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  1. Pretty meaningless until you consider we are now well below 60% self sufficient in food, down from 75% in 1990. Always seems odd to me these greens are telling us 'buy local' and 'we need more immigrants' at the same time. Not much point buying local if there is nothing to buy. Cant do much for the trade balance either. I guess greens slogan should be 'we want you to starve' https://makewealthhistory.org/2011/07/28/how-self-sufficient-is-britain/
  2. Yup. I've never got the hate towards golfers. Maybe its an 'urban' thing, but here in the sticks the club car parks are hardly full of expensive motors. Typically white van man and old farts in their Honda Jazz/Nissan notes. Golf is as much about getting a gentle walk, taking in the air as it is about sport. Its health therapy for the elderly.
  3. Death of the middle class, innit. I think small inland watercraft sales are down quite a bit over the decade too (though not sea going superyachts!)
  4. Stuff like this cracks me up. Was this guy in Ireland/Spain last time round. Last time the UK 'overbuilt' was maybe in the 70s, even then probably just up north.
  5. New money supply not high...propped up by sterling being re-patriated from ME/Asia? Everyone I hear of selling a property in cambridge last few years seems to get chinese bidders...
  6. They might hold a 2nd vote, dont think they would disregard vote as such...more likely just rig it. I see them perhaps (for a long as they can bear, think months, not years) doing everything they can to harm the UK. French shipping in migrants across the channel, banks selling sterling, BoE puts rates up 5% as an faux 'emergency', bankers close banks to stopped manufactured 'runs', all European countries refuse to trade with UK, food shortages....then we are forced to hold another ref, our will broken. Which is what the EU wants, every disaster an opportunity. To make us come begging back. With friends like that, huh... They will see it as losing a few billion in exchange for harvesting the UK of hundreds of billions over decades.
  7. Nah, not that much. Only the theft of nearly 16k in purchasing power from a family of four. Not that much... That the US has insane defense expenditure is besides the point. Meanwhile, in the real world, actual US workforce participation grinds along the bottom where its been for the last 5 years.
  8. Same with Cameron on war. After witnessing his bloodlust and desire to get in on Libya and Syria, its clear he buys into the Bliar doctrine of 'war as a first resort' rather than the historical norm of war as the very last resort. If he thought there was an actual chance of us going to war after brexit, he'd be campaigning for brexit...its all good for the military industrial complex, eh, dave?
  9. And yet a bmw 7 series barely a couple of inches longer than a 5 series costs twice as much. Go figure. Not sure why i mentioned that random fact.
  10. Yup. Cameron has had it easy. Most of his time as leader he's been up against the, er, formidable debating skills of Brown, Milliband and Corbyn. None of whom are exactly 'natural' debaters. Farage on the other hand, is like a bull in a china shop. He wont give cameron a seconds rest.
  11. hohoho. Do you have any idea how much land local authorities and other govt entities own? Clue, its a lot!
  12. Hence why I said those who pay some contribution towards their rent (ie those who work) would likely be able to stay in their rented accomodation as rents are forced down, and why, for those who dont, social housing would be built over the next 5 years for those in caravans to move into. Longer term, I would hope some would be able to build their own homes. But for a market in need of shock therapy, instant change is needed. I must have my caravans.
  13. Hence why I said those who pay some contribution towards their rent (ie those who work) would likely be able to stay in their rented accomodation as rents are forced down, and why, for those who dont, social housing would be built over the next 5 years for those in caravans to move into. Longer term, I would hope some would be able to build their own homes. But for a market in need of shock therapy, instant change is needed. I must have my caravans.
  14. First thing i'd do if I was PM would be to go on a spending spree across europe buying all those 2nd hand static caravans you see on gumtree for a grand or two. Site them on disused airfields around british cities, and declare the end of all housing benefit payments. No one would be homeless. Some would temporarily live in static caravans, rents would drop to a level for those who contributed something along with HB to their rents, and for the remainder the £25billion annual cost of HB would be spent on social housing stock over the next 5 years. I'd love to see the look on all those landlords faces. The complete removal of housing benefit in one swoop. Rent seeking is bad enough in general economics. When its subsidized by government, it is unconscionable. Oh, and id also introduce debtors prisons for those owing/defaulting on over a million.
