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  1. Living somewhere like Unst would probably be quite good for some of the survivalists around here, rearing sheep and plentiful wind power etc.
  2. The mans generosity has no bounds. All hail the great fuhrer!
  3. Admittedly she wasnt 'ugly' in 1972, but miss Wyoming? How many women do they have there?
  4. a fat woman asked me for 20p to make a phone call the other day.
  5. Probably right. Theres probably a bunch of senile old credits salivating at the prospect of recruiting such a bold and aventurous young buck right now.
  6. they dismissed him? If anything they should promote him, the government is clearly copying him with their throwing money at Northern Rock.
  7. If she didnt choose to work i wonder if the government would supplement her basic pension (or more likely house, care and feed for her at taxpayer expense). It may be that working isnt in her best interests.
  8. Are there any websites where you can find the names of people declared bankrupt- dont they appear in papers, is this sort of data available online?
  9. Where are they all? I checked eigroup earlier and dont think ive ever seen less properties on there. Very few repossesions seem to be happening.
  10. I dont get it. As a man i hate shopping. I thought all men were programmed the same way. But debt seems to afflict both sexes equally, maybe men more so.
  11. Some industry rep on the radio the other day was making the case for exchanging govt securities for mortgage debt, saying there is virtually no risk for taxpayers. As you say, losses keep on increasing. How can they even know what the end losses and risks will be unless they know exactly what the economy will do over the next 5, 10, or even 20 years? If anyone believed the risk is zero, govt wouldnt need to step in. It irritates me how these guys are allowed to make these assertions with no scrutiny.
  12. The sort of people it attracts? Like the chap who recently said something along the lines of women shouldnt complain about being raped as its just sex. OK every party has its bad apples, but im sure more BNP members have criminal records than those of other parties. Still, as theyve not started any illegal wars recently, i suppose theyre slightly less despicable than labour.
  13. UKIP. Greens just arent pragmatic. Theyre supported by simpleton idealogues IMO. Or better still just do what i and increasingly most of the rest of the country do, dont vote, never donate to any party, pay as few taxes as possible, tell any political canvassers to go f*ck themselves, stew quietly and await the revolution.
  14. I probably read it on here! Actually IIRC it may have been an article on thisismoney, i shall scour their website.
  15. looks nice. I always wonder if they 'translate' well to our leaden skies though. A bit like those mock-mediteranean makeovers some people do to their semi's in some seaside resorts (white washed walls, token palm tree, balcony, rock gardens etc) and it never really comes off.
  16. I recall reading somewhere that in the event of a bank collapse their govt is at least better set to deal with it. ie not running huge unsustainable deficits. Not sure this would sit to well given the tiny size of the country though.
  17. I think there was something similar discovered about parking attendants a few years back, companies actively recruiting criminals/scumbags. Probably not that surprising really, you cant really be a parking attendant AND have a heart.
  18. Good. Nothing signifies todays credit fuelled yuppies more to me than those daft bints carrying their horribly overpriced drinks. Everywhere ive worked has free coffee/drinks machines anyway. Why people spend when they can get for free i dont know.
  19. Obviously flipping houses is not dead yet...this is the one that went to auction a number of weeks ago and sold for £142k...guess the new owner is banking on a 20k profit. To be fair this is how i imagined the crash playing out, mortgage holders in negative equity too stubborn to sell, getting repossesed, lenders going to auction at significantly lower prices to cash buyers, and then finding their way back to the mainstream market at a price in between - the exact same house next door was up at 230k! Doubt theyre too happy at the pricing, particularly as they paid 225k a year ago. Though i cant find it, maybe theyre giving up trying to sell. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-107...=4&tr_t=buy
  20. Probably not why you would buy one, but in autocar the VXR averaged 31mpg over their touring route, more than a zafira over the same route. American V8s are pretty much bulletproof, and if driven carefully, actually quite economical. The Corvette Z06 (7.0v8) is the most economical 500hp+ car. Personally i like the Mustang, new challenger or upcoming Camaro, but im a total sucker for 70s retro designs over anything else.
  21. Depends who is driving!!! Im sure the Kevins and Waynes will find ways of putting them in ditches!
  22. Theres a largish detached house in one of these upcoming auctions guided at £105k somewhere around Wickford in Essex. Last sold in another auction for £130-140k. Which seemed very cheap to me. I looked for it on live local and it appears to be surrounded by scrapyards, diddicoy encampments etc. Just saying a lot of these 'cheap' lots probably dont seem so cheap if you know the area.
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