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  1. Deaths in the name of Allah: millions Deaths in the name of Nick Griffin: Err... It if wasnt violent, if it wasnt evil, you wouldnt see things like 4 men required to agree that a women has been raped before she might be believed. Exactly what positives do you think Islam offers us?
  2. Why is it an irrational 'phobia' when history shows just what muslims are, what they do? You can't have peace with Islam. You either are muslim, or you are a target. There is no 'with' You are dead, or you are an affront to them. You cant make peace with that. Its either the house of Islam (Dar al-Islam), or the House of War (Dar al-Harb) You are either muslim, or you are a target. For you to accuse me of not wanting to spread peace is missing the point. Peace is not an option. Any society facing a muslim society knows that. If you allow Islam in, you cannot have peace. Its central to Islamic doctrine. Thus, we must treat Islam just as we would treat Nazism (or fundamentalist christianity) Mock it, ostracize its followers at first, if that doesn't work, obviously commensurate reactions are required. If you want to put my mind at rest, answer me. What societies throughout history have ever benefited from allowing muslims in? What majority Muslim nations now are free, easy places to live in that tolerate others? Turkey is hanging on by its fingernails. Dubai has many intolerant laws. Where else is there? When have muslims ever not completely taken over a society, if not by jihad, by birth rates? Has anywhere been 40% Muslim for a durable basis. 50%? 60%? When have muslims ever helped christians en masse...they keep telling us to let in their immigrants, would they do the same for us? Have they ever before? Im a realist, not an ideologue. I'll treat people not how I want to be treated, but how history best shows they would treat me. History shows, given the opportunity, Muslims would treat me like crap. As a muslim, has to be viewed as a threat to infidels. No other position is sensible (and ahmadis too, it seems) Maybe he comes across friendly enough (he is a lawyer afterall, paid essentially to convince people of things that are hard to believe), but lies to pull the wool over the non-muslim are allowed, sanctioned even. And, again, If you think its simple 'xenophobia', why is it just Muslims the world is hostile to? Hitler didnt exactly 'just' hate the Jews, did he. The Roma, Slavs, blacks, all hated. But then if you cant see the absurdity of disliking people tied by ideology, I guess I shouldnt really expect an explanation.
  3. The PROFESSOR (Yes, PROFESSOR) of PLANNING (Yes, PLANNING) says... "We live in a society where we have free markets [and] if you choke off new homes, second home owners may start buying existing homes," he said, adding this could "squeeze up" current prices. Christ on a bike. Planning is a highly regulated state monopoly that severely restricts supply. I can forgive this brain-moron for not knowing about housing benefit subsidizing investor demand by 25 billion of yield a year. I can forgive him not understand how banks further ratchet up demand by credit bubbles, and how govt adds to it via bribes and Help to buy BUT HOW CAN A F'KIN PLANNING PROFESSOR CALL PLANNING "FREE MARKETS"???!!! Plymouth university, fire this cretin, NOW!
  4. My ilk lol. Fair enough. To be honest, the me of 10 years ago would be pretty horrified of my own political views today. But as time goes on, as I learn more about Islam, as I see what its doing and has done to places not just in Europe, but everywhere, I simply cant condone further Islamization of any kind. Maybe Khan is a nice enough chap (although the company he keeps would suggest otherwise), but theres lots of nice chaps in Pakistan. It doesnt take all that many not very nice chaps to turn that country into a failed state. Write it off as prejudice if you want, but bear in mind very few people have issues with Hindus, sikhs, chinese and non-muslim africans. Muslims have been here as long as the others. The others simply havent created the problems muslims have. If they were going to have integrated, it would have happened by now. People arent wary about Muslims for the sake of being wary of them, its the constant, daily, heinous atrocities committed in the name of Allah. Im not exactly sure how Goldsmith is anymore divisive than Khan. Khan even shares platforms with clerics who want to discriminate against other muslims. http://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2016/03/the-questions-nobody-wants-to-ask-about-asad-shahs-murder-2/
  5. 'Moderate' Muslim is bad enough. After all the terror attacks and grooming scandals, and silence from the 'moderate' Muslim community, anyone non-muslim voting for him needs their heads checked. Theres no such thing as a liberal, diverse, Muslim society. London will slowly reflect that. Not in London, but if I was, I wouldnt be voting.
  6. These 3 companies hardly look 'typical' given in the last year or so they both massively out mkt capped their 2006 peaks. The general market hasnt. Looks like they were bubbles waiting to pop.
  7. Wont prices fall until they reach a level people can afford, ie, whatever the employment base and wages support.
  8. You have to wonder. How many of the buyers are chinese. Only takes a few of our muslim friends like this guy to spook out such investors. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/sadistic-rapist-targeted-oriental-looking-7347847 Similar case in northampton 6 or 7 years ago iirc where one of these creeps targeted female chinese students. Suppose a communist party officials daughter is violated.... chinese tourism and investment to UK to go down the plughole. Doubt they are as tolerant of islamic sex crimes as we europeans are. The whole thing reads like satire though. Calling it 'the landmark', when it resembles a very bland 80s office block just tops it off.
  9. The sea of leggy blondes in the 2nd graphic is good too...should be done for misspelling, given its Lutonabad.
  10. Its good when the banksters are benefiting via free money handouts...if via currency movements/other players, I guess not. But he cant go into such details.
  11. Doesnt say who the money goes to as far as I can tell...
  12. I know if I wanted to import a mustang from the US, I have to pay the EU 10% for the pleasure of doing so. Presumably the fat cats in Brussels keep that. Dont know if that applies to just cars or everything. If the latter, that alone would be a couple of billion a year.
  13. Having a single issue party focused on housing is daft. Other issues, immigration, finance, contribute to housing. None of which the mayor can do much about. May as well vote for the most free shit mayor, or the least ugly one for all it matters. why bother voting at all, unless gimmicks like 'boris bikes' actually mean anything to you.
  14. yah think Whole think smacks of desperation...1 million brits watch tv every other hour. MY GOD, how dare any one suggest cuts to the BBC!!!
  15. Last places to rise, first to fall? Usually when the hot money starts going to places like Luton and Slough, it means everywhere else has reached peak unaffordability and the bubble is about to pop. Its what seemed to happen last time round, anyway.
  16. Yup. Inflation in every other area is subtracted from GDP. In housing, it is added (imputed rent) They can call it what they want, GDP be damned. Its a cost and its squeezing other areas. Thats recessionary, regardless of what the statisticians want you to believe.
  17. Yup. Inflation in every other area is subtracted from GDP. In housing, it is added (imputed rent) They can call it what they want, GDP be damned. Its a cost and its squeezing other areas. Thats recessionary, regardless of what the statisticians want you to believe.
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