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  1. Just make it a legal requirement for all offers to be made public as in repossessions. Buyers and sellers both know where they stand. No dodgy estate agents ripping off/defrauding little old ladies.
  2. Who buys these things? No university there, so cant imagine chinese. Pensioners? Although I think most people in that age group would remember the days when you had to be bribed to live in such a place, not robbed of £300k.
  3. Sure. And despite not seeing much in the way of sikh extremism, I still dont think exceptions should be made for Sikh police officers in Turbans, for example. All police should wear the same headgear. One rule for all should mean one rule. Religion should not even be considered. If your religion prohibits something, dont do that something. Dont expect it to change for you. However, i never recall Jews being so vocal as muslims are about halal/kosher food. I've never heard of Jewish employees at supermarkets getting stressed if pork were sold. Lets face it, Tesco's probably wouldnt have got very far in its early days if its Jewish founder refused to sell pork.
  4. Like I say though, IMO its ironic if turnout is high given turnout in EuroParl elections is typically around 30% People want to vote to stay in an institution. An institution 7/10th's of them refuse to participate in or steer its direction.
  5. Just remember, Obama says we'll be back of the queue when it comes to trade agreements. Sounds scary, until you realize we have no special standing currently...
  6. I wouldnt call overturning (or forcing employers, for example) to overturn long established dress codes because of one groups cultural proclivities 'tolerant', i'd call it enacting double standards and preferential treatment. But thats just me... But thanks for confirming what I long suspected. That our utter inability to draw a line in the sand and say 'no more' is why most of Europes muslims are ending up here.
  7. As Boris Johnson said today, this is the same David Cameron who said 6 months ago, if he didnt get 'compromises' from the EU, he'd consider voting to leave. Because obviously world war is preferable to not paying Poles benefits for 12 months...
  8. They have short memories. One I was talking to said Trumps 'debt default' is third world economics. I reminded them the Fed only stopped printing ala Mugabe a few months ago. If thats not banana republic economics, what is?! 2008/2009 may as well have been 1808/1809 for all the lessons that were learnt.
  9. They have short memories. One I was talking to said Trumps 'debt default' is third world economics. I reminded them the Fed only stopped printing ala Mugabe a few months ago. If thats not banana republic economics, what is?! 2008/2009 may as well have been 1808/1809 for all the lessons that were learnt.
  10. Precisely. The lenders that were somewhat more conservative (namely nationwide) have got in on the act too now, as they were punished by having to pay more for other lenders into FSCS for being sensible.
  11. Tories got over 500,000 votes in Scotland for first time since before bliar/new labour. Evidence (New)labour voters that arent going SNP turning tory? Cameron really is the heir to bliar? Unless tories swing right and the near 50% who want full independence decide they dont want independence and stop voting SNP, hard to see how labour has any future in Scotland.
  12. Tomorrow, number 10 to reveal 'Tsunami to engulf UK if voters go for Brexit'
  13. At a most basic democratic level, the idea that British people would vote to stay in the EU, is illogical. My rationale for saying this, is that turnout at a european election in the UK has never once been higher than 50%. In fact its never been higher than 38%...the lowest being just 24%. By comparison, turnout at a national general election has never been under 50%, and only been below 60% once...and then barely below. So we have over half of british people supposedly wanting to be part of a bureaucracy that in 40 years, over half of the British electorate has never bothered to participate in the electing of! The only explanation is that over 50% of Britons do not want democracy, but rather want to be run by unelected bureaucrats/technocrats/bankers.
  14. Most of siberia is under an anti-cyclone all winter. Which means very low temperatures, but generally very light winds. Dress up appropriately, and i wouldnt imagine its too bad. I've never experienced -30 or 40, but in the cold spell of dec 2010, did experience near -20. -20 in calm conditions felt more pleasant than the usual UK cold snap of +2c, wet snow and driving winds. For practical economic purposes (ie, farming, as they seem to want to encourage) its the length of the winter and frozen ground that would put off afrikaaners, rather than the severity of midwinter cold IMO.
  15. And to make them whole, massively inflationary. The money was spent, unwisely. The only moral option is default.
  16. Jews are pretty resourceful people. Even they couldnt make it work. i suspect its more to keep the chinese out given the area.
  17. LOL. How long did they have to search for him for. ONE Landlord out of millions (claims) to charge under market rate (as if housing is a standardized product) so a law applying to millions is invalid
  18. Theres what London (as an economic entity) wants itself to be, basically a large factory/office block where people live in the tiniest pods and work the rest of the time. Then theres what those people want. Living space to bring up a family and not to have to move out so they can still enjoy the cultural stuff. Cant have both. Something will have to give. Goldsmiths plan was basically to demolish most of London built between 1945-80 and replace it with mid rise blocks. Khan is to mindlessly parrot 'housing housing housing' in a bliar 'education education education' rendition. Aside from ending international immigration, I dont see what can be done. Even then, you've still got internal migration. Even before bliars immigrant influx, there was a move from North to South. At a national level, obviously the government should do its part and move wholesale out of London to somewhere cheaper (Middlesbrough IMO). Ending the banking cartel would certainly make wages in London a lot less attractive (and enrich the regions) But probably also destroy London. The more I look at London, all I see is the plot to a dystopian, blade runner type city. Overcrowded, dirty, but because its where everything is, they feel they have to be there.
  19. People have at least heard of the BNP. Other than this forum, I havent heard of the 'house party' They needed a cat killing campaign or something. Get their name out there. All publicity is good publicity
  20. But people are still skint. Admittedly, I think quality has fallen. A TV used to seem to go on forever, same with Lawnmowers. Now they break after a couple of years. It cant be that people are just accumulating stuff, their houses are tiny (the under 40s)
  21. Its funny when the oldies blame 'young people wasting money on ipads and phones' all the time, given electronics are so much cheaper in real terms, and when I look at boomers spending when they were young I see massive record collections. Everyone I know has since about the early 2000s, downloaded music and movies for free. They get a new phone every other year, fine. Theyre still Skint. Broke.
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