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  1. Its featured on every other page in practically every barryboy 'how to f*ck up your car magazine' in between the all the flourescent uno's and half naked chavettes. Chap i know who has a particularly nasty Impreza is currently saving/getting as many credit cards in anticipation of the GTR. Unless they really limit the number to be sold every Kevin and Wayne will be speeding around in these. I think this is missing the point though, its a seriously fast car for a very cheap price. Speed does sell, and the only thing that 'may' be cheaper for less depending on exchange rates is the Corvette ZR1.
  2. Wish they would hold these things somewhere accessible (ie the convention centre in birmingham or some travelodge) - afterall it is a national auction with lots all over the place - instead of central bloody London!!
  3. The Daily Express: Invented to make the Sun/Mirror/Mail look good.
  4. I wish i was Katy. Free from the shackles of logical thought, all of lifes problems must seem so easy to solve.
  5. I think its the perception of living like those actors on friends. Except Stoke isnt really New York.
  6. How do all you people put up with the infernal punishing mosquito ridden heat? Its too hot here. No where on earth is hotter than thailand. If you go there to retire and have servants fanning you all hours of the day i guess it would be ok, but to work there must be tiring, im guessing air conditioning is fairly rare.
  7. Pity is, every single chav who comes into a bit of money (credit) will also get one of these.
  8. I think (watched it, not intensely though) they were comparing rural concerns with urban concerns. For both groups, affordable housing was the biggest concern. I guess its different for different areas. I live in the countryside, but its not very picturesque countryside, so there isnt much 2nd home ownership.
  9. Bloody Wayne Hemingway "we should get back to council housing". Oh great more ghettos of putting the poor and destitute in one big estate. Its not perfect, but at least todays requirements for private developers to include a degree of social housing scatter people around a bit rather than putting them in places guaranteed to turn to slums.
  10. Even once unemployment rockets, I dont think we will see that many actual falls in estate agents windows for a while. I reckon most will not sell at less than they bought for. Most of those bought a looong time ago probably dont 'need' to sell. Its this kind of stubborness that will cause sellers a bigger shortfall than they need face. Those who bought near peak will be repossed, go to auction several times until the correct price is found and they sell, then eventually find their way back onto the mainstream market at a level somewhat above the auction result but way way below the peak of asking prices. But this will take years before the majority of properties in estate agents are sensibly priced.
  11. I'll be interested to know whether his £35 million assesment is borne out over the next few years.
  12. I'll bet the average square footage has increased in that time as well (+ hvac as std, etc ,etc) whereas here it must of fallen some with all those flats.
  13. Im not saying that we have US levels of taxation, what i am saying is $4 a gallon seems to be the point where people drastically change their car choices, anything above that is just the government fleecing people. Pre 1980 we had some of the cheapest petrol prices in europe and still drove small cars. We certainly dont have the cheapest petrol in europe now, but drive more than most of europe. How you get to the conclusion that the day we import more would change i dont know. Obviously id prefer govt to reduce its spending, but given that that is always out of the question, id prefer it went on income tax (ie a tax based on ability to pay) but i guess now all parties toe the thatcherite line of regressive indirect taxes over progressive income taxes.
  14. If it were £60-70k id be interested, although im sure that cladding on the outside is probably hiding huge cracks or damp or maybe the odd dead body.
  15. In the course of a few months their best selling vehicle has changed from the F150 truck (5.4V8, 13mpg) to a Honda Civic (1.8, 35mpg). Best Selling car here is the Ford Focus (ie same class). If all that its taken to get them into the same size vehicle as Europe is $4 gallon fuel, it makes me think how unnessessary all the extra tax we pay here is. (Other than fleecing the poor) A friend used to have a 2001 Grand Cherokee, and it was absolutely tiny inside, if anything a civic seems roomier. Besides all the drivers in these Hummers etc are 5 stone soccer mums (so i hear)
  16. Poor Germany, first they have to support the rest of europe, then the former east. But is East Germany any more of a economic basket case than Scotland or Northern Ireland? At least in East Germany you seem to be able to pick up big detached houses for £5 grand or so, not sure you can do that in Northern Ireland (yet)
  17. Form an orderly queue, Nortamptons cheapest detached house is now even cheaper. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-185...=2&tr_t=buy Ecton Brook must be a pretty bad area. I mean you'd have to go up to Hull or Burnley or the Welsh vallies to find more for less. Even Corby is more expensive.
  18. This doesnt make sense to me. Are you saying inflation is being curbed, or its not?
  19. Its about bloody time. I clearly remember him yapping on about gray davis spending too much and how he'll balance the books. He hasnt. Anyway Arnie practically is a democrat. He just seems to have some sort of man fetish for Ronnie Raygun.
  20. I posted one in the Northampton forum where it sold in auction a couple of weeks ago for £142k, yet the house next door (exact same housetype/floorplan) are still asking £230k. And this wasnt a newbuild flat, rather a 1980s detached. It even sold for less in Jun 2008 than it did in Aug 2002 (£151k). Thats 6 years of Boomtime and it still made a loss. Im thinking despite being so soon into the crash i should of maybe bid on that, ideally id like to pick up something similar for under the stamp duty level, but the more i think of it a spacious 4 bed detached house for £142k is cheap. Still not seeing as many houses come to auction as i would like though, it stills seem mostly BTL studio rubbish and old things falling down, id really like to see more modern family homes come up at auction. Just goes to show though, if thats how much family homes can fall by, what sort of falls will flats suffer? 70, 80, 90%?
  21. I see in the times it said he bought a Range Rover, indeed it seems to be some sort of primal instinct if you are hugely in debt and/or mortaged to the hilt: Buy a Range Rover. I wonder if Land Rover will be hit with huge bad debt problems soon?
  22. A lot of people seem to keep pushing water of all things. I think theyre just taking the p1ss with that one, next it will be sand or air or lying politicians or something.
  23. Some bloke on the radio said it was because the dollar strengthened slightly the other day. I dont think we'll ever have 'cheap oil' again, but id agree with some of the people ive heard say its as much a weak dollar as expensive oil. I cant see why the dollar would regain much strength though.
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