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  1. Probably inherited lots of land or something? ...arent "farms" exempt from inheritance tax...IIRC thats what the hollywood types do in the US. Buy up a massive ranch, farm about 2 chickens, and use as a tax free store of wealth.
  2. Cambridge is mostly foreigners and Londoners. Local paper had some stats a few months back showing the percentage of locals is falling. One of their articles... http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/Net-migration-Cambridge-rest-UK-8211-fuelling/story-26824882-detail/story.html 130 people did move in from Manchester in 12 months though! I do know one guy who bought in Cambridge (arbury, sorry, orchard park) in the last year. He is of the view cambridge is where London was 15/20 years ago and his 250/300k flat will be worth the best part of a million in a decade or so...I wouldnt pay that to overlook the A14 sound barrier... Instinctively that seems insane to me. Cambridge doesnt have the silly money banking stuff. Then again, maybe neither San-francisco/silicon valley, and that area went from being a backwater to most expensive in US, so what do I know. Also know of a brother and sister who inherited some ex-LA semi in Trumpington. sold for 600k to two foreign (indian?) doctors. Seems insane to me. I recall during the Crash a similar semi in Trumpington sold for £138k at auction. If you want to get out of London though, but commute in, where do you go? Luton/Slough/Wycombe/Aylesbury/Reading are really quite heavily Islamic nowadays, might put off people raising kids/looking at schools. Harlow/Stevenage/Crawley/Guildford/MK new towns/not 'cultural' Colchester is a bit rough. Chelmsford or Maidstone as costly as cambridge, without the cultural stuff. Northamptonshire for some reason typically costs 50% more for season tickets to London despite being similar time to commute as Cambridge. If you want to leave London but want the catchet of living somewhere, you're limited to Cambridge/Brighton/Oxford really.
  3. While I still don't think we'll leave, a lot of articles seem to be preparing for the possibility we might. What I interpret it as is 'if we leave and the skies don't fall (which they won't) we in the media are going to look rather silly with all the scaremongering.; Bloomberg seems to have gone from a 'if Brexit happens we're doomed' output to 'no big deal' within the last month. Articles like this http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-04-05/-brexit-no-barrier-to-u-k-stock-valuations-at-record-premium
  4. Yup. If you don't mind the less 'traditional' look of 70s houses, 1980 seems about when things started going downhill with regards to plot sizes (particularly parking) and room sizes. Since about 1910, terraces were being replaced with semis, suburbia was born and kept going thru to the 70s. Then Thatchers deregulation begun. Asset bubbles got going, land values went through the roof and the modern 'cul de sac' replaced the street. 70s cul de sacs seemed to be more street like, with proper pavements and verges.
  5. Don't most Scandinavians tend to have a villa type thing in the country to escape to though? Or is that another post-war halcyon days era generational goody that seems to have disappeared in a puff of 21st century smoke?
  6. Probably correct. The yanks seem to favour seizing property assets from Iranians, less so Israeli's...because, uh, terrrrrrismmm. http://www.unz.com/article/justice-is-blind/
  7. Not sure if its quite this bad nationwide or just in my current local authority, East Cambridgeshire. I guess you can expect claustrophobic streets in city centres, or student villages, but rural towns and villages, on developments of supposedly 'family homes'? 8 houses built on one previous home. Gardens all of 10 foot deep. Parking, sure you get a garage which probably wont fit a car, and a space that again, probably wont fit a car. https://www.google.com/maps/@52.3935293,0.2460514,3a,90y,163.69h,79.22t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s0CkNQcvhK7o8v84Kylhx_A!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 Or 4 'family homes' in the back gardens of 2 ex-local authority semis. You get a carport in this instance, presumably if it was a garage, your doors wouldnt open. I guess you have to reverse all the way up to the main road, i'm not sure how you could turn your car around if the neighbours had cars in their 'driveways' https://www.google.com/maps/@52.2723251,0.3330618,3a,60y,326.28h,78.1t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s6xwcvZOYTIBZlVo2A692EA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 I thought plot sizes were bad in the 80s and 90s. Since then, they seem to have taken away what little parking you got, shoved rooms in attics and done away with footpaths too.
