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  1. Blears, just because she doesnt seem to have two brain cells to rub together. Seems the result of some sort of extreme gender tokenism. As for best politician, probably Kate Hoey.
  2. Oh how i wish us south of the Mersey could cede from the North. (and scotland, northern ireland and wales)
  3. http://www.smmt.co.uk/news/DetailedArticle...endly=undefined Only a 1.6% annual drop though.
  4. Tis true, the Royal Family and other landowners were just a bigger bunch of thugs than everyone else centuries ago, and most historical landowners probably got their land through dubious means. Not sure Mugabes way is the one to follow though.
  5. Do all stockbrokers look weird or is it just him and the urquart man?
  6. Im dont think housing will ever come back in real terms. Even with high birthrates in some of the non-indigenous parts of the population im not sure this will replace the baby boomers dying off and lower birthrates in the indigenous population. I dont see many of the EU immigrants hanging on too much longer either. I do believe the wider economy will eventually bounce back, it will just require something of a shift in work ethic, and possibly rely a lot less on borrowing.
  7. Im pretty sure even dixons/pc worlds suppliers hate them. Not only are the customer services crap, but on the serveral occasions that i have bought things from there due to keen pricing they havent worked/ have had defects in some way. While i wont lose much sleep in dixons going, its just going to mean more of the non-online aspect of retail going to Tesco unfortunately.
  8. Doesnt Germany have the worlds biggest trade surplus? (or near enough) and they dont have any oil fields. We just need to stop making sh1t cars and other sh1t consumer products. Thats my very insightful take on the deficit.
  9. Any ad paid for with our taxes, usually telling us not to smoke, drink, drive, stab one another, or else telling us to become a teacher, claim tax benefits, or shop other people claiming tax benefits and so on...
  10. What i dont get is if there is sooo much profit involved, why are all these building firms so close to bankruptcy? Obviously they are highly leveraged, but surely they could sell for much less, pay far higher interest rates land still make a tidy sum, if numbers like these are to be believed . More likely the supposed profit is being siphoned off by thieving builders and contractors, and a lot of money dissapears into councillors and politicians pockets and the actual profits arent that great.
  11. This one... i posted on a few days back went for £142k, not much over the guide price. It was last sold for £151k in 2002. Nor would i be too happy if i was the person that paid £225k for the same housetype back in august last year... http://www.nethouseprices.com/index.php?co...&incode=8JY No. 8 is still up on Rightmove as well (complete with obligatory Range Rover Sport in situ), at £229950. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-106...=1&tr_t=buy If they were to stomach a big fat loss and reduce below the Stamp duty level i might just be interested.
  12. Rear garden looks nice. Front looks a little desolate/treeless/paving company showcase.
  13. Lot 66 did well...guide £70k+, sold for £217k. Admittedly £70k did look a bit low, although in my mind is about right for a wreck in a not too great part of London.
  14. I still prefer forums like this to ones like MSE where no ones allowed to comment in a forthright manner on anyone elses stupidity, ignorance or lack of responsibility without being banned.
  15. What are you, 8 years old? People like you are the reason id never use ebay (and their extortionate listing fees) One minute everyone around here is suggesting people do everything they can to avoid selling with estate agents, and when they do, people like you dream up stuff like this.
  16. Nope! This is the 21st century, you will Comply!
  17. Although this one is up at £230k, although it has been for some time http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-104...=3&tr_t=buy
  18. http://www.eigroup.co.uk/auctioneers/templ...ah&l=502468 9 months or so ago asking prices for homes on this cul de sac were north of £200k, i cant see this one fetching much over £150k in current conditions.
  19. They cant be more useless than those scouse ones in the Channel 5 one where they bid against themselves in the auction surely? They would get my vote.
  20. Ill just buy a 100mpg moped and cut out all non essential travel. About 75% of my mileage is not strictly necessary, i average about 40mpg, so petrol could be about £10 per litre. Driving more sensibly helps to. I was averaging about 36mpg a year or so ago, last tank i got 46mpg, not bad for a relatively large engined petrol car. When you think about it like that the 100-150mpg mopeds get is pretty awful really. However, i dont think it will get there any time in the near future as so many 3rd worlders would be put off first. At some point it will surely become economical to produce oil from tar sands, diesel from coal and whatever else anyway. Im also one of those people who believes the current spike in oil is political rather than anything else, although im not a David Smith $40 man by any sense.
  21. I was reading a car magazine the other day and noticed you can now get a VW passat with a 1.4 litre engine. Its getting back to the late 70s/ early 80s when you could get the old Sierras/Cortinas with 1.3 litres. (except a 2008 passat probably weighs about 70% more than a cortina) and 0-60 times will be measured in minutes! The stupid thing is i currently run a 2.4 litre petrol car and get more to the gallon than the 1.2 litre i had before it.
  22. The thing is, this might just work. Everybody believes unemployment is under 3.0% too, despite the benefits bill being unparrelled in history.
  23. This is one of the reasons why i get a little tired of the resident soapbox speakers around here wining on about the 'end of suburbia' By the greenies own admission, most commutes are short, and though strictly could be done by bus, even electric cars of 10-15 years ago like the gm ev would cater for 95% of commutes despite their short range. The end of oil is not the end of suburbia.
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