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  1. If when you buy, your mortgage is £30,000 less, the interest saved over the 25 years will mean a saving more like £60,000. Bluechutes
  2. In a global downturn, who will buy our exports? They may be better value, but if there is not the demand then it might not make that much difference. Bluechutes
  3. I want to ask a question, but cannot do it. Am I too late? My question would be shorter than many of the others: With the Halifax already showing a 5% fall in house prices since August 2007, is a predicted 5 - 10% fall this year optimistic? Bluechutes
  4. That graph was on The Daily Politics yesterday. Ken Clarke did not avoid the fact that it was 44% in 1997, but he did highlight the trend, which continued on its steep downward path until about 2001. Ken also reminded everyone that initially Labour kept to the rules that he implemented. Margaret Hodgson was talking absolute drivel about it is now 37% and sounded convinced of what she was saying. Andrew Neil and Jenny Scott did mention (fairly ferociously) off the balance sheet interests including Northern Rock and PFIs, Marge was having none of it though. It is clear that Labour took over t
  5. Wiki population dense cities UK is 48th with 246 people per square km Japan is 30th with 339 people per square km Hong Kong 3rd with 6407 people per square km Data is from 2005 Bluechutes
  6. Firstly, I would like to say that I think that there is a scheme that offers you 25% of the cost of a house - of your choice on the open market - and if you sell you give back 25% of its new value. As far as I am aware there is no rent to pay on the chunk you don't own. I like the sound of this scheme and would take advantage of it, but there have only been about 10 such offers in my area over the past two years. However, the popular "you buy a bit, the Housing Association buys a bit and rents it to you" is utter crap. My two problems with this are that the houses you choose are specified
  7. Is it possible that the RTB scheme was introduced to give people a 'stake' in society as a form of control? The more people that have a stake in society the more they are likely to keep their heads down, work hard and pay their mortgage. That same state in society is perceived by many young people not to be there for them, so many become disengaged and feel as if they cannot make it why bother trying? Lily Allen, in my opinion, made a valid point. Maybe the RTB scheme and subsequent rise to approximately 70% OO was an unsustainable expectation. You are possibly correct in that expectations
  8. No, you went out to work at 15 because that's what was expected of you.
  9. Aerospace Engineering. Wish that I had done something slightly less specialised, Mechanical Engineering would have been better. Computers even better. £600 per month seems high for Liverpool. Cheers Bluechutes
  10. I left the University of Liverpool in 1998 and a couple of parents were buyinh houses for their offspring during my time there. What did you son study? Cheers Bluechutes
  11. Could it be that your are covering the losses of the bank due to 'bad debts'? Bluechutes
  12. I may have missed the boat before this particular bout of rampant house price inflation, but there is another one in the harbour now that does not look sea worthy, nobody seems to know where it is going and the tickets are too expensive. Still I see others desperate to board this boat of unknown destination before it sets sail, which is imminent. Could I afford to board? Maybe, but I could only afford to go in the hold and have no access to the life rafts. I would not feel safe so I'll wait for the next one. Bluechutes
  13. Sounds similar to the situation my girlfriend and I are in at the moment, except that our ages are 29 and 25. I tried an evening job three nights a week, but it started to effect my ability to do my first job so gave it up. I share your frustrations, just hope that the situation gets better. Bluechutes
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