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  1. Ill bet atheletes and manual workers consume more than their fair share too. Maybe we can start some sort of thin people with sedentary lifestyles campaign group?
  2. Wouldnt ideas like a land tax (in another thread) provide further disincentive to family homes. Such taxes would favour city workers in tower blocks over family homes with gardens such is their *inefficent* use of space. That said, house prices never seemed of stopped certain communities procreating at a rodent like rate. Maybe we should all go live in mobile homes like pikeys. Add a new motorhome to the convoy every time another couple of sprogs shoot out.
  3. "International factors" is still an improvement on his usual deep analysis summed up with the few words "the problems in america", maybe next month it will be "the problems in europe" and then finally "the british disease"
  4. Property owning classes?! so thats about 70% of the population. Not really a tax specifically on the Bransons and Sainsburys of this world now is it? Its a tax people have to take on more debt to pay, and thats fairly immoral in my book. The only things forcing up house prices is stupid credit arrangments and percieved or real housing shortages caused by overly restrictive building regulations.
  5. Anecdotally my Burger King meal went up from £2.34 to £2.84 in the past few weeks. Tesco Value Apple juice fell from 58ppl to 46ppl though. Not sure if these things are included but obviously they should consider including the apple juice.
  6. I agree with her that stamp duty is a pretty foul tax (be it on shares or houses or whatever) but she seems to waffle a lot about making housing affordable, having a go at Ken livingstone (fair enough) but doesnt propose anything that makes any sense. Although she seems also to think that hardly any property is on the market either. Which i am let to believe is the opposite of what is really happening.
  7. OK, you win. cant say ive been to see it!
  8. Its a big 5 bed too, although maybe they all are on that road? Its a nice looking house, shame about the plot size though.
  9. heres another big drop http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-169...=5&tr_t=buy 9th May 2008 * Price changed: from '£369,950' to 'Offers in Excess of £299,000' 15th Feb 2008 * Initial entry found.
  10. Compared to most new build flats at least some thought goes into the architecture of the beetham ones. Still wouldnt want to live (or work for that matter) in a tower block mind.
  11. I'm resigning myself to waiting for something to come up at an auction. The problem is people wont sell if they dont have to, and i really cant be bothered to wait for sellers to realise its going to be quite a few years before their 'investment' starts rising in price again. I guess only repossesions and homes of the dead will be the only ones selling at a big differential to estate agent asking prices.
  12. Yup, they would of started filming this over 6 years ago. And i still think £375000 for a flat in east London is about £300,000 too much. I thought this was a whole new series?
  13. Heath had the additional problem of Unions spoiling for a fight though. Gordo seems to be doing a very good job of shafting himself without any such outside help.
  14. Or just borrow more. Why cut back when you can have the best of both worlds?
  15. Odd how its easier to get planning permission for 100 houses (or a tesco's) than for 1 I think most people are two faced though, and the minute they become homeowners suddenly become kneejerk reactionaries who shout down any planning application with the usual *blah blah concreting over our green and pleasant land blah blah* as a matter of standard procedure. That tinkers bubble thing freaks me out though. Go to texas and live with the religious sepratists or survivalists. Some of us just want a roof over our heads, not to get up every morning just to sweep the sh*t out of the stables.
  16. I think the only person before Brown (well im sure there are others) to simultaneously increase taxes for the poor whilst reducing them for the rich was Ronald Reagan, not an obvious political bedfellow for brown. Although poorer americans arent crushed (or werent back then) with punitive rates of indirect taxation should they be so strange as to drive a car or drink beer.
  17. Some major housebuilder dabbled with timber framed houses in the UK 25 years or so ago (beazer, wimpey? barratts cant remember who) and as with most of the f*ckwits who predominate in the building industry of this country managed to put people off timber frame with their poor construction. I guess if you like american houses its ok, but americans will pay a Premium for brick or stone built houses over these timber framed and (rather nasty) stucco fronted things. I quite like the idea of living in a wood in a log cabin, but it seems a bit of a slippery slope, as if i may as well just go the whole way and become a pikey and avoid council tax and planning laws altogether!
  18. Froogle log cabin and tonnes of those things come up. I guess theyre as well built as any Barratt creation. It is hard to get planning permission for a small holding, or something that you can only occupy for a set amount of months a year?
  19. This from the same people who couldnt help themselves mentioning bank of england 'independance' whenever quizzed on anything vaugely economic. Unbelievable.
  20. Jesus. Last recession my parents sold their house (at about 35% less than its peak valuation), my dad moved us into a rented 1 bed flat for the best part of a year, and then he bought a smaller house that could get a mortgage on with the equity and lower mortgage payments. He was unemployed for much of the time. Did he ask for handouts? No. Did he wait for repossesion? No. Life goes on. You change your outgoings to match your income. In retrospect he could of hung in to the larger former house, but didnt know how long he would be unemployed for so decided to play it safe and sell up. Idiots who are banking on lower IRs or rising House prices to save them are scum. The only people who have no option here are the utter idiots who bought less than 2-3 years ago and have no equity. No sympathy from me.
  21. Their graphs never tie up with their bar charts either. I think they use different sources to throw the reader or something.
  22. I, for the life of me, cant see why so many people think Ken is such a hard act to follow. In his years of mayor hes closed off a few roads to traffic, made people pay (more) for the pleasure of driving into central london (with no discernable improvement in congestion) and other than those things, i cant think of much. Its not like he's set the hurdles high now is it? Has he presided over any revolution in transport? Has he purged London of crime? And has he made housing affordable for the majority of non-millionaire londoners? What he has done is shown contempt for public funds and shouted down anyone who disagrees with him. And cosied up to some pretty undesirable figures for no real benefit to Londoners. Did the sit down with Chavez lead to cheap fuel for poor londoners? how does this sit with his environmental BS? The labour luvvies need to get over him. Its not 1983 anymore. If Boris does WORSE id be surprised.
  23. I used to work for a major housebuilder a few years back, and the amount of materials that went 'missing' from building sites was quite extraordinary.
  24. + Archer + Lawson + Aitken + Mellor + others and im sure the feeling that in Labour the loonys (kinnock and foot) had truly taken over the asylum didnt help labour for 15 years either. Blair or John smith changed that by 1993 or so. By 1997 the economy was in pretty good shape. Id still maintain it was sleaze that did the Tories in.
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