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  1. Would love to see her do wifeswap with some scrubber family from Lancashire.
  2. Erm no I didn't say I couldn't afford it after all our bills are payed and we have fed and clothed ourselves and drive ourselves to work etc we still clear £1000 a month, which a percentage of is going to be put away, Its alot better position than most of my friends who are all only just making it through each month, we are good with money and bought a house that originally was up at £161500 for £142585. But I think no matter what I say the uber hardcore bears are going to criticise even though I know exactly what state the housing market is in, and in all honesty its the btl portfolios which
  3. 24, no debts, 2 kids, 1 dog we could stump up the other £7k but it would have taken a few months, and they weren't going to wait that long. Our finances are good, as well as can be expected nowadays, would like to work on our savings for the next couple of years. But I don't think buying a house makes you a muppet if all you want to do is live there. Its nothing more than a house to us.
  4. I know, but some people still need to buy a house, we got it cheaper than peak times so I'm not a complete muppet.
  5. Yes because the 18k discount include the 5% deposit paid by the vendor because the bank don't accept more that 5%, so the actual purchase price is £143k. A little update for you, the vendor couldn't discount us any further and they pay our stamp duty. Natwest have give us a 95% mortgage so we have bought the house at a good price, the interest rate is 6.89% which is good at today's climate so everything is good, and best of all the other half love's me again lol!
  6. No because the vendor isnt cashing the deposit until we have a mortgage in place and until we can bridge this £7k there is no deal so I don't think they can.
  7. So we would have to tell the RBS that the other £7k is coming by form of a cheque from the vendor?
  8. OK that's a good suggestion, I'd of though the best way to get around it would be for the vendor to pay £7k cash back to the solicitor on completion bridging the gap on the mortgage, thus only giving us a 5% discount plus a 5% incentive, I feel like saying to them, if you say no your only going to find another ftb'er with the same problem so we may as well try our luck, but I don't know how to do it.
  9. Do you think? I hope so, even in today's climate it would be a cracking deal at that price I just don't know what to tell them, I have the mortgage offer in writing do I go in and tell them or phone them up?
  10. well the banks only accept a 5% deposit paid by the vendor so getting another 5% off would need to be in the form of cashback... if that makes sense, I'm going to drop the bombshell on the vendor tomorrow, how should I ask the for £7k cashback?
  11. Ok boys and girls set aside all the name calling for one minute and help me out, me and the mrs put a deposit down on a house on sunday the deal was this, original price £161995, discounted £18000 to 151995 minus 5% deposit paid by vendor so new purchase price £143925. Pretty big difference from the original price, inc carpets appliances etc oh and stamp duty, so its a pretty good deal. The one account have give us a mortgage for 90% LTV and we can't afford the £7000 difference, should we ask the vendor for £7k cash back on completion to bridge the gap and is this a common problem and if I sho
  12. "Splendid" "Indeed" "Pillock" "Buy to Let" "Martin Laurence, he's such a nice guy"
  13. "People have become more cautious with the arrival of the credit crunch, but there are people out there wanting to move and sell." Says it all really... Firstly people wanting to borrow aren't being more cautious, they're just being turned away duh!!! Secondly there are lots of people wanting to move and sell... but not buy, double duh!
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