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  1. Higher than 1 in 3 births now coming from ethnic minorities..

    Just saying

    Within 15-20 years white British school children will be a minority. Our school demographics (2016 figs out in 5 days actually) are about where the US was in the mid 90s. For the last two years non-hispanic whites in the K12 school system have been under 50%.

    Still im totally sure they wont vote purely in their own interests and award themselves preferential treatment...after all, its not like arab/mid east societies have a habit of doing this. <_<

  2. And this sums up the short sited nature of a Remain vote. Short term fixes to support house prices and the economy to bugger up the future for everybody in decades to come (new migrants excepted because the rest of the world is even crappier)

    But what else do you expect from Guardian reading socialists...live for today is in their DNA.

    The resident lefty loon (£700k house, £50k audi SUV) a couple of streets down from me sent her two young daughters out knocking doors yesterday evening, begging us to vote remain. She did this last election for miliband too.

    For all the far right propaganda nonsense, it seems only leftists actually rope their children into protests, etc. You rarely see the far right forcing their children to do this stuff.

  3. Disagree with the idea that nothing much is wrong with planning permissions...more being granted etc. 9/10 planning applications are NOT for new dwellings. You still have to lodge an application for things like loft conversions (even if its guaranteed granted with PD) The fact is planning permission typically costs about £500 to the council, £500 or so to architects, and a grand is a big lump of cash to get no return on, so people typically only lodge permissions they know there is a very good chance they will get. People arent buying up land in the middle of nowhere and submitting applications as they might do in a freer system.

    Agree with the bit about big housebuilding though. Constantly amazes me how clowncils can keep a straight face when denying pretty inconsequential minor applications for extensions whilst approving massive developments of hundreds of homes in the same village. Take parking for example. Big builders love the regulations for this. If you are a self builder, you are almost always, outside of inner city areas at least, expected to provide multiple off road parking spaces, AND ample off-road turning space so the car can exit the plot front first. Meanwhile, the big house builders are typically 'forced' (by their own lobbying, I expect) to provide no more than one garage space and one parking space, allowing them to cram in more houses and make more profit. Turning space off road, forget it.

  4. LOL. This is almost as good as the 'vote leave and the migrant camps will be in Dover, not Calais'

    Why they would stay in Dover once theyre over here Remain never explained. Similarly, why free bus passes would go when off peak most buses are near empty but still have to run anyway makes no economic sense.

    Is their some kind of competition in Remain for who can come up with the most absurd threat and not get laughed at?!

    Either way, its not making Cameron look very good...rather nasty actually.

  5. Then again, looking at this, going back further, they are still x3 times the price in Ireland as the early/mid 90s, which would suggest a house price of £150k in UK.

    I'm guessing houses were literally dirt cheap in Ireland before the celtic tiger stuff from late 90s on...


    To be fair, slummy places in the fens (agricultural region, lots of low wage jobs) were dirt cheap too. I guess perhaps they bear relationship to each other, Ireland being far more agricultural than England before the late 90s. But you used to be able to get a small bungalow in places like Wisbech or March for £20,25k in the mid 90s.

  6. She can't be that stupid having done so well in her chosen career. Her greed literally blinds her and her husband to their base motives and how they must come across to most ordinary people.

    That and a total lack of understanding of basic economics. (EDIT: I felt moved to alter my signature in Cherie's honour).

    Wasnt clinton today going on about being broke (while wearing a $12,000 coat)

    Bliars remind me so much of the clintons. You could literally harvest litres of smarm off Bills nose alone, though Tone's forehead gives him a run for his money.

    Guess we should at least be glad Cherie doesnt have Hillarys political ambitions.

  7. Makes me sick, too, vile - she buys BTL flats like Imelda Marcos bought shoes.

    "they are ordinary, decent people who have a little bit of money and have decided to try and use that wisely to provide for themselves and their families."

    Just like you and Tones, right, Chezza?

    At the last count, a whopping 2% of UK adults were landlords...just 'ordinary people', right?

    If it was the EVIL 1%, that would be totally different...but because its a whole 1% above that, its 'ordinary'


    A lot more people suffered due to Bliar/Browns scrapping of the dividend tax credit and other pension thefts...but I guess they werent normal? For a start they were likely invested in productive businesses, not rent-seeking ponzi's.

  8. I guess the £26bn each and every year subsidies to landlords via housing benefit isnt 'big government'

    Or the various other schemes to prop them up.

    Just when you thought the Bliars couldnt get more evil...rent seeking is bad, govt sponsored rent seeking. Its just sick.

    Are any of the wealthy actually decent? I thought The Eavis Glastonbury bloke was at least OK...turns out we must vote REMAIN lest farmers (landowners, theyre the ones who get subsidies) go bust. For decades we've been told subsidies impoverish third world farmers, and landowners here can use their land for other schemes, now none of that matters...farmers need their new Range Rover every other year.

  9. About 10 years ago i caught a bus from Sofia to Istanbul and once across the border into Turkey there was the best and most empty motorway i've ever seen all the way to Istanbul .... with signs all along it that it was bought and paid for by the EU.

    They've been priming them up for years to come in .... 75 million mostly cheap workers from a religion to stir up Europeans is perfect for the EU project.

    Arent most of these EU motorways toll roads? I've spoken to one or two Poles about roads in Poland. They have nice shiny new ones, but no one uses them because of tolls...they rather use the bumpy old ones than pay.

  10. I see more major myself (but then too heath was before my time)

    He's what we deserve. The tories would not have picked up libdem voters in 1992 if thatcher or another rightwinger were head of the tories and labour would have won. Similarly, if the tories had run with a rightwinger in 2015, more libdems would have simply stayed at home and accepted a miliband govt.

    So, basically, blame the libdem-swing voter. Have to admit I was initially surprised tories won in 2015, but thinking about, a lot of the older/non-student libdem voters are closer to 'wet' tories than they are labour, unless its bliar.

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