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  1. oh dear, so many pathetic little companies spawned by this boom, run by cretins giving them names like that (Stuart Law, I'm looking in your direction ) Not long now, folks
  2. Regarding the restriction of shared ownership to key workers, this is not entirely enforced For my local area, a London borough, they did claim it was for key workers, but they also consider people who live and work in the local area who are priced out of the market, and from what I've been told, you will be accepted I was, and I work in the private sector, definately not a key worker, although I never proceeded with the application, as I'm in complete disagreement with the philosophy Also, I was accepted onto "Openmarket Homebuy", which basically means any house thats for sale is eligible,
  3. This made me chuckle, reminded me of this video Remember, this guy is the Chairman of the committee that regulates the web in the US http://www.thedailyshow.com/video/index.jh...dlines-internet
  4. Most of the time its just not possible, JD My current place, and the place I was looking at, I told them I would want it for at least 2 years, neither had a problem with that, but insisted on 12 month ASTs
  5. This is the distance by which you missed the point <------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
  6. I'm seeing a lot of that around here, ridiculous newbuild BTL fodder going for 1200pcm-1500pcm You can get a lovely 3 bed semi for about 1000pcm Trouble is, most people don't even think about it, part of the property mania has made these glossy gated developments very aspirational. Despite the fact that shared hallways, neighbours above and below, etc etc etc can all make for a pretty shitty existence in comparison to your own house I deliberately exclude flats when searching my local rental market
  7. Property shortage my **** Can't wait to see the market really tank when this myth about a shortage is blown out of the water once and for all
  8. Labour and Brown have no mandate to be running the UK anymore, they should call a general election immediately I wonder if Cameron just came out and said "look, the economy is down the shitter, the value of your houses is going to fall, and we are in for some tough years after this absolute abhorration by NuLabour. There will be tough times ahead, but we will ensure that your money doesn't bail out banking fatcats, and will put measures in place to ensure we do not end up here again" ....if the electorate would take to that sort of message? I'd say they would now be far more receptive to it
  9. I don't believe the 40% band should apply across the whole country as it stands 30k (or whatever the threshold is) is not the same in London as it is in some parts of the north It should be varied dependant upon the local average salary
  10. Average BTL numpty : "well, if the market falls, I'll just buy a load more!! LOLZZ" Er, no, you won't
  11. It was significant last time, but with the credit crunch and BTL, less so this time around "It's different time time"
  12. Its not about whether the lender would decline the request or not, its about the landlord choosing not to, due to the requirement for a substantial deposit, the significantly increased monthly costs, and the requirement for tenants to be protected by an AST
  13. Can you please stop referring to people with an alternative viewpoint as kids, it really lends nothing to your argument
  14. Dude, you're going way too deep Really? Does anyone have a definitive answer to this? because this is just my understanding, and I'm happy to be proved wrong No-one likes unprofessional landlords either, it starts with the mortgage, and permeates their whole approach to providing housing
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