familiar? It won't be long now mania_hpijuly.bmp mania_hpijuly.bmp
  3. BMW have themselves to blame. They had a good car last year and could have won the championship but decided to spend money on this years car and KERS (hybrid electric drive) instead which turned out to be c**p. With the dire car sales to boot and no results to show for the millions spent they threw in the towel just like Honda. They have been comprehensively shat on by Mercedes in the past few years as well so that must feel really good! The problem is that Renault are in the same boat and if they pull out there could be problems. Yes there has been a huge bubble in F1 but it looks like it lags the rest of the economy so it will therefore lag whenever (or if ever) there is a recovery
  4. I have just had another trawl through today and yet more reductions and STC to Available. A few more weeks of this and i think we're back on again..
  5. Agreed. These people just cannot accept that their properties are not be worth as much as they would like them to be.
  6. 84% of naff all is 1.84xnaff all = a bit more than naff all
  7. I have noticed a definite increase in price drops in the Midlands in the last week as well as a significant increase in 'STC' returning to 'Available' My view is that we have ended the 'return to normal' phase and started, although tentatively, the next leg down. Sellers who haven't exchanged yet have now missed out although I guess the majority don't know it yet.
  8. On a brighter note, as I posted on the main thread, ive not seen many price drops on Property Bee for ages, till last week that is, then they started again. I have definitely noticed a change in the last week. More drops are becoming evident as well as more STC to Available The lower the price (although my lower price is not that low) the greater the proportion of drops. Looks like it is starting at the bottom and spreading upwards to the more stubbon/delusional vendors. Lets hope its the end of that annoying 'return to normal' phase.
  9. The strange thing is that it has happened today. It feels as if its the other way around, like try and make an offer??
  10. Just noticed today that loads of houses have changed to 'Guide price' from just the normal asking price. This is not just one agent, its many of them. Anybody got reasons for this?
  11. I'm still seeing far too many houses go under offer. Don't know what price and can't be sure if they will actually go through. The Nationwide news must affect the sheeple's views. New to market prices appear to be based on bull trap values. How long will this realistically go on?
  12. Does anybody have a link to show exactly how these figures are calculated?
  13. Depends what you want to believe http://timesbusiness.typepad.com/money_web...years-time.html At the moment its 70% going down
  14. "I think we could well be in the third phase where house prices start to bottom out and buyers start showing interest again." Mr Bond admitted house prices would probably take up to two years to recover fully. ---------- He's at it again! Totally deluded. So by 2011 we'll have the same prices as 2007. I guess if he says it enough he'll believe it!
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