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  1. Like I said, if things were that bad, people would be leaving Russia in their millions. They arent. What little emigration there is is due to central asian guestworkers returning home. Yes, their economy is contracting. But we cant gloat. The last ten years in the UK has seen purchasing power decline. Putin can't do much about the global commodities and oil crash, now can he.
  2. Its called 'Politics' Guess what, it happens here too.
  3. By being very popular with the electorate... http://www.cbsnews.com/news/romney-earned-zero-votes-in-some-urban-precincts/ Unless the USA is not a "modern, low crime, prosperous and free country"
  4. Yes, and Journalists are in fear of their lives in Russia too. errr... http://darussophile.com/2012/05/russian-journalists-are-far-safer-than-mexican-journalists-ordinary-russians-and-their-own-counterparts-under-yeltsin/ I don't know what drives your personal vendetta against Putin, but he has transformed Russia into a modern, low crime, improved health first world economy. Yes, there are democratic concerns, but no more than your typical Labour controlled inner city ward in the UK.
  5. Don't believe the lies. If life in Putins Russia was so bad, there would be mass emigrations. Thats what CIA stooges in the MSM have been trying to tell us, but the true figures tell a different story. The fact is, far more people are leaving the parts of the EU the ECB has hung out to dry. Italy, Greece, Spain. While Putin is rebuilding Russia into a top three power, the EU and ECB are turning Europe into a place where the qualified leave and/or get concentrated into a few city states like London, the regions being filled with 3rd world 'refugees' of dubious intent. But facts are facts, and Vladislav Inozemtsev’s figure of 400,000 Russian net emigrants in 2015 are in the realm of pure fantasy. Russia’s total migration balance remains positive (whether that in itself is a good or bad thing is a debate for another day), so its number of net emigrants is actually negative. Even assuming this was a simple definitional mistake, I do not even see how he could have arrived at a total emigration figure of 400,000 even going by official statistics – the great bulk of which, lest we not forget, now essentially consist of tallying back-and-forth movements between Russia and its neighbors in Ukraine, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. http://www.unz.com/akarlin/nth-wave-of-russian-emigration/
  6. Greece 'out japans' Japan. Stock market lowest since 1990. And thats before debts needing refinanced in the late spring/summer
  7. What a dreary looking house for half a million. Looks about £200k. Maybe.
  8. I highly disagree. Arrogant Eurocrats might say thats why theyre indespensible, but the real reason is science, ie the nuclear deterrent. Even if that was absent, there is as much animosity (very similar in fact) between the east asian nations owing to WW2 hostilities, and, aside from grandstanding (which nonetheless to some degree exists also between Russia and the EU today), no war between Japan, China, and Korea. They have achieved peace without spending a cumulative few trillion over the decades on their own version of the EU. Think about it. Imperial Japan was very similar to Germany in their irredentist ambitions. China very similar to Russia in the vast loss of lives, and the post war North/South Korea similar to East/West Germany. War is only likely when 1) people are starving and will launch an uprising. and 2) people have religion, ie Islam, and they don't fear death. War will not happen on the scale of WW2 in europe because of these factors. The EU is simply looking for a reason to exist. It has none. Besides, even if you believed that, it worked until the fall of the USSR as the common market. Whats with all the extra centralization of power since then. Todays EU is NOT the EEC of 1980.
  9. ...and the young generally vote for big spending parties who want to mortgage off more of their futures more quickly. Go figure, people vote against their own interests. Its also a pretty myopic way to translate voter trends. Suffice to say incredibly insulting. Some of the most intelligence people I know never went to university. Just because we shove 50% or whatever into university now, compared to 20% or so a generation ago, it doesnt make todays generation magically more intelligent. Brainwashed in some cases, yes. Free of life experience outside of the academic echo chamber, yes. Can't say I ever gained any 'wisdom' attending university. If anything I've spent the last 10 years trying to unlearn the ******** I was 'taught' there. (ie business and economics degree, graduated in 2006, any mention of debt and the lecturers quickly wanted to move on)
  10. i reckon so. old house, but no sales records for that street prior to 2008. getting rid of housing stock for a market rate before gidiot forces them to at a lower rate?
  11. Perhaps not surprising. 30 years ago people were thinking of living somewhere like this... Nowadays, something like this... (by cambridge railway station. 500k ish prices) Looks like stalinist russia to me, but what do I know.
  12. Generally most americans seem to be elated and noisy or angry and noisy and not much in between.
  13. theres always wolverhampton, enoch powells old stomping ground semi at 29k http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-39666753.html detached at 34k http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-39666522.html
  14. Housing is priced at the margin. I guess how beneficial the crash will be to people depends on its duration as much as its depth. In the 1990s, prices went from £64k to £50k quickly and stayed there for 5 years, so many saved themselves a fair bit. I guess like prices going from £190k to £150k today...although wages/purchasing power rose from 1989 to 1995. That hasnt happened since 2008, so really prices should fall far further.
  15. I noticed this come up today. Sold at auction last summer for £115k. Renovation started, however back for auction again, guided £115k. Maybe a BTLer figuring the sums dont stack up... Last summer http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html?prop=47790430&sale=54201920&country=england today http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-57680615.html The fens can be odd when it comes to prices. Lots of cheap stuff in relation to the rest of the country, but some stuff sells for a bit more. This looks similar and fetched 140k in the depths of 2009 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html?prop=15445868&sale=40644959&country=england
  16. I think petrol duty will go up, what with the 'cheap' current prices.
  17. Honestly though, i think we will see some actual tax rises and actual spending cuts filter through. The BTL clampdown and pensions limits are just the start. Sterling is weak, americans unlikely to do more easing, gidiot out of options.
  18. So basically they are saying everything a business doesnt do should be liable for tax too?! Okey dokey.
  19. SUBDIVIDE! See that wardrobe over there? Thats a 'cosy sleeping area' The broomcupboard? Another bedroom. The wheelie bin store? Same.
  20. SUBDIVIDE! See that wardrobe over there? Thats a 'cosy sleeping area' The broomcupboard? Another bedroom. The wheelie bin store? Same.
  21. errrr.... Stop looking at nominal inflation, and look at real inflation (purchasing power). In the period 2010-2014 people look to have lost 10% of their purchasing power. I don't care what nominal inflation is. It could be -10%. If purchasing power is decreasing more, there is too much credit bidding up prices.
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