  15. Yup. We go on about Pakistani fertility rates in the UK, and although those are high (between 1998 and 2015 Indian primary schoolkids increased 22% in number, but Pakistani ones 82%) its small in comparison to the increase in Britains african population in the last 15-20 years, their numbers have increased 235%. In defense of Africans, most non-muslim ones do seem willing to work. Only Somalians (who were mostly never granted entry on economic grounds anyway) seem to be a hugely negative outlier. However, as we've seen in the US, the african-american population went from being increasingly middle class and wealthy from the Great migration era to the early 60s, to becoming a complete mess once de-industrialization really took hold. I just wonder what will happen to all those africans coming here when robots take their jobs...history repeating.
  16. Local rag (funded by EAs in no small part) upset Cambridge property market is marginally less fecked up than Londons, demands action is taken so Cambridge can be crowned the UKs most unaffordable property market. http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/Just-12-people-use-Help-Buy-scheme-buy-home/story-29345210-detail/story.html Seriously, taking cues from H2B London...because affordability in London has really improved since h2b was inflicted on us... The Cambridge Evening News has always been toilet paper...only people I knew bought it for the job ads before the internet, but over the last year or so they seem to be little more than a mouthpiece for cambridge 'businesses' on the government teat.
  17. Yup. In the long run it will save lives. In 30 years around 200 people died at the berlin wall. Nowadays thats about a week in the med thanks to Europes 'humanitarian' efforts. If people think there is a 1% chance they will die, millions will take the risk. If people think there is a 100% chance they will die, basically zero will take the risk.
  18. Comedy. Un-political types I know generally get their political information from stuff like the Daily Show. If you are funny, its easier to keep peoples attention. Unfortunately, since 2008, the banksters and political establishment have made me into a bitter, twisted humourless sod who would now rather a nuke goes off in the city and takes care of things that way.
  19. I thought the retail costs of being in the EU were limited to me having to pay more for the duty free fags at the airport than non-EU denizens. Apparently not http://www.theguardian.com/money/2016/may/28/eu-citizens-car-hire-switzerland?CMP=share_btn_tw If you are a yank hiring a car in Switzerland, you can drive it into france just fine. If you are a brit. No way.
  20. Depends what you want. If you like chauvinism, Riyadh is probably no1. If you like freezing your balls off, Reykjavik. If you like dirt, queues, and being ripped off, London is just the ticket. Not sure how anyone can define 'worlds greatest city'...its personal preference. Havent been there in over 10 years, but I found Edinburgh just about perfect in terms of size, built environment etc. Weather was chilly and full of scots, but I guess nowhere is perfect.
  21. Low wages and imported labour is good for 'the workers'...its a brave new world. Where up is down and 1+1=3
  22. I believe only 32,000 Ugandan Asians came (maybe same again Kenyan?) Compared to 1.2 million total indian pop, 80% non-muslim.
  23. 50 years ago, we were told judge people by the content of their character, not their creed. Now apparently we must judge them by their creed. It bothers me he defines himself not by what he has done or achieved, but as a muslim. Because his parents practiced what should be considered child abuse and brainwashed him into believing superstitious nonsense.
  24. That was kind of my point...imported American Black culture is pretty degenerate. A few nigerian tribes buck this, but I see no reason why other black groups couldnt join them and join the ranks of high IQ groups. Hindu/Sikh Indians in the UK werent particularly noted for being academic until the 1990s or so, but are regarded as such now. Not sure what you mean by skin colour is not race. Only subsaharan africans have very dark brown/black skin! apart from the odd aboriginal group I guess. Only Europeans have white skin...i guess some more northerly east asians maybe. Nigerians are sub saharan and well away from the arab world so are probably as pure 'african' as anyone. Similarly Irish are on the NW extremity of Europe, so probably as pure European as anyone.
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