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  1. Interview with whistleblower Paul Moore on the R4 business slot at 6:15. Absolutely apopleptic, BBC's Simon Jack a little panicked by the outburst. Moore clearly been through a very trying time.
  2. A point of clarification - according to the FT article, IO loans in fact account for 'only' 40 per cent of the UK's mortgage book, although whether that's by number or value is unclear. However, in 2007, apparently one-third of new mortgages, not 75 per cent, was sold on an IO basis, and of that one third, 75 per cent was sold without a reported payment plan. This implies that roughly 25 per cent of ALL mortgage loans made in 2007 had no repayment vehicle. There appears something of a disconnect between IO amounting to 40 per cent of the UK's total mortgage book and yet forming 'just' 33 pe
  3. Interesting read in today's FT on the houusebuilders squeezing subcontractors to maintain their own margins. Apologies if already posted. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/93a7885c-ce0b-11...0077b07658.html
  4. Spent just over a year in Twyford five years ago and enjoyed my stay. Rented on the Broad Hinton estate, a bit too much like Brookside for my taste and now very over-priced - Concorde used to pass straight over which was quite a sight, and it does suffer at times from being under the flight path depending on the prevailing wind. Some older properties also around but not cheap. Town centre is nice enough, good selection of Indian restaurants in particular. Town still has a rural feel about it despite its proximity to Reading although Prescott may have other ideas for the Greenbelt that sur
  5. First post. I have worked in Maidenhead for a number of years and lived in and around the town in that time. House prices in the town have always amazed me although by my reckoning they have plateaued completely over the last couple of years. I believe that a lot of mediocre housing has appreciated on the back of rises to better quality properties - inevitable perhaps but unjustified nonetheless. The current market will expose the weaker property for what it is worth, and I expect a more general correction to take place in the town and roundabouts but would be surprised if this was more th
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