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  1. ah, thats where i got that idea from. ta for the clarification
  2. What was the auctioneer like, the ones on homes under the hammer always seem very obnoxious. Was there free food or a buffet provided?
  3. Is all gold VAT free or is it just those sovereigns or whatever they are that seem to be always more expensive than the krugerandss?
  4. Nice one. Always wanted to watch one of these in their entirerty.
  5. I dont think there is anything in or around kettering that could fetch that much. Maybe its some sort of 'Joseph Fritzl special' and the last owner went to considerable expense to construct a vast labarinth of underground dungeons?
  6. As far as i can ascertain he hasnt 'lost' anything on it. Its just sold for less than it was initially marketed for. Pretty sloppy wording really.
  7. Politicians in stating the bleeding obvious shocker!!! Amazingly enough im not joking. They all seem to think the last thing FTBs need is lower prices...Abolition of stamp duty, shared ownership, huge mortgages, yes, lower prices, good god no. Abbotts another champagne socialist hypocrite though
  8. Tomorrow it will be an apocalyptic weather forecast, the day after madeleine, then diana, then house related headline again. Being the editor of the Express must be the easiest job in the world
  9. Northern Crock. First domino down. Obviously the problems were there a long time before that, but those in power managed to keep it going so long how much longer was anyones guess.
  10. Govt. Buck stops with them. The banks though daft and shorterm-ist with interest rates are only doing what theyre supposed to do (be competitive with interest rates). The government has created the low interest rate environment for them to work with, via the not very independant BoE And of course irresponsible borrowers, but they should have never been offered such sums in the first place. For the record, i dont think it would be any different under the tories. Bush and his 'conservatives' have followed much the same path afterall.
  11. Very happy that house prices are at 2006 levels (when i was first able to buy), and that auction sales seem in some cases to be 2001 levels or less (i will be a cash buyer) Very worried that every bank could go broke and take my savings with it, and that practically all my eggs are in one basket (sterling) and that every attempt to remedy this situation is scuppered by the lack of any honest looking businesses from which to get into foreign currencies or metals.
  12. Indeed I think this was one of the biggest flaws in Northern Rocks business, that the profit margins were wafer thin, the volume of mortgages being the driver. Your statistic wouldnt surprise me.
  13. Guy i know bought it september, is ADAMANT he's made money on it (shared ownership, new build, apartment). Not sure why he thinks this, isnt for sale/hasnt been offered anything, but according to him its risen 10% since then.
  14. Im starting to think i should of sold the few shares i have left in lloyds tsb. I thought that they and one or two other banks might come out of this alive and be able to get a much bigger market share between them. Now im thinking that no banks, not lloyds, not HSBC or anyone will come out of this.
  15. The article seems very tongue in cheek. Especially the bit about the X3. The worrying thing is that people like this dont just exist, the country is full of them.
  16. If theyre labour supporters shouldnt they at least pretend to think home ownership is evil? I guess theyre just waiting for general secretary Brown to annouce the revolution and then house them in fine prefabricated high rises.
  17. Or even this one... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-182...=1&tr_t=buy Practically the same house, but over £10k cheaper. or this, also with Double Garage. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-183...=3&tr_t=buy You do seem to get an awful lot for the money (relative to everywhere else south of birmingham and not Corby or Wellingborough!) in the eastern half of Northampton.
  18. Surely if theyre diversified (as much as an estate agent can be) it shouldnt matter. If theyve got letting and auction departments they'll just have to shift focus there. The smaller agents will go under, but those larger ones can concentrate on rentals and pick up any slack leftover. Might have to fire some people and trim staff, but most of the property circulars around here seem to devote more page space to lettings rather than sales.
  19. Land must be cheaper. Im sure most countries no problems building houses profitably for around £100k.
  20. Looks like a student gulag. and yet again, why do developers hate trees so much. A bit of greenery and it would look a lot 'leafier' As it stand it looks awful.
  21. I'll give her £2. Got to be some copper and lead in there somewhere.
  22. Maybe its based on the amount of rich Russians and Indians making London their 'home'. We'll be the richest in the world, but 99% of that wealth will be in the hands of a dozen or so oligarch types.
  23. On the same theme this is the cheapest detached (link detached at least) house ive seen in Northampton for a while. Granted its possibly not in the best of locations, but at the height of the boom asking prices for 3 beds in this area seemed to be around £140-170k, with one or two exceptions of £125-140k. Admittedly it says needs modernisation, so might not be as cheap as first appears.
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