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  1. Good plan, I am doing the same right now. My average cost per oz silver is 22-23£. I have sold approx 150 oz silver for average £35 mainly from eBay listings but when people send their best offer prices to me I just contact them and do the transaction out of eBay by bank transfer and cheque which means no fees. So I clear £35 per oz. I have bought three 1oz gold pamp suisse bars so far and will by two more at the end of the week. This will leave my collection with 60 oz silver 5oz gold
  2. I bought one ounce of gold by selling 27 maples so my ratio is 27-1 it's what you can buy and sell that determines your own silver gold ratio
  3. You got any pics? Email me I may be interested. downs523@hotmail.co.uk
  4. Just wondering what you guys will do when you sell your silver or gold collection with the proceeds? As my stack is only at 200 oz silver I think when I sell it will go towards a deposit for a new house, maybe in 3-5 years. But who knows... Depends how high it goes.....
  5. Hi, I was a poster on the MSE silver thread, it was great, full of information, realized I have been a member on here since 2008 and stumbled across this thread so hi every one and hopefully we can start a new " silver bullion for investment thread" on here!!
  6. hey guys, old thread but has anyone bought from coininvestdirect?? i can see vat is included in their price at 17.5% for uk, if i buy will i get stung via customs or have any import fees to pay? or is what i see on the site what i pay? thanks, chris
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