  8. Mate of a mate just dropped 300k on a flat in what was once the 'cheap' bit of Cambridge. Above a Kebab shop, dual carriageway below too. You can sometimes hear people fighting, streets often smell of urine. Its like peoples standards have gone out the window over the past 15 decades. Some of this I blame on foreigners lowering the standard of living. They dont tend to have high expectations, and so drag down what providers can get away with. But its also that native people cant remember how things were pre-new labour that gets me. Not having to run a daily gauntlet of gypsy beggars and hustlers for starters. Not getting endless scam phone calls from India or Nigeria. I honestly struggle to see how, other for the elite jet-setting few, globalization has benefitted the 80%+ born and 90%+ of us who will die in this country.
  9. Whats the story on varoufakis? Was he a plant? The MSM always took too much of a shine to him for my liking. Very strange. A 'renegade' who the globalists like. Something was up. Richie Allen alludes to this at 27:30. Varoufakis was not to be trusted. He is advising Corbyn now. Which disturbs me further. I suggest it was NOT at Corbyns request.
  10. Well, I can see where they get 20k of the 245k from. But the other 225k, im scratching my head. https://www.quick-garden.co.uk/residential-log-cabin-langon-66mm-107m-uk-2.html
  11. yup. 'Predatory capitalism' (is there any other type!?) gets the blame. The mongs who infest local government, exonerated.
  12. Perhaps different for urban authorities, but the LA here (mostly rural) has shitloads of land it keeps trying to sell and develop (typically rebutted by nimbys). If they even sell a fraction of it I guess their pensions are sorted.
  13. Don't really buy it. HPI was stalled until Gidiot started with his help to buy and other 'initiatives' Hardly austerity type programs. Whether or not there is austerity in some areas (local govt is the only one I can find), it isnt in the housing or construction sector, where there have been numerous 'stimulus' programs. Then we have interest rates. Deliberately not raised in the inflation blip of 2010-2013. That would have cut off any HPI from 2012. The article is politicized nonsense IMO. He's trying to apply this vague 'austerity' term (which no one ever actually defines. Its about as tangible as the 'trickle down economics' zeitgeist) to some specific outcome. Doesnt work like that. Specific policies are keeping housing unaffordable.
  14. What does the Bristol economy do, other than students. Cambridge area seems to have no end of m4 corridor transplants saying business has turned to crap down there over the past few years.
  15. Tbh, new builds have got so pokey now, a caravan isnt a bad alternative.
  16. Probably just appealing to her vanity when he mentions 'career' It is Teresa May after all.
  17. Must have a lot of money. The council round here is trying to sell its land holding for development (not much success, full of nimbys and the clowncillors seem to pick land for sale nowhere near them, raising accusations of their own nimbyism) presumably to fund pensions or something.
  18. The ones with a convenient location (ie motorway services) always seem busy. The town centre ones seem a lot quieter nowadays.
  19. Lets have an additional tax on sedentary office based jobs too, why not. Never saw many fat coal miners, farm hands or steel workers.
  20. Last sold for £93,000 in 2002. 51 acres of land. Not particularly great quality. Outside of the land bubble, id pay maybe £3k an acre, tops. Its a pretty ramshackle looking place in the middle of knowhere. Half the rooms have ceiling heights for hobbits only. Id value it at £350k. Maybe. If I was feeling generous.
  21. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/syed-kamall-mep-leave-eu-david-cameron-renegotiation-a6925241.html So the man cameron appoints to represent the tory party in the Europarl, the man who has to deal with the Eurocrats on a daily basis, comes out in favour of leaving Yes, that doesnt make Camerons position of no Brexit at any price seem a tad bonkers.
  22. Good thing there are probably only about four 23 year old single mothers employed as teachers, I guess! I wonder how many hours it took them pouring through hundreds of unlikely scenarios to find that one?
  23. Yep. Its a shame to see my previously uniform, low density area with green lawns and trees incrementally be replaced by 3 story 'townhouses' about 3 inches from the kerb. This are destroying the golden age of this country, the one built from 1900 to 1980 (wars excepted) bit by bit.
  24. and would be harder to replace because of the amount of land needed STOP IMPORTING PEOPLE START EXPORTING THEM
  25. She is basically a career politician. Chummy with bliar as she always gave liebour MPs an easy ride if they came onto GMTV, to the point of it being obvious, and so given a safe seat. Recall her debating the EU on QT years ago. Said she was for joining the Euro back in the day because it was 'right for us then' but we definitely shouldnt join now (now being 2010 or whenever she was on QT) because at the moment it would be disadvantageous. Her view seemed to be it was some kind of Brothel you could check in and out of willy nilly dependent on whether you think the UK needed a stronger or weaker currency. She seemed a bit simple, albeit somewhat more convincing that most 'bliar babes'
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