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  1. Thats a pity. Birmingham Midshires is the only other one offering a similar product afaik, not sure of their mortgage book quality though, presumably similar risk to B&B? They do seem to come and go quite quickly these 6 month bonds.
  2. Im cashing in all my Premium bonds next month. Started off OK, had £20000 in and got £1100 in a year, but havent won anything in the past 3 MONTHS!!!. + NSandI are peeing me off with all their rate cuts to Direct ISAs, RPI certs etc. Last thing i want to do is provide cheap money to the government.
  3. Does anyone know if the 6.5% applies to the whole account, or just the part of the balance over £9k. Ie if i save £10k, will only the top £1k benefit from 6.5% interest? I remember applying for a savings account a while back (tescos iirc) with a headline grabbing rate and altough the rate was high, it was only on the top tier of the total savings balance that recieved it.
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