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  1. haha, cash converters? havent they heard of ebay? Actually ive never used ebay, but they are probably cheaper than cash converters.
  2. I want a detached property no more than 40 miles from london that isnt in Luton, Crawley, Slough, basildon or Gillingham for under £125k. Something like a small 3 bed house or a 2 bed bungalow, doesnt have to be in a great area, just not on a sink estate. I think i may be asking for too much here, but it doesnt have to be in tiptop condition or anything, occasionally i suspect someting like this creeps up in auctions. Admittedly this is probably a bit on the low side and somewhere between £150-200k is more likely.
  3. I think theres more slack in the US system. The average US driver covers 20,000 miles a year, the average UK driver nearer 12,000. Yes, their cities sprawl more, but not that much more. Plus their roads are more 'effiecient' ie straight lines rather than winding roads here, so they can save some miles through less needless drives. Also the insurance industy works different in the US than here. IIRC multicar policies are a lot more common and cost effective than here, making 'daily driver' cars a lot more common. Id imagine a lot of Americans will be using their '4 banger' a lot more and taking the mustang or Jeep out only at weekends. Oh and even more daft houseprices here means people having to travel further and further to places of work (needed to get that point in!)
  4. Property in Northampton still seems to be just about the cheapest within 60 miles of London (apart from maybe the marshlands of North Kent, sheerness, rochester etc) Ive been keeping an eye on prices there over the past year or so and have seen the occasional 4 bed detached for £150-170k, significantly cheaper than most other areas a similar distance to London. I dont know Northampton particularly well, although the Eastern areas (Billing, Ecton) seem to be cheapest, and these properties were all in those areas. I suppose there is still room for prices to fall in Northampton though. I recently saw an article that said certain types of crime in Northampton were more prevalent than Manchester or Nottingham. Certainly the last few times ive been out in the Town it felt a bit 'rough'
  5. At least they had the foresight to form a company. I doubt most of their clients have that luxury.
  6. It will be Thatchers turn next. Just wait. I thought they would stop blaming the tories after 3 years of being in power. Now its eleven, and they still do it. How many years will pass before Labour clean up the Tories mess?
  7. Unless it was in an established area in somewhere like London, Edinburgh, Bath or somewhere i wouldnt touch any flat with a bargepole. Why bother with various service charges, ground rents and what have you, particularly when nearby houses can probably be had for similar cash. Plus most of these are in some ar*e end of town ex brownfield site with trains and buses chugging along, surrounded by industrial units and nightclubs. Its not so much a price thing even, if they fell to £30,000 i wouldnt buy one, i want a garden and private parking. Well, i guess never say never. Maybe as an investment if the figures were too good to ignore.
  8. I get the impression journalism is a lot like financial services. If one guy starts saying buy or sell one thing, they all start doing it. If one journalist reports something one way, they all file similar reports.
  9. Too true. Maybe they can stop ripping us off to the tune of several billion a year if they are so concerned.
  10. Amazes me how many folks on MSE have pets (and Sky tv, several mobiles etc) and yet still recieve income support and live way beyong their means. Sometimes these are people earning good money.
  11. This 'investment plot' has been knocked down from £55k to £20k, showing just how much these cowboys pick a number out of a hat... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-200...=6&tr_t=buy (no planning permission of course!)
  12. Immediatelly post war a lot of homes were built. Both parties jumped on building more homes at a good things. They even had big gardens to grow food on to substitute food purchases. Try finding a new house now with big gardens. In fact try finding one with adequate parking. I also think to a certain extent voters have theirselves to blame. Its almost considered a bad thing to build houses nowadays, with every jobsworth shouting from the rooftops that 'Britain will be concreted over', something a lot of voters seem to buy. I think PMs are just following this unfortunate opinion. Booms are nothing new anyway, even before this time of unparralelled easy credit.
  13. Believe me, i was as surprised as you. I'll try and find the article, im sure it must be rattling around somewhere on their website. It was in the business pages in the paper copy.
  14. Fontana lol, sounds like a b-list celebrity's surname. I just couldnt live somewhere called 'Fontana', its even worse than 'widnes' or 'crawley'
  15. They had an article on this in the times a week or so ago iirc. Not surprisingly Lloyds and HSBC came at the top, although Alliance and Leicester were the safest, contrary to some of the stuff ive read on here. That said i just flicked through the article.
  16. Ive always thought the way land has been allocated in this country is very much similar to the way land was allocated in pre-1980s zimbabwe albeit hundreds of years ago (ie subjugation of peasants), yet alot of British people of a certain political persuasion seem to have a problem with white ownership of land in Zimbabwe, yet are perfectly happy to have the few rich landowners in this country profit at their expense due the land ownering classes ancestors barbarity. Im as anti-tax as the next person, but i would like to see very high taxes put on any land that is sold for development, to the extent that the value of building land is little more than the value of agricultural land. Given the level of current housing stock, id imagine the tax would be borne by the land owners, not the develops/home buyers.
  17. I guess they could do, afterall every time the price increases they get more VAT anyway. (although as its added on top of duty they would have to change the rate of VAT or remove duty gradually) But then this is the government that doubled taxes for lower earners. So they wont.
  18. Ha, im not looking to avoid tax, just reduce it as much as legally possible. Ive probably underpaid in taxes on savings in the past, and worry about it coming back to haunt me. (although probably overpaid tax on normal work income). Id definetly look to put some money in other currencies, although not sure of the best way to do it. All the main banks that pay interest seem to have monthly charges, all the currency trading websites that will hold deposits dont pay interest and seem to have large mark ups on conversions. I dont mind paying fees, but feel they should be in line with the size of transactions.
  19. It depends on what situation you are in. I (intend, at least) to be a 100% cash buyer, so taking the last crash as an example i would have bought back in around 1993 and dealt with 4 or 5 years of flat prices. Afterall, i might be earning X% interest, but the equivalent would have to go on rent. If you need a big mortgage, then clearly it would make sense to buy back in around 1997/8.
  20. Ill bet the politicians and their jags will be catered for whatever happens!
  21. One thing that annoys me is that when i was at university a few years back some lecturers (not all) would use Ireland as a case study of how to run a perfect economy and transform an economy from a subsisting basket case to a global financial centre in a matter of a few years. I always thought it was built on european subsidies (which will now shift East) and debt. Ireland has no real exportable commodities (except property speculators)
  22. Thats a shame. I also clicked the Property taxes link, the taxes did seem absurdly high, but also said there are outstanding taxes on some properties - in California is anyone who buys these properties liable for any outstanding taxes?
  23. Ha! am i reading this right, 1705 errol been flipped 10 times?! Gotta love americans.
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