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  1. ig markets is 1 pound a point i think
  2. ye im learning slowly from this section of the forum, in the other section they jus used to talk crap
  3. so does that mean the FTSE's going to continue climbing
  4. ye but its not going to go up another 90 points today or 2moro is it
  5. ye im thinking i should short it today because its gone up quite a bit. I meant 3,200 in the long run
  6. should we short now. will it go to 4350
  7. im on ig markets with a 90 points stop. If it falls another 60 points i lose 900 pounds, wot do u guys tihnk will it go back down
  8. i madea mistake and shorted it at 4265 and know its gone to 4300, will it go any higher
  9. The FTSE will probably fall to around 3200 over the coming months do u guys think we should short it now
  10. ye but im gonna buy when they fall further, i just wanted to know which online stockbroker i should use
  11. which stockbroker would you recommend if i wanted to invest in RBS or Lloyds
  12. im thinking of opening up barclays is that any good
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