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  1. As Scottbeard said, many resturants, pub, cafes would have had some form of a low footfall time promotion. Its nothing new. Like may retailers would do with Just after Xmas sales (partly to get rid of xmas stock that didnt sell, partly to entice people through the door.
  2. This might be hard to beleive, but my LA is one of the good ones, and has not charged me a single renewal fee in the 8 years i've rented from them. They said that they always charged the Landlord all fees. Honestly they are fantastic, always done house repairs quickly and to a good standard. They have paid me back for repairs/things i have done without prompt from myself, they noticed on an annual inspection that the shower and shower screen was new, as the shower had broke (not a power shower), and the screen was leaking, which i replaced it at my cost, they asked for receipts and paid
  3. Who knows what goes through a person's head or reasons to do so. I have paid full rent, even through this time, without asking for a reduction. But i would imagine the LA pushing for vacant selling as it would be easier sell in normal times. Not sure about know. LA is THE local estate agent for the village i am in. It was just a Energy Performance Survey. Total time was less than 10 mins. Tenancy renews every year, the LA wouldn't even entertain an AST. End of this month middle of July is historically when they start asking if i want to renew for another year. That gives me
  4. My Landlord/Letting agent have just performed a Energy Performance Survey. The Landlord has had this house 10 years, and i've been renting it for 8. I asked as to why it was needed, and was given that it just was. This was the first one thats been done under our tenure. Would this mean they might be selling? Our contract ends in September, so a S21 at the end of June would coincide with that. Or is this something that a mortgage company would ask for on renewing a mortgage?
  5. The thing that will annoy me is the reason blamed as to why the crash happened.. it will be 100% blamed in the media etc on COVID-19, and not the choices made by governments and banks over the last 20 years to allow HPI to out perform wage inflation by alot.
  6. This is something i've not thought about, if we need to back into a lockdown type scenario... I think most of the public would ignore it, but if businesses had to close again, that would kill alot more businesses than this initial period of lockdown.
  7. Just been announced in the House of Commons... This will be interesting to see how the industry will react to this
  8. When my LL was selling, the EA described the 3 bed town house as a 4/5 bed town house.... I wanted to be in the house when the viewing took place (i had major issue with the EA before this) The first person to view said "so where is the 4th and 5th bedrooms? And without hesitation she replied "the dining room and garage both can be converted to give the extra beedrooms" I laughed so hard hearing that, the viewer wasnt impressed either...
  9. My favorite is when people say that the property they are living in is both their forever home and their pension... not sure how that works.. one has been adding its also their kids inheritance as well..
  10. They can't do that...its none of their business what or how their employees choose to do on their holidays...
  11. https://www.propertywire.com/news/buy-to-let-landlords-face-seismic-cgt-tax-change "From April 6, anyone who sells a residential property giving rise to a capital gain on which CGT is payable, will be required to make a digital return to HMRC and to pay an estimate of the CGT due within 30 days from the sale completing. People can no longer keep the money in their hands for up to 22 months after selling the property."
  12. I'm not having any Kids, i'm 40 this year and i aee myself too old to start a family now. Plus i wouldn't want to bring ip children in this world as it is, and how it looks to be going. So i see very little incentive to over save/buy a property to pass down, as there will be noone in my immediate family to pass it too. I have a pension, and making provisions for my future, but i will be making sure i blow as much as possible on myself before i go, than having to think about what i should leave for my offspring.
  13. Forgot about that.... Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has been cancelled this month due to COVID19, as alot of the big tech companies pulled out citing COVID19. The Chinese Formula 1 Grand Prix has been cancelled, and other tracks are bidding to host that race. Will countries be pulling out of the Olympics, as some will be sending their teams innthe next few months to acclimatise...
  14. I wonder if Sunak will make any changes to the Budget, and if so will the changes be publicised as a Sunak change?
  15. From report Average price £204054 Monthly change +0.4% Quaterly Change +2.3% Annual Change +4.1%
  16. Something about a IR35 review in Autumn 2023, but the April 2020 changes will still go ahead as planned.
  17. Came here to post the same link and say the same thing - last time i went in there was for my Nieces birth, and everything was so much more expensive than other retailers.
  18. https://www-ccn-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.ccn.com/u-s-housing-market-crash-officially-here/?amp_js_v=a2&amp_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQCKAE%3D#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ccn.com%2Fu-s-housing-market-crash-officially-here%2F Sales of new single-family homes in the US fell in September by 0.7 percent to 701,000 units. The August reading also witnessed a downward revision to 706,000 units as compared to the originally reported 713,000 units. But what’s alarming is that the monthly price decline was the biggest seen sin
  19. Could, if, may, might.. I could easily write these articles and do the analysis whilst having my morning movement. There seems to be less facts reported and now its just opinions being reported. Is this a symptom of requiring 24 hour news by every source, bashing articles out every hour just to try and stay relevant? Its more about gettings views of adverts (generating revenue) on the news page, than the content now.
  20. They never mention margin calls in these articles....
  21. My post was a mild rant heavily dosed with sarcasm. It was a lets give Landlords everything and f*ck the country rant.
  22. Yes!!! Lets scrap S24, and compensate all the landlords and people who would have been landlords if it wasnt for S24.... Lets give even more tax breaks to the people who want to do so much for the unfortunate that have to rent. Write off £5000 per property per year for maintenance without the need of receipts. Allow landlords who are not using a company structure to write off VAT as well on all purchases related to their rentals. Get rid of CGT for Landlords and remove stamp duty as well for landlords. Give builders a bonus for making the smallest properties possibl
  23. France used to ban the sale of Red Bull due to one of its ingredients being banned in France. Then the EU said that because Red Bull is made and/or sold legally in other member states then France has to sell it too. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-france-redbull/france-ends-12-year-ban-on-energy-drink-red-bull-idUSL1576964720080715
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